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Be alert! Social network websites make fraud easier exclusive Article] more and more users have their own personal websites, describe their lives on blogs, and communicate with friends on various forums, self-timer videos are published on video sharing websites-these users can add their own

How to protect social workers from hackers?

First of all, what is the understanding of social engineering attacks here? this will be a prerequisite for discussion.——————————————————————The attack I want to take with social workers is based onHuman NatureAnalysis and understanding of the

Social experience in the future of web2.0

Document directory Most network applications are trying to match the information where it is needed. Fragment network example Case Analysis Search in a single space Looking forward to a more interactive world How does it know?

Microsoft's new Office features: highlighting social and cloud services

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Chief executive Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) released a consumer preview version of Microsoft's new office software in Monday, and consumers can view and download the page of Microsoft's

The Russian "Network lover" software passed the Turing Test

Russia: computer software can "get in touch" 30 minutes to trick 10 netizens 9:25:40 Source: Qilu hotline-tech news From: Internet users who are eager to find "Internet lovers" on the Internet can

Symptoms and prevention of gray Software

  With the proliferation of viruses, worms, Trojans, backdoors, and mixed threats, attacks against new vulnerabilities are generated much faster than before, while social engineering) traps have also become a major focus of new attacks. Attacks with

The Penguin Empire and strangers are becoming more and more distant, and the rookie is rising.

  BBS, SNS, social networking has long been the past, even the flourished Weibo is now popular today, social networking has been completely to the era of mobile society. In the mobile acquaintance social domain, although has the intercourse, Forex

[Post] thoughts on developing mathematical software

  [Post] thoughts on developing mathematical softwareTransfer from the Research Forum. If you are interested, you can continue the discussion!Http:// Bid = 12 & id = 11745 & sty = 1 & TPG = 3 & age = 30 Author

The seven most sinister hacking technologies-Intermittent blogs

Nowadays, in the Internet era where "information is at your fingertips", many people have their own email, QQ number, MSN, and other communication tools to contact friends and family, many people register their own accounts on their social

Current mainstream technology in computer technology and its social demand investigation report

I. Current state of development in the Internet sector1. Internet hoursIn the first half of 2015, internet users in China were up to 25.6 hours per week, down 0.5 hours compared to the end of 2014.2. Overall Internet Application StatusIn the first

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