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Predefined Macros in C ++

  C/C ++ grand all (reproduced, original post address Standard definition macroThe standard predefined macros are specified by the relevant language standards, so they are available

PHP removes whitespace characters from the left side of the string or other predefined character functions LTrim ()

Instance Remove the characters to the left of the string: "; Echo LTrim ($str, "Hello"); > Definition and usage The LTrim () function removes white space characters or other predefined characters to the left of the string. Related functions: RTrim ()

Magic constants, pre-defined constants, and predefined variables in PHP

1. Magic Constants There are eight magic constants in PHP, and their values change as they change position in the code. These special constants are case insensitive. Line: Returns the current row number in the file. Can also be written in

PHP magic functions, magic constants, and predefined constants

An object is called when it is instantiated. When _ construct and a function with the class name coexist, __construct will be called, and the other will not be called. 1. magic functions (13) 1. _ construct () An object is called when it is

PHP pointer traversal, predefined arrays, and common functions

PHP/*//Definition $attr = Array (All-in-one), $attr [] = 1; $attr = Array ("One" = "Hello");//array value $attr[0]; $attr ["One"]//array traversal for () foreach () each () list ()*///4. Pointer Traversal/*$attr = Array ("One" = "aaaa", "one" =

Parsing of script elements, commands, and predefined variables in jsp Servlet

1 JSP script ElementJSP script elements are used to insert Java code, which will appear in the Servlet generated by the current JSP page. There are three types of script elements:Expression format : calculates the expression and outputs its

[Updated to 2.0] WPF: Binding predefined commands to viewmodel commands in mvvm

Directory Initial version 2.0 update Download   Returned directoryInitial version In non-mvvm scenarios, developers can directly use commandbinding to provide execution methods for pre-defined commands (such as applicationcommands. Open), and

[Opengl4.0] glsl predefined Variables

Glsl defines specific variables for different rendering stages. These predefined attributes (also called built-in variables) have specific attributes. All predefined variables start with GL. User-Defined variables cannot start with this. The

PHP predefined variables (ii)

Session variable ($_session): The data produced by the PHP session function is stored in the $_session variable in the form of a super global variable. 1. Introduction to Session Sessions are also called session periods, which are small pieces of

PHP predefined interfaces

This article mainly sorts out the predefined interfaces of PHP, which are commonly used in the project process: IteratorAggregate (Iterator of aggregate Iterator), Countable, ArrayAccess, Iterator, you can refer to the following predefined

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