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Predefined Macros in C ++

  C/C ++ grand all (reproduced, original post address Standard definition macroThe standard predefined macros are specified by the relevant language standards, so they are available

VC ++ predefined macro)

In order to facilitate your query, I Will repost a copy from msdn here. From: (vs.80). aspx C/C ++ Preprocessor referencePredefined macros Names the predefined ansi c and Microsoft C ++ implementation macros.

Using Microsoft-specific predefined Preprocessor macros

Using Microsoft-specific predefined Preprocessor macros A sample function that uses ANSI-compliant predefined Preprocessor macros: bool CPreprocessingDlg::UseMicrosoftSpecificPredefinedMacros(void){ // Using Microsoft-Specific Predefined

C/C ++ pre-processor.

C/C ++ compilation system Compilation Program The process is preprocessing, compilation, and linking. A Preprocessor is a program that processes program source files according to pre-processing instructions before program source files are compiled.

C pre-processor, processor

C pre-processor, processor The C Preprocessor is not a component of the compiler, but a separate step in the compilation process. The C Preprocessor is just a text replacement tool that instructs the compiler to complete the necessary preprocessing

Preprocessor predefined macros

From ( ANSI compliant predefined macros:   _ Date __: Indicates the date when the current source file is compiled. Format: Month/day/year (MMM dd yyyy ). _ File __: Name of the source

[Proficient OBJECTIVE-C] pre-processor

[Proficient OBJECTIVE-C] pre-processorReference book: "Proficient objective-c" "Beauty" Keith LeeDirectory Proficient in objective-c pre-processor Directory Preprocessor overview Preprocessor language

Pre-processor in C ++

The C ++ pre-processors include the following 12. # If # else # Elif # endif # ifdef # ifndef # UNDEF # Error # line # pragma # include # define The first line 7 is the control statement, with the focus on the next 5.   1. # define  Code

C \ c ++

From:   I. Standard definition macroThe standard predefined macros are specified by the relevant language standards, so they are available with all compilers that implement those

[Beginner] an in-depth study on the tag library in JSP

[Beginner] an in-depth study of the tag library in JSP-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Taglib Tags are defined and distributed in a structure called the tag library. A tag

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