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Azure PowerShell (5) Create simple Azure virtual machines and Linux virtual machines with Azure PowerShell

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogBefore you introduce a lot of content about Windows Azure, it's basically created from Windows Azure Management portal. This way of creating is straightforward, but the cost of work is enormous if IT administrators need to create 1000 azure services at the same time.In f

How to install and configure Azure PowerShell

running a version earlier than Windows 8 or Windows Server, use the Start menu. From the Start menu, click "All Programs", click Azure, and then click Azure PowerShell. How To:connect to your subscriptionUse of Azure requires a subscription. If you don't have a subscription, see Get Started with Azure.The cmdlets

Azure PowerShell (9) Use PowerShell to export the public IP and private IP of all Azure VMS under the subscription

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  In my previous work, I had a client who wanted to view the public IP and private IPs of all Azure VMs under Azure subscription at once. I've studied azure-related PowerShell, which can be implemented. Here the author simply

Azure OPS Series 3: Installing and using Azure PowerShell management cloud

There are a lot of ways to manage it, including the recently updated preview Management portal in Azure China and the Azure Cloud Assistant, all of which are great ways to manage azure, and today we'll talk about a more efficient way to manage azure PowerShell. Friends famil

Azure PowerShell (10) Use PowerShell to export the high availability of all azure VMS and cloud service under a subscription

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the domestic Azure China service by century connected operation.The script is in the Http://files.cnblogs.com/files/threestone/SingleInstanceVM.rar  Operating Prerequisites:1. We need an account for Azure China2. Several virtual machines and cloud Service are deployed under the

Azure China--1 How to connect to Azure with Azure PowerShell

=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" http:// S3.51cto.com/wyfs02/m02/58/3c/wkiom1ssyhibqgdfaaf7zbqdcce818.jpg "height=" 332 "/>6. Select the subscription.650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom:0 px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:0px;padding-right:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" http:// S3.51cto.com/wyfs02/m00/58/3c/wkiom1ssyhishmkuaabt2yx7bag451.jpg "height=" 119 "/>This article is from the "Month Missing" blog, ple

Azure PowerShell (8) Set up Azure load balancer rules with PowerShell

(source IP, Destination IP, Protocol). This is the same client-initiated request that points to the same Azure destination server. In this way, you can keep the session. As shown in the following:    Preparation: Please refer to [New portal]windows Azure Virtual Machine (9) Virtual machine high availability and automatic load balancing (below), create the following in

Add new users to Windows Azure Active Directory (3) China Azure AD

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the China Azure, which is connected by the century.This article is a supplement to the author's previous document: Windows Azure Active Directory (2) Windows Azure AD Foundation  In this chapter I will i

Getting started with Azure powershell (1) powershell

Tags: blog http OS ar strong for SP 2014 Windows azure platform articles 2014-09-30:I reorganized the previous content about azure powershell. We know that we can manage windows azure in the following three ways: The Azure Management Portal is simple and in

Windows Azure Active Directory (4) China Azure AD self Password Reset

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the national Azure China by the century connected operation.Before you begin this chapter, familiarize your readers with the documentation that I wrote earlier: Windows Azure Active Directory (3) China Azure AD

Azure powershell (2) modify the azure subscription name

Windows azure platform articles Why modify the subscription name? There are two main reasons: (1) A problem was found recently. The default subscription name of azure for 21 vianet O M in China is Chinese, for example, "trial account for enterprise customers. However, in an English operating system, when you use a subscription selected by powershell, the Chines

Azure Automation: Connect to Azure using PowerShell credential

Recently launched in the Chinese version of Windows Azure, with automation, you can import your own PowerShell scripts and then set up a run schedule so that the scripts can run as planned.In this article, we'll learn how to use PowerShell credential to connect to a Azue subscription.The summary process is as follows---To prepare a user account:1. To perform an

Azure PowerShell Bulk Create azure virtual machines

As we work, you may need to create more than one virtual machine of the same configuration. Can we only create it from a single station on the portal page? The answer is no, we can create virtual machines in bulk using Azure PowerShell scripts. Next I'll cover the bulk creation of azure virtual machines through PowerShell

Remotely manage Windows Azure virtual machines using Windows Azure PowerShell

For Windows Azure, if you're still using the Windowsazure.com portal to manage virtual machines, it doesn't look very big. Windows Azure PowerShell is a powerful scripting environment that you can use to control and automate the deployment and management of workloads in Windows Azure.InstallationInstall with Microsoft Web Platform Installer one click.sign in to y

Azure PowerShell (11) Use the custom virtual machine image template to create an azure virtual machine and bind the public IP (VIP) and intranet IP (DIP)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Prerequisite Requirements:1. Suppose that the author captures an Azure virtual machine template named LeistorageFor azure virtual machine templates, see:  2. In Azure PowerShell, do the following:#Select Current Subscription

Azure PowerShell (14) Bulk export of azure ASM ACL and arm NSG configuration information

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Recently there is a customer requirement that requires bulk export of an ACL for an azure Classic vm (Access Control List) and an NSG (Network Security Group) setting for an arm VM.It took me a little time to write a PowerShell script that was posted on my github:  Https://github.com/leizhang1984/AzureChinaPowerS

Microsoft Azure series Quad micorosft Azure Powershell Management

Microsoft Azure provides the following two ways to manage Azure services and resourcesOne, the Azure portalTwo, Azure PowershellYou'll need to sign in with one or more Microsoft accounts or organizational accounts related to your Azure subscription.In this article we'll look

multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Web App authentication with Azure AD

The customer has recently had a need to implement the end user database in a public-facing Web application with Azure AD, and it is hoped that MFA can be used for user authentication. The idea is very good, with Azure's managed service AAD, the time-consuming database operations done by Azure, and the security controls also done by

Create an Azure storage SAS token Access Azure blob file using PowerShell

Azure storage contains storage account, Container, blob, and so on, with the following specific relationships:Our commonly used blob storage is stored in the container of the storage account.There are currently three ways to share the contents of a BLOB with other users, in three ways:1. Set the Container property as a public container2. Set the Blob property to public public blobOnce set, the BLOB can be downloaded by wget.3. File sharing over a cert

Microsoft Azure Powershell Get azure-location information

, highmemory}webworkerrolesizes: {A5, A6, A7, Extralarge, Extrasmall, Large, Medium, S Mall}virtualmachinerolesizes: {A5, A6, A7, basic_a0, BASIC_A1, Basic_a2, Basic_a3, Basic_a4, Extralarge, ExtraSmall, Large, Medium, small}storageaccounttypes: {standard_lrs, Standard_grs, Standard_ragrs}operationd Escription:get-azurelocationoperationid:a1dbd967-9da4-436f-acf1-623d2a0cc031operationstatus:succeededdisplayname:china Eastname:china Eas Tavailableservices: {Compute, Storag

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