powershell if variable null

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Windows Powershell Automation Variable _powershell

Powershell Automation variables are variables that are automatically loaded once the Powershell is opened. These variables are generally stored in content including User information: For example, user's root directory $homeConfiguration

Automating the deployment of Web sites on IIS with PowerShell

This article focuses on how to automate the deployment of an ASP. NET Web site on IIS through PowerShell, without involving the basic syntax of PowerShell, and if you don't have a PowerShell foundation, you can use this as the cornerstone of

Check If a string is NULL or EMPTY using PowerShell

http://techibee.com/powershell/check-if-a-string-is-null-or-empty-using-powershell/1889Check If a string is NULL or EMPTY using PowerShellby Techibee on October 10, 2012In this post, I'll show you what to verify if a string is empty, null or have

(9) Built-in variables in PowerShell

The previous section focuses on the definition and use of variables in PowerShell, as well as some tips on how to include special characters in variables or variables at output, as described here.This section describes built-in variables in

Why does this SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell-SMO tasks and miscellaneous?

Why does the SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell? From: http://www.simple-talk.com/ SQL /database-administration/why-this-sql-server-dba-is-learning-powershell/ Joe. TJ is used only for the purpose of disseminating information. SMO is an object set that

Special variable $null in PowerShell introduction and creation of multiline annotation tips _powershell

This article introduces a very special variable in PowerShell, that is $null. The special thing about $null is that it never stores content. While looking through a book of PowerShell, I found a description of the $null variable, which was very

"Technology sharing" teaches you to use PowerShell's built-in port scanner

"Technology sharing" teaches you to use PowerShell's built-in port scannerIntroductionTo do port scanning, Nmap is the ideal choice, but sometimes nmap is not available. Sometimes just want to see if a port is open. In these cases, PowerShell can

PowerShell operations Excel, CSV detailed _powershell

PowerShell Some simple actions for Excel A slightly higher level of language involves operations on COM objects, and as Microsoft's own evolving scripting language, PowerShell has this feature that is not surprising, first using the powerful

powershell-performance optimization, multi-threading, speed-up

PowerShell Optimization and performance testing OverviewPowerShell has been around for a long time, and many of the basic problems have been well addressed. For scripting people, the GET-HELP help documentation for PowerShell, the Internet, and

(10) PowerShell assignment operator (i)

The previous section describes the built-in variables in PowerShell, and the details are poked here.This section describes the assignment operators in PowerShell , which assign one or more values to a variable. The assignment operator can perform a

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