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PHP simulation Landing Campus Educational Administration network Management system

Written in front: After using python for reptiles, found that it has not used my old line of PHP crawl, plus a senior dog has just started to meet the so-called pit * training, and can not go out to find an internship, so can only entertain themselves, just see the recent school operation of the public number, there are binding school number, Then query the functions of various things, and then want to imitate this function to do. Functional interface with the use of TP development, but also rel

Network Management Essay---"One-time 2008r2 system administration test"

)Administratorb)Administratorsc)Guestd)SYSTEMthe process of opening the brain hole:What? This question is really a single choice? Really have an answer? Aren't these four built-in? All right? Leng to choose one, that only as the firefly-like Sharp outstanding D-June, Ah! Wait, no, if in fact, as I remember the four are built-in accounts, that as a group of accounts or called Account Group B is extremely suspicious. .................. Well, to say that the account, it is not specifically grouped

Tutorial on system administration using Ruby scripting _ruby topics

management, file management, package management, and other basic automation requirements than tedious manual work. In this scenario, Ruby is very useful. It has a very good library to meet this point. For this article, I assume that the reader has the application knowledge of Ruby. The basic examples provided here use pure Ruby, so can any UNIX-like support in Ruby? System and Windows? Run on. For more advanced Cfruby examples, you need to be able t

Educational Administration System Development Summary

system table. Can you imagine the complexity of the relationship? To tell the truth, that time really gave me a headache. Every day I repeat students, teachers, classrooms, colleges, and so on. It's really boring. In fact, the root cause of this idea is that I do not have a deep understanding of software development, and I am blindly infatuated with the study of technology. I think that if I discuss this every day and cannot learn any technology, I

Educational administration system developed by using HttpClient simulation Landing Square Software Co., Ltd.

debugs, no problem. Finally I use Firefox browser, Firefox login to see the request information, it is strange that unexpectedly found no cookies,This is very strange, in the group of Httpclent asked, some said debugging tools, I think it is also, then try Httpwatch,firebug, Google Browser, there is a big brother introduced the use of Fiddler2. The result is still no cookies, a wry smile, but found Fiddler2 this tool good, analytical very detailed, interested can be downloaded to use.Usually is

Educational administration system of Nantong University

can arrange fixed push, enhance the presence, enhance publicity, let students know there is this platform.The following is the experience of students in Nantong University.College Tau Junyi: I did not use, just pay attention to a bit, listen to the roommate said one to choose the lesson need desperately brush, too long to reactCollege Liu Jiacheng: Generally like, with very little, only when the choice of class, the official network card is not inSch

Linux_ System administration commands (frequently used in work)

View network configuration information ifconfig View system Resource information (like win system Explorer) Top (ps:load average load Task process Cpus/mem Swap swap partition similar to win system virtual memory) View Memory usage Free-m #-m represents the default KB in megabytes View

Linux Basic Command Learning (11) System administration commands

Stat Displays details of the specified file, more detailed than LSWho shows online loginWHOAMI Show current Operation userHostname Display host nameUname Display System InformationTop dynamic display currently consumes the most resources process informationPS Display transient process status Ps-auxDu view directory size Du-h/home with units display directory informationDF View disk size df-h with unit display disk informationIfconfig Viewing

Linux System administration commands

root user and is usually used in the system installation script.Getty, AgettyImportance level: LowThe initialization process for a terminal is usually established using Getty or Agetty, so that the user can log on. These commands are not used in the user's shell script. Their behavior is very similar to the stty.MesgImportance level: LowEnable or disable access to the current user terminal. Disabling access will prevent another user on the

Linux shortcut keys and System administration commands (1)

: Modify which NIC to follow which, only one can be omitted) x.x.x.x/y (M.M.M.M)//modify IP information; x:ip address, Y: Mask length, M: mask. such as = now or Poweroff or init 0//shutdown operation.Shutdown-r now or reboot or init 6//restart operation.Shutdown-r +15 ' The system would be rebboted!! '//Send a notification to each user who is currently logged on to the Linux host ' the syste

Linux Commands-System administration

systems on nodes and disk blocks. Options meaning -A Show disk usage for all file systems -M Display in 1024-byte units -T Displays disk space usage for each specified file system -T Display file system Detecting the disk space occupied by the catalog: DuThe du command is used to count th

2017-2018-2 20179204 "Network attack and Defense practice" 11th Week study summary SQL injection attack and practice

few parameters -m Specifies the attack mode with the following several 1)t/test 测试连接是否是注入点 2)f/fingerprint 指纹识别,判断用户,数据库,xp_cmdshell是否能用等等 3)b/bruteforce 暴力破解sa密码,可以-w指定字典,也可以不适用字典,这样sqlninja就会自己穷举 4)e/escalation 提权用,必须用-p指定sa的password,成功就会把当前数据库用户加入到sa组里面 5)x/resurrectxp 尝试恢复xp_cmdshell 6)u/upload 使用get和post上传二进制文件,-p可以指定sa的password,-g表示只生成上传文件,但并不上传 7)s/dirshell 获取目标主机的shell 8)k/backscan 查看开放的目标端口 9)r/revshell 反弹会一个shell,和dirshell相反 10)d/dnstunnel 指定使用dns作为传输通道,可用-p可以指定sa的passw

2017-2018-2 20179205 "Network attack and defense technology and practice" 11th Week operation SQL injection attack and practice

"Network attack and defense technology and practice" 11th Week operation SQL injection attack and Practice 1. Research on the principle of buffer overflow, at least for two kinds of database to study the buffer overflow principle?? Inside the computer, the input data is usually stored in a temporary space, the temporary storage space is called a buffer, the lengt

Network security experts use practice to tell you How situation awareness should be implemented and how network security situation should be handled.

Network security experts use practice to tell you How situation awareness should be implemented and how network security situation should be handled. In a large-scale network environment, cybersecurity Situation Awareness obtains, understands, displays, and predicts the future development trend of all security elements

Practice: using (NLB) Network Load Balancing on WIN2008R2

configuration of the NLB cluster changes. This option allows the client to remain relevant to the cluster host, even if there are no active connections between the client and the host. Windows PowerShell for the NLB cluster. Windows PowerShell is a new command-line interface and scripting language. Windows PowerShell accelerates the automation of system administration tasks. You can use Windows Powe

Winpcap network programming 10-Winpcap practice, two hosts communicate through the intermediate host, winpcap Network Programming

Winpcap network programming 10-Winpcap practice, two hosts communicate through the intermediate host, winpcap Network Programming Note: I will not make this blog completely public if I reach out to the party, the source code, and so on. This article provides some ideas for network programming or curriculum design .. Ok

"Heavy" mobile network performance Disclosure (next)--network protocol and Performance Improvement practice

Performance of network protocolsNow it's our turn to actually control things.The performance of network processing is not proportional to the addition of delay time.This is because the intrinsic operation of most network protocols is bidirectional information exchange.The remainder of this chapter focuses on understanding why these exchanges of information are ge

A little practice with Linux network settings

some time ago also learned a lot of network-related knowledge, but also through a variety of practices. But it never starts with a real workout from scratch. Please try it today. The following is a detailed record of this process. This includes a partial understanding of the network and a record of the problems encountered. Practice Content and Purpose:1, using t

Practice of dynamic network load balancing Cluster

algorithm, added a program for collecting dynamic weights and fed back it to the Load balancer's scheduling system in real time. Practice has proved that the use of dynamic balancing has improved the overall throughput of the cluster system, especially when the performance of each node in the cluster is different and the net

Recommended algorithm Practice-American Group Network

models, the above features can be used directly, whereas for linear models, it is necessary to do some batching, normalization, and so on for the eigenvalues to make the eigenvalues a continuous or 12 value between 0~1.SummarizeBased on the data, with the algorithm to carve, only the two organically combined, will bring the effect of ascension. For us, the following two nodes are milestones in our optimization process: Merging candidate sets: Improved recommended coverage, versatility,

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