printer is on but says offline

Want to know printer is on but says offline? we have a huge selection of printer is on but says offline information on

What if the printer is offline and cannot print?

Daily life we are often exposed to the printer, especially now the network office of the Young, often in the office work will come into contact with the printer! The printer, is plainly: through a device, the most common to A4 paper as media, the computer text documents or pictures by mechanical transfer on the paper,

On Windows 7 systems, printer status is "Offline" and how to recover

Step 1. Find "Devices and printers" The following operation takes the example "Samsung scx-4x28 Series PCL 6". Symptom diagram: Printer status shows "Offline" Click the "Start" option in the lower left corner of the computer and select "Devices and printers." Step 2. Locate the printer icon and select "See what you are printing now." Locate the

What should I do if the win8 system printer is offline?

1, we right-click right click or move to the desktop will open the menu, and then click the "Settings" button 2, in "Settings" found in the Settings list, "Control Panel" option, open access 3, in the Control Panel "view mode" for "category" of the entire case click "View devices and printers" effect shown in the following figure. 4, then in the entry into the interface we then click "See what is being printed" effect as show

Alternative method to determine whether the printer is offline

'Get the form handle Public Declare Function GetWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal wCmd As Integer) As Integer Public Const GW_HWNDPREV As Short = 3Public Const GW_HWNDNEXT As Short = 2Public Const GW_HWNDFIRST As Short = 0Public Const GW_OWNER As Short = 4 'Get form textPublic Declare Function GetWindowText Lib "user32" Alias "GetWindowTextA" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal lpString As String, ByVal cch As Integer) As Integer 'Find the program with the specified title in the runnin

Solutions for printer offline status cannot be printed

How to print printer offline The following on our use of the printer maintenance to do a little summary, I hope that users or computer enthusiasts to help! Printer maintenance is divided into hard maintenance and soft maintenance, this paper first talk about soft maintenanc

The printer displays a graphics and text resolution step that cannot be printed offline

The printer is offline and cannot print the symptom: The printer is unable to print, and the status of the printer on the computer is "offline

Printer shows workaround for offline printing

The printer is offline and cannot print the symptom: The printer is unable to print, and the status of the printer on the computer is "offline

What does the printer go offline mean

For many office users, often encounter the problem of the printer offline, because many of the friends who use the printer is a clerical class, one encountered the printer offline can not print will have no strategy, do not know w

What does a printer go offline mean?

  What does a printer go offline mean? The printer is offline, with the following two cases: 1, if it is local printing is the printer

WIN7 network printer Offline fault resolution method

Just meet this problem, save the solution, convenient to find laterOperating system: Win7 phenomenon: When you print a document using a shared print machine, you find that the printer is not responding.Check the printer queue for printed content. The Print test page does not respond to the local network connection normal prin

What to do if the printer shows offline cannot be printed

Printer offline cannot print symptom: The printer cannot print, and the printer's status as "Offline" is displayed on the computer, sometimes the indicator light flashes. Printer offline

What to do with the printer offline

The first step: the taskbar in the lower right corner of the printer icon will not disappear, but there is no red exclamation point display. Put the mouse on the tip "a document to be printed, because". The second step: double-click the taskbar's printer icon, open the Printer Task window, found that the t

On Windows 7, the printer status displays "offline" and how to restore it

In this article, we will introduce the printer status on Windows 7 to all of you. For more information about how to restore the printer status to offline, see. Step 1. Find the device and printer] The following uses Samsung SCX-4x28 Series PCL 6 as an example. Symptom chart: The p

How does the WIN8 system remove the printer from the offline state?

we have contact with the printer every day and use it to print the data every day. Recently, there are WIN8 system users, in the use of the printer when the failure, that is, the printer appears offline status, resulting in the inability to print. So how do you solve such pr

Win7 shared printer offline Solution

Operating System: Win7 home Symptom: When a shared printer is used to print documents, the printer does not respond. View the printer queue and print the content. No response is returned when the test page is printed. The lo

Win7 cannot save credentials cause network printer to go offline

Printing machine is always not easy to use, ask the network management words also said no way, also said that there are several people are so. But if you dig down, you'll always have the printer offline. 1, open "devices and printers" will find that the printer's icon appears to be gray, that is,

When the printer is installed, the following error occurs: "The printer cannot be installed, and the print processor does not exist." What should I do?

As shown in the following illustration, we are wrong to install a printer that says "The printer is not installed and the print processor does not exist": Solutions. 1. Check if the Winprint.dll file exists, The 64-bit system is in the C:/windows/system32/spool/pr

Printer name is wrong and cannot be shared

Within the company's local area network, a computer is connected to a cannon laser printer, shared with other computers on the local area network, and shares the name cannon. Suddenly one day I can't print on the network, but the local printer is OK. On other computers, the icon for the

Can ping through the printer, there is no way to print

You can ping the printer's computer, but you cannot access the printer's sharing settings. The following error occurred after \\XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:You may not have permission to use network resources. Please contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access rights.There is currently no logon server available to process requests.Get a half-day, the original is because, I use the machine

Which HTTP header information status code should I send to the search engine when the website is offline for maintenance?

Which HTTP header information status code should I send to the search engine when the website is offline for maintenance? Posted on November 27,200 9 by zhounaiming Returning the correct HTTP header information status code to the search engine is the most basic Seo. If the page does not exist, 404 is returned. If a

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