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The difference between%02x and%2x

Output minimum width A decimal integer to represent the minimum number of digits of the output. If the actual number is more than the defined width, the actual digit is output, or a space or 0 if the actual number is less than the defined width

Linux Network Programming--Original Socket instance: Analysis of MAC head message

Through the Linux network programming-the original socket programming, we know that we can get the link layer packets through the raw sockets and recvfrom (), what is the link layer Packet we receive ?Link Layer envelope formatMAC head (wired

PHP big5 Utf-8 gb2312 mutual transcoding Solution

During the PHP code writing process, you often encounter problems that require Chinese transcoding, such as gb2312 Unicode, gb2312 big5, and so on. If the PHP compilation contains mbstring, you can use the multi-byte string function to partially

Simple sniffer program in Linux

/**************************************** Author: Li Yannan* Time: 2006-02 2* Function: detects the local network.****************************************/ # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include #

Ios obtains the mac address

    First of all, the following two methods can obtain the mac address of the mobile phone, but there is a limit that can be obtained only on iOS. After iOS7, Apple performed technical processing on sysctl and ioctl. the MAC address returns 02: 00: 0

Three methods for obtaining the MAC address of the NIC IN THE SYSTEM

Author: cker Good programmers are just like people. Think more, maybe the Stone of other mountains can attack the jade, but never become a slave of code. CkerOriginal: BorlandTranslated by cker The first method is to use Microsoft's NetBIOS API.

Obtain IP addresses and MAC addresses in Linux

# Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include # Ifdef Solaris# Include # Endif # Define maxinterfaces 16 Main (argc, argv)Register int argc;Register char * argv [];{Register int FD, intrface, retn = 0;Struct ifreq

LINUX get IP address and MAC address __linux

#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #ifdef SOLARIS#include #endif #define Maxinterfaces Main (argc, argv)register int argc;Register Char *argv[];{Register int FD, intrface, retn = 0;struct Ifreq

Three methods for obtaining MAC addresses

The first method is to use Microsoft's NetBIOS API. This is a set of commands that provide underlying network support through Winsock. The biggest disadvantage of using NetBIOS is that you must install NetBIOS in the system (if file sharing is

Three ways to get the MAC address of the network card in the system by "reprint"

from: concept of network card address is a bit confusing. Because there are actually two addresses, MAC address and physical address, generally say the network card address I mean the

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