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Authoritative guide to Common commands in Linux and Common commands in linux

Authoritative guide to Common commands in Linux and Common commands in linux 1 online query and help commands (2)1. manman [Option] [command]: View Command help, command dictionary, more complex info, but not commonly used. # Man

20170825l08-05 old boy Linux actual operation training-lamp series-apache Service Production practical application Guide 02

not open## Controls who can get stuff from the this server.#Require all grantedLook at the set-row statistics used by httpd.confEgrep-v "^.*#|^$" httpd.conf|nlExtra is an Apache extension profile directory[Email protected] extra]# tree.├──httpd-autoindex.conf├──httpd-dav.conf├──httpd-default.conf├──httpd-info.conf├──httpd-languages.conf├──httpd-manual.conf├──httpd-mpm.conf├──httpd-multilang-errordoc.conf├──httpd-ssl.conf├──httpd-userdir.conf├──httpd-vhosts.conf└──proxy-html.confWhich is mainly

Practical Guide to Linux Laptop power management

Article Title: Linux Laptop power management practical guide. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

Linux&java Practical Series-Advanced Guide

Java production system, the most commonly used is Linux, so when solving the production system problems, understand the Linux system, familiar with common commands, to solve problems, even from a higher level to understand Java, is very helpful.So, how should we learn about Linux? In Friday listened to a master lecture

L09-10 old boy Linux Operational Training-nginx Service Production Practical Application Guide 05 (Architecture solution)

Tags: nginx use environment Nginx service with PAC Linux OPS include fileMulti-instance setup for NginxLet's start with a description of the parameters appended to the Nginx-S back plus reload is the same effect that reloading means and Apache graceful-V Lowercase v Displays the version number after exiting-V-Uppercase with the version number of the Nginx and configuration environment-T is the meaning of test, check the configuration file is correct-C

20170705l07-09-03 old boy Linux Operational training-sersync real-time synchronization software Practical application Guide-2

The next section continues to say SersyncThis section is about the actual experiment of Sersync.Installation of primary server Sersync, settingAnd then a synchronous demo.Let people know more about the principle of synchronous automation softwareIn which the real-time synchronization is explainedWhen the amount of synchronization is highThe client may not be able to update in real time20170705l07-09-03 old boy Linux Operational training-sersync real-t

15 Practical Linux/unix Tape Management commands

: Start writing from the beginning of the tape (see figure)# # # This will overwrite all data on tape # # #mt-F/dev/st1 rewind### backup Home # # #tar cvf/dev/st1/home### offline and unload Tape # # #mt-F/dev/st0 offlineStart recovery from the beginning of the tape:Mt-f/dev/st0 Rewindtar xvf/dev/st0mt-f/dev/st0 offline14: Start writing from the last tar (see map)# # # This preserves previously written data # # #mt-F/dev/st1 eom### backup Home # # #tar cvf/dev/st1/home### Uninstall # # #mt-F/dev/

Authoritative Guide to common commands for Linux systems

" Process Management related commands (15) a command that pauses in the background to continue execution (performed in the background).2.FG the commands in the background are moved to the foreground to continue See how many commands are currently running in the background.4.kill terminates the process.5.killall terminates the process through th

30 Linux practical commands required by the system administrator

30 Linux practical commands required by the system administrator In this article, we will introduce some practical and commonly used Linux or Unix commands, which are commonly used by Linux

15 practical Linux/Unix tape management commands for the system administrator

15 practical Linux/Unix tape management commands for the system administrator Tape equipment should only be used for regular file archiving or data is transferred from one server to another. Generally, tape devices are connected to Unix machines and controlled by mt or MTCs. We strongly recommend that you back up all data to disks (maybe in the cloud) and tape de

20170710l07-09-03 old boy Linux Operational training-sersync real-time synchronization software practical application Guide 07

Sersync pressure test in the next sectionThis section focuses on the pressure test text of the previous section to do a real stress testTest out exactly what the sersync pressure limit is.From 10 to 100 per second# Tree |wc-l #查看写了多少文件# uptime #查看负载Here is the test script#!/bin/shcount=100While TrueDoFor ((i=1;iDo/BIN/CP 10k.jpg/backup/test/$i/10k_echo $ (date) $RANDOM |md5sum |cut-c 1-8.jpgDoneSleep 1For ((i=1;iDo/BIN/CP 30k.jpg/backup/test/$i/10k_echo $ (date) $RANDOM |md5sum |cut-c 1-8.jpgDon

Crontab commands under "Thunder" Linux are detailed and practical (inductive)

, so that the cumulative, log information will be very large, may affect the normal operation of the system, therefore, it is important to redirect each task.7, sometimes we create a crontab, but this task is not automatic execution, but the manual execution of this task is not a problem, this situation is generally due to the crontab file is not configured environment variables caused.When defining multiple dispatch tasks in a crontab file, one of the issues that needs special attention is the

Linux enterprise practical commands

Many Linux enterprise practical command companies use Linux servers. in actual development, they are all developed on the Windows platform and finally deployed on the Linxu server, in this process, many common Linux commands are encountered. Here we will write a backup to av

The most practical techniques for using Linux commands

will be written to the file so that you can go back and look at it afterwards.Replace whitespace with a label symbolYou can replace any character with the TR command, which is handy: Cat Geeks.txt | TR ': [space]: ' \ t ' > OUT.txt.Convert the contents of a file to uppercase or lowercaseThis can be achieved: Cat MyFile | TR A-Z a-z> output.txt.Powerful Xargs commandThe Xargs command is one of the most important Linux command-line tricks. You can use

16 Practical Linux/unix Tape Management commands

writing from tar number 2 (see Figure 02)# # # is written after tar number 2 ( be 2+1) # # #Mt-f/dev/st0 ASF 3Tar cvf/dev/st0/usr# # # ASF equivalent to FSF # # #Mt-f/DEV/SF0 RewindMt-f/dev/st0 FSF 2Recover Tar from tar number 2:Mt-f/dev/st0 ASF 3Tar xvf/dev/st0Mt-f/dev/st0 offlineAbout third-party backup toolsLinux and Unix-like systems provide a number of third-party tools that can be used to schedule backups, including tape backups, such as:AmandaBaculaRsyncDuplici

A practical line of Linux commands

A practical line of Linux commands-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. The following Linux commands have only

Simple and practical use of Linux commands

directory is duplicated with an existing file or directory, overwrite the existing file or directory directlyThe location of the MV moved file movementRename Operation:Requirement: Renaming to 2.javaMV 2.javaThe name of the MV is dependent on a move, moved to the original directory, and renamed.RM commandRM (remove) Feature: Delete files or directories-F: Forcibly delete files or directories,-r: Recursive processing the files and subdirectories under the specified directory.Delete

10 practical examples of Linux-mv commands

10 practical examples of Linux-mv commandsGuideThe mv command is similar to the cp command, but it is not a copy/copy of a file or directory. No matter what version of Linux you are using, mv is installed on your Linux system by default. Let's take a look at some examples of Music Video

Linux beginners, some practical commands

Linux beginners, some practical commands cd ~ Enter the root directory cd/enter the root directory makecleanmake error, clear rm-rf * delete all folders rm-rf *. * delete all files (rpm amp; ndash; qa | greppcre) and check whether the pcre package is installed... linux beginners, some

Practical Linux Advanced Commands

One, the practical xargs commandLocate/Catalog files that end in. conf and file categoriesCommand: # Find/-name *.conf-type F-print | Xargs fileXargs can not only add files to the command, you can also add a lot of other commands, such as a real tar command, you can use the Find command with the TAR command, the special files of the specified path using the Find command, and then with the TAR command will f

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