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Linux kernel scheduling algorithm (1)--quickly find the highest priority process

Why should we understand the scheduling strategy of the kernel? Hehe, because it is worthy of our study, not a nonsense. The kernel scheduler is very advanced and powerful, managing a large number of messy processes running on your Linux, while

Process priority, process Nice value and%nice interpretation

Using the top or PS command will output PRI/PR, NI,%ni/%nice These three indicator values, what exactly is this thing? The approximate explanation is as follows:PRI: Process priority, which represents the priority that the process can be executed,

Process scheduling Summary

process scheduling Basic Properties1. Polymorphism from birth, run, until eliminated. 2. A number of different processes can include the same program 3. Three basic states can be converted between them 4. Concurrency concurrent

A brief introduction to Linux Scheduler development

IntroductionProcess scheduling is the core function of the operating system. Scheduler is only a part of the scheduling process, process scheduling is a very complex process, requiring multiple systems to work together to complete. The focus of this

First assignment: Deep source Analysis Process Model

This is the homework assigned by the teacher,What is a process1. Process is a computer program on a set of data on a running activity, the system is the basic unit of resource allocation and scheduling, is the basis of the operating system structure.

Linux System Process Understanding

1, in order to track and describe the process from generation to extinction, it is necessary to define various states of various processes and formulate corresponding state transition strategies to control the operation of the process.Different

"Operating System" real-time scheduling

Basic conditions for implementing real-time schedulingProvide the necessary scheduling information (readiness time, start deadline and completion deadline, processing time, resource requirements, priority) The system has strong processing power. In

Linux Process scheduling principle

Reprinted from: Process priorityThe process provides two priorities, one is the normal process priority, and the second is the real-time priority. The former is suitable for

Linux sync mechanism-basic concepts (deadlock, live lock, starve, priority reversal, escort phenomenon)

Deadlock (deadlock) Refers to two or more than two processes in the execution process, because of the contention for resources caused by a mutual waiting phenomenon, if there is no external force, they will not be able to proceed. At this point the

Linux Process scheduling principle

Referenced from: Linux process scheduling principleThe target of Linux process scheduling 1. Efficiency: High efficiency means that more tasks are done at the same time. The scheduler

Linux process scheduling __linux

Linux Process scheduling principle The goal of Linux process scheduling 1. Efficiency: High efficiency means more tasks to be done at the same time. The scheduler is executed frequently, so the scheduler should be as efficient as possible; 2.

Linux Process scheduling principle

The target of Linux process scheduling1. Efficiency: High efficiency means that more tasks are done at the same time. The scheduler will be executed frequently, so the scheduler should be as efficient as possible;2. Enhance the interactive

(reprint) Linux kernel SMP load Balancing analysis

DemandIn the article "Analysis of Linux process scheduling", it is mentioned that in SMP (symmetric multiprocessor) environment, each CPU corresponds to a run_queue (executable queue). If a process is in the task_running state (executable state), it

"Linux" Process scheduling algorithm

The process scheduling algorithms in Linux are categorized as follows:First, first come service and short job ( process ) priority scheduling algorithm1. First come first service scheduling algorithm (FCFS)      first come first serve FCFS)

Process and process scheduling takes precedence

Here, let's talk about the process:Process is a computer program on a data set on a running activity, the system is the basic unit of resource allocation and scheduling, is the basis of the operating system structure. In the early process

Linux Kernel Analysis Summary

Zhang Yu + "Linux kernel analysis" MOOC course directory:(1) How the computer works How the operating system works

Linux process Management (ii) Scheduling of processes and resource constraints

1 Process schedulingThe most important feature of the readiness process is that the process is non-blocking. The process of user interaction, large volumes of Read and write files, response to I/O, and network events can take a significant amount of

Linux Learning Summary

Linux Learning SummaryAfter the end of a semester of Linux learning I harvest very rich, in this study, we tried a new way of learning, Linux Flip class, every week on the MOOC website followed by the teacher to explain the video learning and

Linux process scheduling

Original address: good article, read the Post collection, Dochebeau Master share!Start---------------------------------body--------------------------------- To implement

Common process scheduling algorithm---operating system

Common process scheduling algorithmsRotation scheduling algorithm (RR), priority scheduling algorithm, multi-queue scheduling algorithm, multi-level feedback queue Scheduling algorithm , guaranteed scheduling algorithm, fair sharing scheduling

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