powershell script to get last modified date of folder

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Use PowerShell to delete (or modify) files that were created (or modified) n days ago or on a specified date (before or after) _powershell

Originally want to use batch processing, think of time is too troublesome ... Immediately install PowerShell look at the help document, which has an example: The following command looks up the last modified date in the Program Files folder later than October 1, 2005 and neitherAll executables less than 1 MB and less

PowerShell Script Monitor folder change instance _powershell

$folder, this folder must first exist. Then execute this PowerShell script. When you operate on this folder, such as creating a new file, renaming the file, deleting a file, and so on, the command line window where the PowerShell

JavaSE8 base File LastModified Gets the modified date of the folder

Os:windows7 x64 Jdk:jdk-8u131-windows-x64 Ide:eclipse Oxygen Release (4.7.0) Information:From this you can see the modified date of the Test folder.CodePackage Jizuiku0;import java.io.file;import java.text.simpledateformat;import java.util.date;/* * @version V17.09 * * public class Filetimedemo {public static void main (string[] args) {String pathname = "c:\\users\\administrator\\desktop\\ javase8

Bat Script-Delete a folder that has been modified for too long the main use of forfiles

::D elete folder::by ZF 20151019echo offsetlocal enabledelayedexpansion:beginset folder_path=d:\deleteset/p folder_date= "Pls input valid date (7| | 2015/10/19): ":: Set folder_date=30::forfiles/p%folder_path%/s/m zte*/d-2015/10/15forfiles/p%folder_path%/d-%fold Er_date%/M lh_*if not%errorlevel%==0 goto exset/p yn= "is you sure delete the folder above (y/n):" If%

PowerShell script to clean up the temporary folder implementation code before the specified number of days _powershell

PowerShell cleans up temporary folders, and when disk space changes, we can resolve them by cleaning up the Temp folder. We use PowerShell to write a program that can clean up files that were 30 days old in the Windows Temp folder. PowerShell Clean up temporary folders Whe

Java Script Date Formatting (modified version)

Tag:forapr not removestring efaulthismayoct On the basis of previous improvements, the original code can not be run. You can use it first. Date.prototype.format = function (mask) {var d = this; var zeroize = function (value, length) {if (!length) length = 2; Value = String (value); for (var i = 0, zeros = '; i Java Script Date formatting (modified version)

Introduction to Common properties and methods of Get-date objects in PowerShell _powershell

This paper introduces the properties and methods of the date objects obtained by using Get-date in PowerShell, and makes good use of these objects and methods, which can greatly enhance the flexibility of our development. Using Get-date

Use a shell script or PHP to move a file under a folder to a directory of its own date

The background is this: the site at the beginning of a smaller number of visits, people will all the picture files uploaded to a directory (such as/data/images/). Later visits were large, and there were many pictures, which affected the efficiency of reading. So there is a need to move these image files to a number of directories, this directory is the upload date of the picture (that is, the file attributes of the

PowerShell the method to get the current script path to run _powershell

When you run a script, sometimes you need to do something with a relative path to the location of the script file, such as executing another script. Previously in the CMD era, you can use%~dp0 to get the folder where the script re

The shell script deletes the folder N days ago. The date commands on linux and mac are different,

The shell script deletes the folder N days ago. The date commands on linux and mac are different, Background:Every day you build things and put them in different folders by date. For example, today's construction is put in, tomorrow's will be put in, and so on. After a long time, you need a

Using point2013 powershell script to get site title, site owner, site user count and usage

Powershell script to get site title, site owner, site user count and usageAdd-pssnapin Microsoft. sharepoint. powershell-erroraction silentlycontinue $ wburl = read-host "Enter web application URL" $ webapp = Get-spwebapplication $ wburl $ outputpath = read-host "Enter path

Example of using Get-date to obtain datetime and format output in PowerShell _powershell

There is a Get-date cmdlet in PowerShell that you can use to return the current date and time directly. Use the-format parameter to return the current year, month, day, time, minutes, seconds, and so on. Direct use of Get-date C

Get date in shell script

a week ago:[Email protected] ~]# date-d "-1 weeks" +%y%m%d20150812[Email protected] ~]#Get the day before the week before:[Email protected] ~]# date-d "-1 weeks-1 days" +%y%m%d20150811[Email protected] ~]#Get the date of the following day a week ago:[[email protected] ~]#

Shell script to get the formatting Date and Time Summary

Shell script to get the formatting Date and Time Summary The Shell script obtains the formatting Date and Time summary. The Linux bash script's support for time formats exceeds my expectation and supports changes and outputs in multiple formats. It is even more convenient th

Get date in shell script

year-1 Days" +%y%m%d20140818[[email protected] ~]#Get the date one year later:[[email protected] ~]# date-d "next-year" +%y%m%d20160819[[email protected] ~]# date-d "year" +%y%m%d20160819[[email Pro Tected] ~]# date-d "+1 Year" +%y%m%d20160819[[email protected] ~]#

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