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Stochastic event probability gambling poisson distribution

Probability theory is a branch of mathematics that studies the law of random phenomena. Its origins in the 17th century century, at that time in the category of error, demographic, life insurance, need to collate and study a large number of random

Bayesian, probability distribution and machine learning

This article by leftnoteasy original, can be reproduced, but please keep the source and this line, if there is commercial purpose, please contact the author   I. Bayesian theorem: Bayesian Theorem explains common knowledge

Probability statistics: chapter II random variables and their distributions _ probability statistics

Chapter II random variables and their distributions Content Summary: I. DEFINITION of random variable Set is a random test, the sample space, if for each sample point, there is a unique fixed number corresponding to it, then the real value function

Probability statistics: Chapter three multidimensional random variables and their distributions _ probability statistics

Chapter three multidimensional random variables and their distributions Content Summary: One or two-D random variable 1, the definition of two-dimensional random variable: Set E is a random test, its sample space is defined on the s of the random

Common probability distribution types and features

3.1 Two-Point Distribution and even distribution1. Two-Point DistributionMany random events have only two results. If the result of the product is qualified or unqualified, the product or reliable work may fail. This type of random event variable

Probability Theory and mathematical statistics: random variables, distribution law, distribution function, Density Function

1: For N results in one experiment, if a real-value single-value function is matched for each result, the corresponding value is called a random variable. The mathematical definition is S = {e}. E is a sample in the sample space, and X = x (e) is

Introduction to Probability Density Estimation

1, Probability density function In classifier design (especially Bayesian classifier), when the prior probability of a class and the probability density of a class are both known, determine the discriminant function and decision plane according to

Khan Open Course-Statistical Study Notes: (3) random variables, probability density, two-item distribution, and expected values

Random Variable A random variable is different from a common data variable. It is usually expressed in uppercase letters, such as X, Y, and Z. It is not a parameter but a function, that is, a function. For example, the random variable X indicating

Patterns Recognition (Pattern recognition) Learning notes (vi)--nonparametric estimation of probability density function

In the last chapter, we studied the parameter estimation methods of PDF, which mainly have the maximum likelihood estimation and Bayesian estimation, they mainly estimate the parameters of the PDF with definite form, and in reality, we can't know

Probability and statistical knowledge Review (2) One-Dimensional Random Variables and Probability Distribution

1. Concept of Random Variables As the name implies, a random variable is a variable with a random value. The opposite of a random variable is a "deterministic variable", that is, the variable whose value follows a certain strict rule, such as the

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