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Vm-tools Installation Guide

/[[emailprotected]vmware-tools-distrib][[emailprotected]vmware-tools-distrib]#./vmware-install.plEnjoy,--theVMwareteamFoundVMwareToolsCDROMmountedat/media.Ejectingdevice/dev/sr0...[[emailprotected]vmware-tools-distrib]#reboot Press the Would to enable VMware automatic kernel modules?, enter YesWait pati

Deep learning Tools Caffe Detailed Installation Guide

Runtest-j4At this point Caffe the main program is compiled.The following compiles Pycaffe to executeMake PycaffeMake DistributeAfter execution, modify the BASHRC file to addPythonpath=${home}/caffe/distribute/python: $PYTHONPATHLd_library_path=${home}/caffe/build/lib: $LD _library_pathAllows Python to find Caffe dependencies.Enter Python,import Caffe, if successful then all OK, otherwise check the path from the beginning, and even need to recompile python.Ps:Problems can always google,bless!!!

SPHINX Document Writing Tools Installation Brief Guide-Windows edition-based on Python

This tutorial is based on the local installation of PYTHON and configuration of global variables, there must be a corresponding basis for re-operation;Upload pictures to avoid misleading, the following is a text description, as follows: Download the script; Python tutorials, execute this file, just use PIP.) In fact, you need to configure the global variables of the PIP; if you know where the global Python

Tomato Garden Windows XP Pro SP2 V3.5 Thunderbolt High speed Download _ Common Tools

Microsoft Java virtual machine + Optional Install Tomato Garden Theme Resource Kit 2.5 + optional installation of tomato garden favorites + Optional Installation Optimization registry entry -Remove Windows Roaming -Remove Chinese doctors -Remove Desktop Cleanup Wizard -Remove the mouse cursor from the system -Remove the system from the background of the image -Remove the system from the music sample -Remov

[IDE Tools Configuration]myeclipse 2014 Pro Install SVN plugin

There's definitely no version control for a team-work project, so now look at how it works in Myeclispe. Development environment: MyEclipse Java 8 tomcate 8 Tried to say on the Internet several methods, have no success, the end of their own still groping to get out, here first record, later on their own configuration when good to obtain the path of what. Open MyEclipse Help---install from site Click on the Add Popup dialog box Enter the corresponding content in the input box http://subclips

Mac Pro installs Homebrew package management tools

: Brew remove software name, such as brew remove wgetMore of it? Go to the official website and dig it " Software Installation directory "Homebrew will install the kit into a standalone directory (the total directory is /usr/local/cellar), so you don't have to worry about where the software is installed and soft-link the file to /usr/local/bin,如:$ pwd/usr/local/cellar$ lltotal 0drwxr-xr-x 8 jianbao admin 272

MySQL 5.6 for Windows uncompressed version configuration installation (Win 10 64-bit Pro Test) with installation package download link

Label:Reprinted from Baidu Experience: MySQL is a small but powerful database, which is very popular at present. However, the official website gives the installation package in two formats, one in MSI format and one in ZIP format. Many people under the ZIP format decompression found no Setup.exe, face a pile of files confused, do not know how to install. The following article describes how

VMware Workstation Pro Installation Ubuntu14.04lts

Since the recent study of the robotic operating system Ros, it was the first time to contact Ubuntu. When I first saw Ubuntu, I was thinking, "What the hell is this?" After the various degrees Niang, just know it is a system, but also good.Due to the fact that the Windows system is basically used, the installation of Ubuntu system is done by the virtual machine VMware Workstation Pro When installing the Ubu

Eplan PPE pro-panel Electric fluid P8 2.4 Graphic Installation Tutorial

the Eplan P8 2.4 product can be read. the location for the Win7 system is: C:\User\Public\Eplan\Common\, which is the \ c user \ Public \eplan\common\. for XP systems you need to search under your own to find the exact location. The fourth step, enter the relevant file in the registration form. This step we directly double-click on the "10066.reg" select OK.Fifth Step, install the driver. Here you need to explain, if the computer has previously installed HL Hasp driver, you need to uninstall th

History of the most detailed version of Windows Build installation react native environment configuration reprint, than the official website of the pro-test available

to React native! Today we mainly explain the installation environment of react native in the Windows system. Because of the explanation and the actual use of back to meet a variety of problems. We have some questions. React Native Technology Exchange Group (282693535) or the bottom of the reply.Respect the original, reproduced please specify: from Sky, Qing ( infringement must investigate!Follow my subscription number (codedev12

Epson epson-lq-630k, lq-680k, lq-680k Pro printer driver installation diagram

Preparation Tools Need to go to the official website to download epson-lq-630k, lq-680k, lq-680k Pro printer driver installation Step one: Click Start  Settings (Control Panel)  printer and fax  Add Printer Settings (Control Panel)  printer and fax  Add Printer Step Two: Select "Connect to this computer's local printer" in the pop-up window, but do not

Ubuntu Security Settings guide and related tools

Article Title: Ubuntu Security Settings guide and related tools. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. If you are a new starter from Windows to Ubuntu, you will obviously feel the security performance of Ubuntu. At least you will not worry about the increasing

Guide to common Linux tools

The Linux kernel is mainly written in C language and uses the assembly language in a small amount. Its compiler uses gcc. Therefore, C language is a very important programming language in Linux. Every technology is easy to learn. Readers who want to learn it in depth need to select appropriate tools to learn. 1.g five pen 0.8 final version:Http:// S = threadid = 2021. 2. Smart Chen Qiao Chinese Character Input Syst

Dotnetnuke4.x installation experience (follow the "most complete dnn 4.x Installation Guide (applicable to 3.x)" below to check if the installation fails.

Installation environment: WINXP pro SP2 sql2005 vs2005Follow the most complete dnn 4.x Installation GuideThe following are the problems and solutions I encountered during installation:1. Install dotnetnuke4.x for the first time. After the installation is complete, run defaul

VSS uses the Guide __ version control tools

Overview VSS is a version control tool. Its operation is relatively simple, easy to use, but also to meet the needs of the company, so VSS in our company has been very good application. Refer to the VSS Usage Guide for specific actions by VSS. Here is a brief explanation of some of the rules for VSS operations. Demand Whether it's a program source code, a resource file, or other material, we always want to get the latest version from VSS and compile i

Cadence simulation tool, Cadence Si/PI analysis-sigrity installation and cracking Guide

Sigrity provides a wide range of Ge-bit signal and power network analysis technologies, including unique signal integrity analysis functions for systems, printed circuit boards (PCB) and IC packages. The combination of sigrity Analysis Technology and Cadence Allegro and orcad design tools will provide a comprehensive process from front-end to back-end, helping systems and semiconductor companies provide high-performance devices and apply gigabit-bit i

Linux Automation Building Tools-scons Guide

1.scons is an automated build tool under LinuxSCons is written in Python, and you need to verify that Python is already installed before using SCons. (Run Python-v or Python--version on the system's command line).2. The installation process is as followsWget zxvf scons-2.2.0.tar.gzCD scons-2.2.0Python Install3. The compile process if the following error occurs: Checking whether t

Latest Version Kali Linux virtual machine installation Open-vm-tools replace VMware Tools

Since the release of Kali 2.0, there have been frequent problems with installing VMware tools that did not succeed, or prompting the installation to succeed but still unable to drag, copy, and cut files.Today, the new computer installed system, re-download the latest version, Kali 2017.1 discovery is already Kali 3.Tested, the installation of Open-vm-

New MAC Installation Guide (general article) (Recommended settings, software installation, recommended software)

Note: This article will be not regularly maintained and updated, and will be the first time to update on Github, the need for friends please directly subscribe to this article issues: "New MAC Installation Guide (general article)".On the MAC computer only with the Windows operating system classmate please see here after the direct detour, hehe. Love programming Friends After browsing this article, please co

Analysis of Android source code (ii)--ubuntu root,git,vmware Tools, installation Input method, theme beautification, Dock, installation JDK and configuration environment

Analysis of Android source code (ii)--ubuntu root,git,vmware Tools, installation Input method, theme beautification, Dock, installation JDK and configuration environment Next, on the film is mainly introduced some of the installation tools of the small knowledge Poi

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