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SharePoint Study Notes-debug & troubleshooting-developer dashboard (1. Enable developer dashboard)

setproperty-PN developer-dashboard-PV off Stsadm-O setproperty-PN developer-dashboard-PV on Stsadm-O setproperty-PN developer-dashboard-PV OnDemand 2. Use powershell commandsUse the TXT editor to create a powershell PSL file named devedashboard. PSL and save it to c: \,

ECharts dashboard instance code (with source code download), echarts dashboard

ECharts dashboard instance code (with source code download), echarts dashboard You can see the dashboard at a glance in the cockpit of the car. The dashboard created using Echarts can easily Display User data and clearly show the range of a specific indicator value, reports in the form of dashboards are applied in vari

XCL-Charts powerful dashboard, xcl-charts dashboard

XCL-Charts powerful dashboard, xcl-charts dashboard The dashboard in XCL-Charts is one of the most troublesome diagrams I encapsulate. The reason is that people who have used it all know that this type of graph is too special. It is not easy to encapsulate it for most cases. Fortunately, after a hard work, we finally developed a set of methods that we felt okay.

CTO club training course class: dashboard pioneer David J. ANDERSON: the Core of dashboard is to create a capability-to improve agility.

challenges of the Internet era, and achieve the transformation of Internet. Dashboard? Why? David J. Anderson is a pioneer in Kanban. He used innovative agile methods to lead the software development team in sprint, Motorola, Microsoft, and other companies to deliver superior productivity and product quality to the team. Author: agile management of software engineering, kanban-successful change of technology enterprises, and agile management course:

A WPF dashboard open-source control and a WPF dashboard open-source control are recommended.

A WPF dashboard open-source control and a WPF dashboard open-source control are recommended. Some time ago, the server-side monitoring system was designed to make the interface look good, using WPF. Hardware-related monitoring, such as CPU and memory, to use dashboard controls. I have found many such controls on the Internet, which are basically third-party comme

OpenStack Configuration Dashboard Dashboard Service (Controller Node)

1. Configure Dashboard Apt Install Openstack-dashboard vim/etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings.py ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- #-*-Coding:utf-8-*-Import OSFrom django.utils.translation import Ugettext_lazy as _From horizon.utils import Secret_keyFrom openstack_dashbo

WPF Custom Control (1) -- dashboard design [1], wpf dashboard

WPF Custom Control (1) -- dashboard design [1], wpf dashboard 0. speak nonsense I took over a new project and went back to PC development. There are many control libraries on the Internet, and there are also a lot of dashboard (gauge) functions, but I personally think the library is very bloated, and I plan to write a control library by myself, one is for learnin

Kendoui dashboard and bar chart example, kendoui dashboard

Kendoui dashboard and bar chart example, kendoui dashboard Speaking of kendeodui, I believe everyone is familiar with it. This js set has a good effect in drawing. Now let's take a look at the effects of the dashboard and bar chart: The html and js Code is as follows: Related code download related code download http://download.csdn.net/detail/dz45693/76475

SharePoint 2013 troubleshooting: Enable developer Dashboard

Administrators and developers in SharePoint 2010 may be familiar with SharePoint Developer Dashboard (developer Dashboards). The tool has been widely rewritten in SharePoint 2013 and has become increasingly available in your troubleshooting (troubleshooting) Toolkit. Developer Dashboard of SharePoint 2013 has greatly improved the 2010 version to address some of the performance issues. And it has a separate

Learn more about performancepoint dashboard designer

You can use the performancepoint dashboard designer to create, edit, and save various dashboard projects. These projects can be saved in the specified Sharepoint list and document library, and these projects can be used to build dashboards. You can then deploy the dashboard to SharePoint Server 2010. A dashboard provid

Kubernetes Cluster dashboard plug-in installation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The first time I installed Kubernetes 1.3.7 Cluster with the kube-up.sh script, I have successfully installed Kubernetes dashboard addon OK. So far the operation in this environment is very stable. However, after all, it is a test environment, some configurations can not meet the requirements of the production environment, such as: security issues. Today there is time fo

CentOS7 Build Kubernetes Dashboard

CentOS7 Build Kubernetes DashboardAn environmental statementCentos7 Three, master node one, node nodes twoDashboard requires a mirror and requires a command download:Docker Pull mritd/kubernetes-dashboard-amd64:v1.5.1PS: There are many other mirrors can also build dashboard, but this version is the Chinese version ofNote: All two node nodes need to download this image, the master node does not, because the

[k8s Cluster Series-09] Kubernetes Component Dashboard

Kubernetes Dashboard is a generic web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters. It allows users to manage and troubleshoot applications running in a cluster, and to manage the cluster itself.Deploying DashboardProject GitHub AddressOfficial documentation ReferenceGet Yaml filecurl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/dashboard/master/src/deploy/recommended/kubernetes-dashboard.yaml # https访问的 选这个curl -

Kubernetes1.6 on the cluster (TLS on) installation dashboard

The content of this section: Configure Dashboard Execute all the defined files Check execution results Visit dashboard This is followed by the previous "binary mode deployment Kubernetes 1.6.0 cluster (Open TLS)" written.Kubernetes Dashboard is a general purpose, the web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters. It allows users to manage applica

Start PowerShell (1): What Can PowerShell do ?, Getting started with powershell

Start PowerShell (1): What Can PowerShell do ?, Getting started with powershell Link: http://www.cnblogs.com/ceachy/archive/2013/01/30/WhatCanPowerShellDo.html What can PowerShell do? As mentioned in the preface, PowerShell is a Shell, which defines a bunch of commands and

Kubernetes v1.10----Deployment Kubernetes-dashboard v1.83

Kubernetes v1.10----Deployment Kubernetes-dashboard v1.831. Download Kubernetes-dashboard yaml file#因为文件中的image指定的是谷歌, so you cannot deploy directly using applywget Https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/dashboard/master/src/deploy/recommended/kubernetes-dashboard.yamlModify IamgeKubernetes-dashboard.yaml.... Spec: serviceaccountname:kubernetes-

Installing Kubernetes-dashboard

Environment:Kubernetes 1.5.2Kubernetes-dashboard 1.5.1Pull Mirror to local first:Docker Pull docker.io/ist0ne/kubernetes-dashboard-amd64:v1.5.1VI Kubernetes-dashboard.yaml' Kind:deploymentApiversion:extensions/v1beta1MetadataLabelsApp:kubernetes-dashboardName:kubernetes-dashboardNamespace:kube-systemSpecReplicas:1SelectorMatchlabels:App:kubernetes-dashboardTemplateMetadataLabelsApp:kubernetes-dashboardComme

"Turn" Microsoft®sql server®2012 performance Dashboard Reports

Http://www.cnblogs.com/shanyou/archive/2013/02/12/2910232.htmlSQL Server Performance Dashboard reports is a set of Reporting Services reports that are used with reports that are described in SQL Server Management Studio. These reports allow database administrators to quickly determine if bottlenecks exist in their systems and whether bottlenecks are occurring, and capturing these additional diagnostic data can be more helpful in resolving problems. Fo

Docker kubernetes Dashboard Installation Deployment Details _docker

Kubernetes Dashboard deployment of Docker 1. Environment Description: 1). Structure: Note: This experiment server environment all uses CentOS 7. The service installs all adopt Yum install. Master192.168.3.16 node 2). Software packages used: Master:docker Kubernetes-master Etcd FlannelNodes:docker Kubernetes-node Flannel 3). Software version: docker:1.10.3Kubernetes*: 1.2.0etcd:2.3.7 4). Package Description: Docker: The main cha

Create a Kubernetes-dashboard

Create a Kubernetes-dashboard In the previous article (SEE), deploy the Kubernetes-dashboard Based on the deployed kubernetes. It is an official user management Kubernets cluster visualization tool; deploying a dashboard is the same as deploying other applications in kubernets. Just create the Replication Controller and Service services required by the

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