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A brief analysis of the new Azure Automation account (ii)---Updating the PowerShell module and creating a Runbook

We talked about how to create an automated account and the secret behind the "Run as account" option when you created it. This article tells you how to update the PowerShell module for users who use PowerShell Runbooks in the Azure Automation account.Updating the PowerShell moduleFirst, we need to look at the system ar

Simulate mouse clicks with Powershell/vbs automation

Today I want to do the automation on windows, so there is the need to simulate the mouse click, first consider using PowerShell implementation:First install a free PowerShell extension called "WASP", which is available: http://wasp.codeplex.com/Download the extract and put it under the C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\.After that, enter

Powershell play Excel & CSV (1)

Powershell for some simple Excel operations A slightly advanced language involves operations on COM objects. As a script language developed by Microsoft, powershell has this function. First of all, itUse a powerful class library provided by. NET FrameworkMany features are similar to C #. Second, although it is used as a script, It Is Object-Oriented. It is easi

PowerShell operations Excel, CSV detailed _powershell

PowerShell Some simple actions for Excel A slightly higher level of language involves operations on COM objects, and as Microsoft's own evolving scripting language, PowerShell has this feature that is not surprising, first using the powerful class libraries provided by the. NET Framework, many of which are similar to C #, and second, although as a script it is

SharePoint Automation Deployment: How to use PowerShell to export/import users in AD

://www.bianceng.cn/web/sharepoint/ Import ad Users (import-csv) When you get the user in the specified OU, the next step is to import to the OU in the online server ad-specified If the code is always garbled when you import it, it is the correct encoding when you open the CSV format in Excel. Try to open the CSV in Notepad and save it as a UTF-8 format. Because I am using the English version of the server, I do not know whether the Chinese versi

Test run: Implementing Web UI Automation using Windows PowerShell

Windows Powershelltm is a new Microsoft command shell and scripting language that can be used as a platform for a variety of lightweight test automation. In this month's Test run column, I'll show you how to use Windows PowerShell to create a quick and easy UI test automation for all types of WEB applications by automating the Internet explorer®. This column is m

Windows Powershell Automation Variable _powershell

Powershell Automation variables are variables that are automatically loaded once the Powershell is opened. These variables are generally stored in content including User information: For example, user's root directory $homeConfiguration information: For example, PowerShell console size, color, background, and so on.R

PowerShell 4.0 Implementation Automation settings server _powershell

PowerShell is a powerful operating tool in Microsoft's Windows operating system. The PowerShell version is updated with the release of Windows, for example, the latest version of PowerShell 4.0 is available in the latest Windows Server r2/windows 8.1. The new version of Windows Server is expected to bring the PowerShell

Azure Automation: Connect to Azure using PowerShell credential

Recently launched in the Chinese version of Windows Azure, with automation, you can import your own PowerShell scripts and then set up a run schedule so that the scripts can run as planned.In this article, we'll learn how to use PowerShell credential to connect to a Azue subscription.The summary process is as follows---To prepare a user account:1. To perform an

Powershell AWS Automation Management (2)

=" Wkiom1dzbk_c2izhaai3hz_lkru661.png "/>Also confirm on the webpage, create successfully.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/83/6E/wKioL1dzblTTUdK_AACTcUyXLpQ114.png "style=" float: none; "title=" 13.PNG "alt=" Wkiol1dzblttudk_aactcuyxlpq114.png "/>If you need to delete an instance, you can performRemove-ec2instance-instanceid i-0bb1bc83486b933b1Such a basic EC2 operation is completed, tomorrow to see the relevant configuration of S3.This article is from the "Mapo Tofu" b

PowerShell Ise Automation Simple Example _powershell

PowerShell ise automation is not dependent on any third party framework and tools, because the PowerShell ise itself is programmable. Very tall is called PowerShell abstract syntax tree, in fact, in the previous article has a simple share. The key point is the $psise variable. Let's look at two more simple examples to

Publishing with PowerShell automation cloudservices

$configuration-label $deploymentLabel-servicename $ Service$completeDeployment = Get-azuredeployment-servicename $service-slot $slot;Check whether the deployment was successful$completeDeploymentID = $completeDeployment. Deploymentid;7. Update the existing deployment and check the success of the deployment commandSet-azuredeployment-upgrade-slot $slot-package $package-configuration $configuration-label $deploymentLabel- ServiceName $service-force;$completeDeployment = Get-azuredeployment-servic

Test run: UI Automation using Windows PowerShell

Despite the relatively short time available, Windows Powershelltm has become one of my favorite tools. I recently discovered that Windows PowerShell has all the features needed to create a small library that you can use to write Ultra lightweight UI Automation code. In this month's column, I'll explain how to create a small, custom Windows PowerShell cmdlet coll

Powershell AWS Automation Management (10)-Create a highly available WordPress blog (top)

It took 2 weeks for the beans to learn some of the core commands of AWS PowerShell intermittently, and then took 2 days to assemble the knowledge points together. Currently, in addition to the official documentation of the Quick Manuals and command Daquan basically there is not much PowerShell to manage the content of AWS, most of the command beans is a search and view help hard to try out, the following sh

SharePoint in conjunction with PowerShell establishes into separation automation (iv)

"Status = $True}}Catch{$DeleteResult +=[pscustomobject]@{accounts = $User. Accountapplication = "AD account"Status = $False}}#更新禁用信息$UserInfo ["Delete state"] = $True$UserInfo. Update ()}} $DeleteResult | Foreach-object { if ($_. Status-ne $True) { $color = $redColor } Else { $color = $whiteColor } $DataRow = "if ($DeleteResult-ne $Null){Send-adminmessage} #添加开通状态到报表内容 $UserReport | Foreach-object { if ($_. Status-ne "deactivated") { $color = $redColor } Else { $color =

SharePoint site test data Automation series--upload files to SharePoint library using PowerShell.

site URL for the SharePoint sites " "fill in the title of the list of files you want to uploadand fill in the local file path you want to upload " -siteurl $siteUrl-listtitle $listTitle-filepath $filePathYou can then see that the file has been uploaded to the specified list (library).In fact, in the actual operation, sometimes not only to upload files, but also to its location item set relevant field value, this I will be a separate article to explain all the relevant operations.If you find

SharePoint site test Data Automation Series-Creating SharePoint List Items from PowerShell

for($i =0; $i-lt $lists. Count; $i + +) {$tip="["+ $i +"]."+$lists [$i].title Write-Host $tip} $choice= Read-host"Enter the number before"$tip="You chose"+ $choice +". "+"The web chose is '"+ $webs [[int] $choice].url+"'"$list= $lists [[int] $choice] $tip="The list chose is '"+ $list. Title +"'"Write-host $tip-Foregroundcolor Green $amount= Read-host"How many items does want to create"$titleEp= Read-host"Give An example of the item title, such as ' Tylan '" for($i =1; $i-le $amount;

Powershell AWS Automation Management (8)-CloudFront

This section looks at how to use PowerShell to create CloudFront distributions inside AWS. CloudFront is an AWS-provided CDN service that allows you to create a distribution point that points to S3 or Web server, where DNS is automatically resolved to the nearest edge server for optimal access speed.The specific image interface operation can refer tohttp://beanxyz.blog.51cto.com/5570417/1532813Let's see how PowerS

Powershell AWS Automation Management (7)-RDS

/wKiom1eFsjjhmJY2AABI9C9reeY614.png "title=" 5.PNG " alt= "Wkiom1efsjjhmjy2aabi9c9reey614.png"/>Next, do a simple test.Beans directly created a CentOS 7 server, after installing MARIADB, connect to the endpoint of my RDS instance to seeConnection Successful650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/84/19/wKiom1eFsAuSTHNQAAA8-IM8uXY046.png "style=" float: none; "title=" 3.PNG "alt=" Wkiom1efsausthnqaaa8-im8uxy046.png "/>View Database650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/

Powershell AWS Automation Management (5)-ELB and Auto Scaling

://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/83/AA/wKioL1d6CmWR2StsAADCflHoudk047.png "title=" 13.PNG "alt=" Wkiol1d6cmwr2stsaadcflhoudk047.png "/>In fact, the auto scaling group created the corresponding policy and alarm so I took a lot of effort. Because AWS does not know for what reason, his creation command is Write-asscalingpolicy, and the corresponding read command is get-aspolicy, the Delete command is Remove-aspolicy, completely does not conform to the naming specification!! Even more strangely, I searche

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