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Learning notes for "Machine Learning Practice": two application scenarios of k-Nearest Neighbor algorithms, and "Machine Learning Practice" k-

Learning notes for "Machine Learning Practice": two application scenarios of k-Nearest Neighbor algorithms, and "Machine Learning Practice" k- After learning the implementation of the k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, I tested the k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm by referring to the examples in machine learning practice, we m

Best practice Scenarios for memcache

, in the storage can also be stored in bulk, that is, the number of calls across the network the less the better.5, the contract and naming specification of key in Memcache?The first type: usually the project name + character constant (entity name or table name, etc.) + returns the PO ID (or the unique indication can be). This method code is typically embedded in the service, which destroys the service's business logic and is highly coupled. Consider adding a layer between the action layer and t

Best practice Scenarios for memcached

to cache the usual data (the metadata of the application server pool).For example, you want to update the key A.1. Add a "lock:a" key, this key has a duration of a few seconds to expire (long enough so that you can complete the calculation and update, not very long, because if the lock process is hung, this key will not be released immediately)2. If the add operation succeeds, you have a lock: get the data of key A from the cache, change the data with the client program, update the data of the

Best practice Scenarios for memcached

hash a clear text and even change only theA letter of the paragraph, and subsequent hashes will produce different values. It is not possible to find two different inputs that hash the same value.2, the purpose of the consistent hash algorithm has two points: first, the node changes after the other nodes are affected as small as possible, and the second is that the data redistribution is as balanced as possible after the node changes.3, why do you want to run memcached?Using memcached can reduce

Best practice Scenarios for memcache

features, you may end up with an empty cache problem. At first the cache is empty, and then a large group of people click on your site, and in the process of populating the cache, your database may not be able to withstand the stress. To solve this problem, you can try any feasible way to "warm up" your memcached. Methods: You can write some scripts to cache common pages, or you can write a command-line tool to populate the cache. You can populate the cache with some content at peak times.Refer

Docker Practice 9: Backup Scenarios

, where does the data in MySQL go?This question has been bothering me for a few days. Take the deployed MediaWiki and say, instead of linking the data file to the host, put it in/var/lib/mysql, as follows:/var/lib/mysql# lsauto.cnf ib_logfile0 ib_logfile1 ibdata1 ibtmp1 my_wiki mysql performance_schemaI tried the new setup volume but did not succeed, but also did other efforts, have failed. In the last large search, the data files were found to be placed in the VFS./var/lib/docker/vfs# tr

iOS Reader Practice Series (iv) Reading view scenarios

corresponding code in Typographicview is:-(void) Recoverpage: (cgfloat) movex{}-(void) movetonextpage{ [self switchbuffer]; [_readmanager Changeviewindextonext]; Processing data changes}-(void) movetoprepage{ [self switchbuffer]; [_readmanager Changeviewindextopre]; Handling changes in data -(void) Switchbuffer //This method toggles the current and next view to be displayed as a result of slidingIf_curdisplayview =_nextdisplayview =_isfirstviewdisplay =Else_curdisplayview

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