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About 6 predefined interfaces in PHP

This article mainly introduces the 6 predefined interfaces introduced in PHP, this article explains Traversable, Iterator, Iteratoraggregate, arrayaccess, Serializable, Closure, A friend you need can refer to the following PHP pre-defined 6

A predefined class in PHP-stdclass

When I read a piece of code today, I found that stdclass is used in it. It can be seen from the context that this is not a custom class and should be built in PHP. Therefore, it can be used directly: $ OBJ = new stdclass; $ obj-> name = 'linvo ';

6 predefined interfaces in PHP introduce _php tips

PHP predefined 6 interfaces are described below: 1.Traversable Traversal Interface Oh! In fact, it is not an interface that can be used in PHP, internal classes can be used, it has a purpose is to detect whether a class can be traversed.

PHP Predefined interfaces Use learning Notes

PHP predefined 6 interfaces are described below: Traversable Traversal interface (detects whether a class can use 0 2foreach 0 2 to traverse the interface) Iterator Iterator interface (an interface that can iterate

PHP. MVC tutorial

I. Preface: ASP, JSP, and PHP are three major web development technologies. Some people have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of these three technologies. This is nothing more than ASP, which is easy to use and Microsoft is a reliable tool.

How classes are loaded automatically in PHP

Recently in the study of composer, found that from the touch of PHP to now have encountered three kinds of PHP in the automatic loading of classes, including the PHP self-contained classes of the automatic loading mode, PHP's third-party dependency

How classes are loaded automatically in PHP

This article mainly introduces the method of automatic loading in PHP, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Recently in the study of composer, found that from the touch of PHP to now have

PHP kernel exploration: Zend virtual machine

PHP kernel exploration: the Zend virtual machine has learned that the execution process of a PHP file on the server side includes the following two major processes: Hand the file to be executed by the php program. after the php program

Php. MVC Tutorial

First, preface: Asp,jsp,php is a web development of the three major technologies, three technical advantages and disadvantages have been analyzed. The ASP is simple and easy to use and has Microsoft backing, JSP powerful because Java support, PHP is

Teach you how to use PHP to develop a secure application

Security | program PHP is a cross-platform server-side embedded scripting language. It borrows heavily from the syntax of the C,java and Perl languages and is coupled with PHP's own features, enabling Web developers to quickly write dynamically

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