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Communication subnets and resource subnets

Resource subnet: From the function of each component of computer network, each part mainly accomplishes two functions, namely network communication and resource sharing. The set of equipment and software that realizes network communication function in computer network is called network communication subnet, and the set of equipment and software that realizes resource sharing function in network is called resource subnet.Resource subnets include:1. Use

Give an IP address, how to divide into several subnets?

1, Introduction to basic knowledge 1. 1 each host or router in the network has at least one IP address; Two devices are not allowed to have the same IP address on the Internet; 1. 2IP address using a layered structure; The IP address consists of a network number (NET ID) and a host number (host ID). 1. 3 Classification of IP addresses IP address length is 32 bits, dotted decimal (dotted decimal) address; In x.x.x.x format, each x is 8 bits, and the value of each x is 0~255 (for example, 202.11

How to divide subnets

1. Assume that the network address is obtained.The subnet mask is Currently, one subnet has 100 hosts and the other four subnets have 20 hosts. How can we divide subnets to meet the requirements. Write the subnet mask, network address, first host address, last host address, and broadcast address of the five subnets. (The subnet number

Principles and Methods for dividing subnets

subnet mask of the two hosts was originally, And the subnet mask of host 2 was set to by mistake, when the host always sends data from host 2, due to the IP address and the incorrect subnet mask phase, by mistake, if two hosts are in different networks, the communication between machines in the same subnet is considered as cross-network transmission, and data packets are sent to the default gateway for processing, this will inevitably increase the burden on the d

Experiment on support for Discontinuous subnets in two versions of the RIP Protocol:

Experiment on support for Discontinuous subnets in two versions of the RIP Protocol: The following content is taken from my new recorded video course: (currently can watch for free), full lab demonstration, repeated verification. 1. Continuous subnet and discontinuous Subnet We often see that r12001 does not support discontinuous subnets and only supports continuous

Example of dividing subnets, router IP addresses

The method of dividing subnets is to borrow several bits from the host number of the network as the subnet number, and the host number correspondingly reduces the same number of bits. Before subnetting, the IP address is a level two structure: network number, host number.After dividing the subnet, level two IP address becomes level three IP address within this unit: network number, subnet number, host number.IP Address ={The following is illustrated b

Write a simple Python script to return the IP address of the mask, the number of subnets, etc.

(' '). Iptype ()' Public ' Then write a script that returns various results based on the IP address entered:[[emailprotected] python]# cat #!/usr/bin/python#-*- coding:utf-8 -*-from IPy import IPip_input = raw_input("请输入一个ip地址或者地址段: ")ips = IP(ip_input)if int(len(ips)) > 1 : ##判断IP地址个数,大于1代表输入的是地址段 print "网段: %s" % print "ip个数: %s" % len(ips) print "子网掩码: %s" % ips.netmask() print "广播地址: %s" % ips.broadcast()else : ##输入的是一个IP地址 print "二进制为: %

Subnetting subnets with subnet masks

IP addresses are classified into five categories--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------the meaning of the subnet mask and subnetting according to the subnet maskThe subnet mask is used to divide subnets. For example, a Class A network can hold 16777214 hosts. However, in practice, it is impossible to use a class A network only f

Calculation of the number of subnets

In network division, if you want to use a subnet, you must know the number of subnets. For example, if a class C network needs to be divided into subnets and six subnets are to be created, what is the mask? First, let's talk about the IP address and the maskThe total length of the IP address is 32 characters, which is 4 bytes long.The mask is also 32-bit and

Introduction to subnets and subnet masks

First, what is a subnetThe IP address consists of two parts, the network ID and the host ID. The network number identifies a subnet on the internet, and the host number identifies a host in the subnet. A subnet is a smaller network that is based on a particular type of address.Second, why to divide the subnetThe Internet organization defines five IP addresses, with a, B, and C three addresses. A Class A network has 126, each class A network may have 16777214 hosts, they are in the same broadcast

2016.7.8 Review Essentials of Computer network The fourth chapter divides the subnets and constructs the network

1. From level two IP address to level three IP address:* * Level Two IP address design unreasonable:The utilization of ①IP address space is sometimes very low;② assigns a network number to each physical network, which causes the routing table to become too large and thus causes the network performance to become worse;③ level Two IP address is not flexible;2. subnetting: Since 1985 a "Subnet Number field" has been added to the IP address so that the level two IP address becomes a level three IP a

Dividing subnets and subnet masks

A 1.IP address consists of two fixed fields (network number + host number). After dividing the subnet (the part of the host number is re-divided), to become (network number + subnet number + host number), but the external still appear as a network. such as Class B ip: Divided into three subnet,, After the datagram (the destination address is arrives at the router, according to the network number, the subnet number, find the destination sub

Routing between subnets, hyper-grids, and non-class domains

" operation with the IP address. For traditional IP address classifications, the subnet mask for Class A addresses is the subnet mask for the;b class address is the subnet mask for the;c class address is For example, if you want to divide a class B network into multiple Class C subnets, just set its subnet mask to, so that and belong to different networks. As such,

Classification of IP addresses and partitioning of subnets

introduction: Class D addresses are called broadcast addresses and are used by special protocols to send information to selected nodes. Class E addresses are reserved for future use.The definition of Netmark is very simple, netmask is also 32 bits, in numerical value, is located in the Net-id of 1 and Host-id is 0For example, a common class C IP addressNet-id=24 bit, host-id=8 bit, with 2**8-2=254 IPA traditional Class C network, such as, its netmark is bound to be if

Windows Server AD Site and Domain Deployment Series (iii) Creating sites, subnets, and links

This chapter blog begins by creating a BJ, SH, GZ site on the root domain ds01 side, configuring subnets and links between related sites.To create a site:1, rename the default site: Login ds01, open "Active Directory sites and Services", right click on the default site default-first-site-name, select Rename: Bj-site-name, such as:650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s

Computer Network Learning-dividing subnets and CIDR (3)

The two-level structure of the IP address may cause the IP address utilization to be low. For example, each network in the B-type network can accommodate more than 60 thousand hosts, but the average enterprise does not need such a large capacity, therefore, IP resource utilization is low. In addition, when an enterprise needs to add a new network, it needs to apply for a network from the IP address management organization, which brings a lot of inconvenience. To solve these problems, the concept

Airprint upload SS subnets (2)

Press: This is another Ashish article about airprint configurations in the Enterprise Environment published on Google sites. Original article address: airprint upload SS subnets Your company decided to deploy iPad/iPhone. Now you want to print from the device onto your corporate printer.You ask Apple and get the usual answer, its not supported.Hopefully the solutions described below will provide you with a solution.iPad/iPhone use bonjour to discover

Technical topic: how to set wayos for accessing the Internet through a public IP address in several subnets

Recently, it has been found that some local telecom companies provide users with a public IP address, and then several subnets. Some people do not know what the problem is? I do not know how to set it? I will tell you this now! For example, public IP Address Assigned by China Telecom: China Telecom subnet Gateway: Principle: China Telecom provides you with a public IP address and gateway

7, two configurations for two different subnets configure a DHCP server

The environment is as follows: (for reference, ensure that two subnets can ping each other)Virtual Machine vm1 VMnet8 (NAT mode)Virtual Machine vm2 VMnet1 (host mode only)Virtual Machine Gate (eth1) VMnet8 (NAT mode) (eth0) VMnet1 (host mode only)First: Configure the DHCP server in Gateway Gate(eth0) Providing IP address assignment services for

Calculate the number of subnets and other comprehensive instances

Known, trial calculation: 1. Number of subnets, 2. network number, 3. host number, 4. broadcast address, 5. start and end ranges of allocable IP addresses Solution: 1. count the number of subnets First, replace/18 with our customary Notation: The value of 11111111.1111.11000000.000000 is decimal, that is, 201710000192.0. We can see that the two sections on the left of the mask are consist

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