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How a social app builds a highly scalable, interactive system

Abstract: This article aims to analyze how to build large scale distributed systems in the cloud from a technical perspective through the growth of a social app, including scalability of the platform, expansion of the network level, and expansion of

Social live app development trends for social live apps

In the age of Internet, the development of live video app has changed people's life waves. Siko learned that the June 2018 video live users have reached 800,000, the video live app has become the most popular social mode, and will continue to heat

iOS image processing in social app development

Social apps are one of the more popular apps on the market today, and if you want to develop an app like Instagram or Weibo, you might know some basic uikit, Internet connections, server-side, and so on, but for social apps, Picture and picture

A few minutes of private custom app all!!

Internet Baidu What is self-media, you will see this introduction: Since the media (foreign name: We media) also known as "Citizen Media" or "personal media" refers to private, civilian, general generalization, the dissemination of autonomy, with

iOS social app Technology partner Pen test

The ideal is of course to find an architect who has the ability to manage and write code, but if there is someone who can initiate the project himself, it's hard for you to pull him. Meet certain conditions on the line, do not pursue perfection.Is

Social networks make the Internet laugh and make security cry.

From Facebook to Weibo and social networking Network The emergence of greatly enhance the network interaction. People are "looking at" The Network passively and can "say" on the network ". Internet As a result, it becomes more colorful. In the

"Translate" using CocoaPods modular iOS app

Original translation from: Using CocoaPods to modularize a Big IOS App Choosing the right architecture for your mobile app is a big thing, and it can have an impact on your workflow, and it can be a huge asset and a huge burden to get into the

App Product Manager (i)

With the rapid development of mobile apps, a large number of apps are released to the market every day, from traditional app business to social and e-commerce apps, nearly 2mobile app products are becoming more and more prosperous, then there are a

The Penguin Empire and strangers are becoming more and more distant, and the rookie is rising.

  BBS, SNS, social networking has long been the past, even the flourished Weibo is now popular today, social networking has been completely to the era of mobile society. In the mobile acquaintance social domain, although has the intercourse, Forex

An analysis of the technology architecture of Android in-app Community SDK

Android in-app Community SDK Technical architecture What is an in-app micro-community? Figure 1 Figure 2 Snowball finance in-app community First, take the Friend Alliance Micro-community

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