powershell export users group membership to csv

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PowerShell view changes to ad group membership

The forum saw someone asked how to use PowerShell to view the changes in the Administrators group, Beans wrote a very simple script to implement this function, writing is very simple, is a thought to verify a bit.First get the current group member information, Powershell 3.0 can be used directly after the ad module a l

Powershell about Active Directory Group membership of a domain user

)"-members$_}Extension 3: Querying users ' membership groups$export[Email protected]()$Users=get-aduser-Filter*-searchscope Subtree-searchbase"ou=xx,ou=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx"-properties *foreach($user inch $users){#$User =get-aduser-identity wendy-properties *$members=($user.

Exchange-PowerShell export reports to text and CSV files

Exchange Management Shell One of the benefits is that you can give us a detailed and customizable report. with the number of Exchange Management in the Shell and Windows system PowerShell provides hundreds of get-* commands, and the reporting feature is quite powerful and customizable. In this section, reports are exported through the Exchange environment through commands to CSV and text files. How do yo

Import and Export users from user profiles service by Powershell

Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager ($serviceContext); $profiles=$profileManager. GetEnumerator () $collection= @()foreach($profileinch$profiles) {$profileData=""|Select "AccountName","Preferredname","Manager","Office"," Location","Workemail","Assistant","Aboutme","Language","Pictureurl","Role"$profileData. AccountName= $profile ["AccountName"] $profileData. Preferredname= $profile ["Preferredname"] $profileData. Manager= $profile ["Manager"] $profileData. Office= $profile [

SharePoint Automation Deployment: How to use PowerShell to export/import users in AD

These months have been to help customers change demand, deployment. I have been exhausted, after a period of groping, I have some experience with PowerShell automation deployment, such as the use of PowerShell export to import the user in the ad. In the development of SharePoint platform, the use of ad for personnel management, will generally build organizational

Use PowerShell to export user information from users in Exchange to Office 365

-name ' Lastname ' -Value $LastName $ o365userobject|add-member-membertypenoteproperty-name ' DisplayName ' -Value $DisplayName $o365userobject|add-member-membertypenoteproperty- name ' Jobtitle ' -value $JobTitle $o365userobject|add-member-membertypenoteproperty-name ' Department ' -Value $Department $o365userobject|add-member-membertype noteproperty-name ' Officenumber ' -Value $OfficeNumber $o365userobject| add-member-membertypenoteproperty-name ' Officephone ' -Value$ officephone$o365userobj

Active Directory PowerShell add \ Remove users from a group

$outInfo-appendAdd-adgroupmember $group-members $user 2>> $filepath. Txt}}else {$outinfo = "The Group Does not exist in" + $ou. distinguishedname >> $filepath. TxtOut-file-filepath $filepath. Txt-inputobject $outInfo-append}}if ($group){$members _new=get-adgroupmember-identity $groupforeach ($member _new in $members _new){if ($user _all.name-notcontains $member

Powershell add and delete users to a group

Easy to forget:Today, we need to add all users under an ou to a security group and read the powershell command a little. The method is as follows:650) This. width = 650; "src =" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/42/7C/wKiom1PYKunzPnotAAAPtHOjqnk135.png "Title =" Capture. PNG "alt =" wkiom1pykunzpnotaaapthojqnk135.png "/>First, search for all

"Reprint" PowerShell add users to a group in the Century Interconnect Office365 batch

1 $NewUserPath=". \office365addusertogroup.csv"2 3 $NewUsers= Import-csv$NewUserPath4 5 foreach($NewUser inch $NewUsers) {6 $Mail=$NewUser. Mail7 $Mail8 $Groups=$NewUser. Group9 $GroupsTen One $Groups. Split (";") |ForEach { A $Group=$_ - $Group -Add-distributiongroupmember$Group-member$Mail-Bypasssecuritygroupmanager

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