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Lean agile outsourcing development-Thinking

so that the delivery of product versions can meet the efficient and high-quality requirements? Therefore, the main thinking of "Lean agile outsourcing development" is: SetThe development of product software returns to the essence of "person: Through different engineering practices

The difference between agile development and waterfall development (lean comparison)

the characteristics of the waterfall model (Traditional way of development) 1. Emphasis on document  The output from the previous phase is the input to the next stage, and the document is the only information that is linked to the stage. So many developers seem to be developing documents rather than developing software, because the software's "look" can be seen later in the development. 2, no iterati

Lean Kanban Management and agile software development

Recently, I've seen Infoq's article on the practice and application of lean kanban in software development, and agile software development draws on many of the ideas of TPs lean production, although the concept of kanban is not fully mentioned, but Kanban is necessary in the

Project development process-------Agile Development--Lean overview

release Plan2 demand decomposition3 Row PeriodNine Test acceptanceTen release1 Development Server2 Test Server3 Production ServerAgile development--Lean overviewThe Agile Manifesto: We are looking for better software development methods through our own practice and helping

Lean agile outsourcing development-Information Delivery

Preface: This article is mainly about lean agile outsourcing development. Why should we discard "overly-heavy documents" and change to "Visual Kanban" to effectively integrate different enterprises, can software outsourcing personnel located in different office areas complete high-quality delivery together efficiently? This article: The IT department of an enter

[Agile practices] lightweight installation: reduces the start time of the Agile Software Development Team

more people you join. This stage will take a longer time. After learning about the project overview, you need to learn more in-depth knowledge. With the information contained in the overview, other information becomes more accepted. Agile practices such as daily standing meetings, peer programming, test-driven development, and so on, all the information they pro

Agile journey-agile development practices for students

Thoughtsworks (Tw for short), as the leader in Agile development, has always attached great importance to the promotion of agile development concepts and has also produced some interesting activities, for example, sing Xin's young heart at the Beijing agile travel conference

Agile Development Practices (5)-some tools have to be developed with agile

Do agile development, expensive in agile, how agile. We need a series of mature tools to help us be agile. This document is not about technology, it is simply a tool that describes the tools that play a key role in our implementation of the scrum process. 1, Jira or physic

Agile development practices study notes 4: Agile feedback

How to get feedback from other channels Habit 19: guardian angel Agility is the management of changes. To cope with code changes, you need to continuously get feedback on the Code health status. Automated unit testing with guardian angel. Agile unit testing, code-based testing, you can select a standard testing framework to help complete simple portability and testing. Unit testing is the most popular agile

10 best Practices for scale agile development (UP)

"Editor's note" Software development and procurement staff often have some questions about existing software development methodologies, techniques, and tools. In response to these questions, Kevin Fall has compiled five software topics: Agile at scale,safety-critical systems,monitoring software-intensive System Acquisition Programs,managing intellectual property

Training Summary of agile software development process and best practices

to master agile practices. The training of software development methods and processes is indispensable in the Organization. Imagine a team that does not even know what is going on with demand analysis and design, and uses agile development

HP large-scale agile development practices

scenarios at different levels and effectively balances resources. The automatic release pipeline ensures that all codes meeting the release requirements are available at any time. Use the right tools to increase productivityPublic development environment Develop scalable testing frameworks for real-time measurement and tracking (instead of using measurement to manage, but using measurement to discover improvement points) developed tools and method

45 habits of efficient programmers: practices of agile development

-- Quick Start to agile development -- [Content] The 45 habits of efficient programmers: Agile development practices (revision) summarizes and vividly describes the 45 habits, ideas, and methods required to become efficient developers, covers software

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 2nd Chapter Overview of Extreme Programming

"slices of bread". These slices of bread are the raw data to be analyzed. The analysis program "bakes" these slices and is thus referred to as "toasters". We refer to the individual variables in the data block as "breadcrumbs". In short, it is a useful and interesting metaphor.Of course, metaphor is more than just a name system. Metaphor is the vision of a system that guides all developers in choosing the right name, putting the function in the right place, creating new and appropriate classes

Agile Software Development-principles, models and practices

After thinking about it, I decided to record the course of reading in the form of a date. The comments will be part of the discussion and Thoughts on reading. 2005-06-01: I am very happy to have time to read these good books due to my lack of project tension in the past few days. I once again picked up Agile Software Development-principles, models, and practices.

Agile Development Best Practices: Model Storming

(model storm almost rarely more than 30 minutes). People are working around shared modeling tools (such as whiteboards) to explore until they are satisfied with the problem, and then they continue to work (often coding).    Analysis Model Storming You will use model storm to analyze the requirements. For example, a project-related person may tell you that the system you are building must be able to edit the student's information (translator: a vulgar example). Set up a sketch with the team

Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices--the 3rd chapter plan

their own estimates and measured by themselves. Developers choose to feel comfortable with their tasks and maintain high quality of work.Managers always get data at each iteration. They use this data to control and manage projects. They don't have to impose, threaten, or plead with developers to express arbitrary, unrealistic goals.It sounds like a nice, relaxing thing, but it's not. Using the data generated by the stakeholders is not always satisfactory, especially when it is just beginning. T

Continuous building practices in Agile Development

Continuous construction practices in Agile development: published in STPS 6th, in the article fly into agile development with agile testing, Glenn Jones shared with us the practice of continuous building in their

First Agile Project development practices

For the first time, we used agile development. I would like to share our practices with you. I also hope that you can point out our shortcomings and areas for improvement so that our project can proceed smoothly, currently, the project has exceeded 1/3, and the customer is satisfied. Project Introduction: A small DMS project, with an estimated time of 14 persons

TFS 2015 Agile Development Practices – use of Kanban

ticking the box additional fields : Up to 10 additional fields can be added to the card, and custom fields can be added to the card Show Empty field : Controls whether an empty field is displayed on a card by ticking the box If you develop a system that includes foreground and background management, and you want to differentiate between different cards, what should I do? TFS provides Swimlane functionality that allows you to group cards in a kanban.The advantage of Kanban is that i

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