problem with apu download

Read about problem with apu download, The latest news, videos, and discussion topics about problem with apu download from build Excel file and download (update: Solve the problem of using Thunder to download pages instead of files) _ Practical Tips

of Excelfile is the address of the Excel file on the server, such as "C:\Website\Excel\xx.xlsx". This method is also commonly provided on the Internet, but in the actual operation, but there is no intention to the problem: Under the Chrome All normal, Excel files are downloaded directly to the Chrome default download folder. Under the Firefox Because the FlashGot plugin is installed, you will first

Javaweb file download deployment to server file download problem

-disposition", "attachment;filename=" +filename); // String Fullfilename=request.getsession (). Getservletcontext (). Getrealpath ("") + "\\download\\" +filename; try{ InputStream in = new FileInputStream (fullfilename); OutputStream out = Response.getoutputstream (); //write file int b; while (( ())! =-1) { Out.write (b); } In.close (); Out.close (); } catch (Exception e) { } Return "rdate"; //} This will enable the

Completely solve Chinese name file download and download file content garbled problem

Solution | problem | download | chinese Before, wrote a download.jsp file, can solve the download file garbled problem (such as: Doc,xsl file, etc.).Later found, encountered in the Chinese name of the file, the file download will be an error ~ ~ ~ ~Today, by rewriting the or

Php download problem. after the download, the file content is blank and the image is not previewed.

Php download problem. after the download, the file content is blank, and the image is not previewed. There are two files, a. php and B. php. Click the link in a. php to download the file: the code is as follows: This is a. php This is all B. php code. Reply to discussion (solution) In a. php, $ file_d

Java web upload/download garbled problem solution: web upload/download

Java web upload/download garbled problem solution: web upload/download Chinese characters of file downloading are garbled, because the http request url and header must only pass the ascii code, but not other characters. transcoding is required. Different browsers have different processing methods on the right. Solution 1: /*** Garbled solution * @ throws Unsup

Please help to see this php download MP4 file problem, the file download is not complete

("Content-length:". $len);These two, try to erase it. No MIME header MIME type? Add that, IIS? Header ("Content-transfer-encoding:binary");Header ("Content-length:". $len);These two, try to erase it. $len = FileSize ($file); Header ("Content-length:". $len); The above 2 sentences can be downloaded after deletion, but no statistics file size, thunder and IE did not show the length of the download. Nginx + PHP environment Without you s

Solve the major browser download files garbled and Firefox download file name is not the whole problem

"); else { newString(fileName.getBytes("UTF-8""ISO-8859-1"); } response.setHeader("Content-disposition""attachment;filename=\"""\""); //剩下的就是将文件流输出到responseThis allows you to download files in the current Ie8-ie11, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers, and the Chinese characters are no longer garbled.Firefox download English + chinese combination file

PHP file Download (solve the problem of more than a few bytes after file download) and encapsulation into class example

);//返回文件的头浏览器靠头识别下载//返回//返回的文件类型流可以是文本二进制 header("Content-type:application/octet-stream"); //按照字节大小返回 header("Accept-Ranges:bytes"); //返回文件大小 header("Accept-Length:$this->fileSize"); //这里客户端的弹出对话框,对应的文件名 header("Content-Disposition:attachment;filename=".$this->fileName); $count=0; $buffer=1024; while(!feof($fp)$this->fileSize-$count>0){ $fileData=fread($fp,$buffer); $count+=$buffer; echo$fileData; } fclose($fp);} } $fd=newFileDown("白羊座.png");$fd->Down(); php file

[Reprinted] solves the problem of incompatibility between the browser and the discuz7.0 forum, and solves the problem of the pop-up download window for quick reply.

Copyright Disclaimer: During reprinting, please use hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information of the article and this statementHttp:// Recently, we found that some browsers such as ie8.0 and window of the world are incompatible with the discuz7.0 forum. Problem:1. log onto the forum and the XML download window for logging. php appears. If Thunde

G2O installation problem when doing Slam experiment CMake version problem and git download historical version code method summary

Bo Master ran before ORBSLAM2 did the relevant experiments, six months did not touch after, and again to find out, WTF,G2O can not use. The CMake version is too low to compile. Modifying the CMakeLists.txt file directly is not yet possible. OK, I give in, upgrade CMake ... Upgraded to 3.2 cool crooked waist not sour leg also neat ... Note: Previously did not understand Chu G2o version, with the latest version, it turns out that you only need to find the corresponding old version of G2O,

ZK frame File Download file name garbled problem (space, #截断) solve __ garbled problem

In Java Web development, file download feature filename File name garbled problem is often encountered. for this issue, different browsers, the solution is not the same. IE, the filename is UTF8 encoded by Urlencoder. and other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) are converted to iso8859-1 by byte. Therefore, to get the browser type in the background (primarily to identify IE), use a different enc

Browser IE download Chinese filename garbled problem __ garbled problem

When using IE to download Chinese files, there will be garbled (there is no such problem in chrome), the solution is to use UrlEncode, as follows public static void Downloadexcel (Hssfworkbook book, String filenamepre) { var stream = new MemoryStream (); Book. Write (stream); Stream. Flush (); Stream. Position = 0; String fileName = Htt

Cliché: Struct2 file Download (with click to cancel the exception to resolve the problem)

There are too many articles on the internet to download Struts2 files, but for beginners, to access the full demo is very difficult, or to achieve "successful" download then ignored, but when the project into the production environment, the problem is not resolved, the author according to their own experience, Here's a more complete

About Java File download file name garbled problem solution

/" +orafilename); }(1) If the first type of garbled characters, the download page encountered the following Chinese garbled problemUse the following code to resolve(2) If the download encounters a second garbled problem,Fix it with the following code: first make sure that Tomcat, eclipse, and so on are UTF-8 encodedThen, in Java, this is separated from the first

Read the source need to pay attention to what the problem, what good source download site

effect, but keep the source code before600 lines of a function, it is difficult to read, programming people are not a good habit. When reading this code, the code is modified to 14 functions. Each one is about 40-50 rows or so.——————————————— Source Download website —————————————————————I'd like to tell you a few of my favorite source download sitesCSDN (Chinese it community) it is a large comprehensive it

Cool dog Some songs can't download problem resolution

To the users of cool dog software to detailed analysis to share the cool dog some songs can not download the problem. Analytical sharing: Cool dog Some songs can not download because some of the songs because of the low download source, if the owner is not online, you can not

Step by Step Analysis solution PHP file download directly in the Web page to open the problem ____php

"Preface" Do not know when you look at the PHP function, there is no notice of such a sentence- It is important to recognize that the header () function must be called before any actual output is sent (in PHP 4 and later, you can use output caching to resolve this issue) Hey ~ ~ a problem that bothered me for a day, and ended up with This sentence ends. "Body" In the use of Testlink, found in the Testlink attachment in the selection of downloads ar

About Java File download file name garbled problem solution

about Java File download file name garbled problem solutionAs a programmer, we should all have encountered the problem of garbled! This article is self-addressed about the handling of Java file download file name garbled problem:String filename = "filename downloaded";String useragent = Request.getheader ("user-agent")

To download and use arm Cross compile tool chain general problem solving

acquisition of cross-compilation tool chain 1.1. In get the GCC tool chain related source code, compile a cross compilation tool chain 1.2. Configure using the Crosstool-ng tool (crosstool-ng menuconfig configuration) 1.3. Download the corresponding version of the cross-compilation tool chain at the open source Cross tool chain site and use it after the configuration is uncompressed Second, the Cross compilation tool chain commonly used t generates and downloads Excel files (solves the problem of using the thunder download page instead of the file)

\ Excel \ xx.xlsx ". This method is also commonly provided on the Internet, but in actual operations, there is a problem of inintention: In Chrome Everything works. the Excel file is directly downloaded to the default download folder of chrome. In Firefox Because the flashgot plug-in is installed, the application download tool is selected first:

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