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Improvement of front-end programming (5)-css books for you to read.

Improvement of front-end programming (5)-css books for you to read. I have been practicing iQiYi for several months. I entered this company with iQiYi as a stepping stone. If we say that iQiYi was a temporary assault DIV + CSS at the beginning, we have now experienced that all technologies must be aware of the principles so that we can be an expert. Css attributes and usage are all there, but if they are us

Software Engineering Process and process improvement

the process model has been selected, it is necessary to make adjustments according to the actual situation by following the process of process construction, removing unsuitable parts, and making long-term adjustments, use accumulated experience and data to form the most appropriate process in the

Summary of Lightweight Process Improvement

Light-weight process improvement, LPI) it is a kind of "software process improvement" that focuses on the current situation and problems that are common in the software development process of Small and Medium teams, such as low-tech management, lack of R D management specif

Defect Leakage Test Analysis: Testing process Improvement

First, the definition of leakage testThe so-called leakage test, refers to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT defects have not been detected by the test group and left out to the user, but eventually discovered by the user. If the product has a problem with the user, the consequences are very serious. In the software development process, the sooner the defect is discovered, the smaller the cost of discovering and resolving the defect. If the flaw is found in test g

Defect missing Test Analysis: test process improvement

2005.12.19 from: 51 testin Definition of missed tests The so-called missed test means that the software product defects are not found by the test group but missed by the user. If the product has problems with the user, the consequences will be very serious. In the software development process, the earlier the defects are discovered, the less costly the defects are to be discovered and solved. If the defect is found in the test group test rather

[Original] content and precautions for software testing process improvement

[Original] content and precautions for software testing process improvement The quality of the software development process determines the quality of the software system. Similarly, the quality of the software testing process improvement determines the quality and efficienc

Small software enterprises implement cmme process improvement Cases

Document directory This article is intended for a small software organization A1 with 12 employees, 10 of whom are engaged in software development and 2 are engaged in management, marketing, sales and other affairs. A1 is divided into two departments: Production Department and R D department. This organization belongs to a typical CMM Level 1 organization. It does not have obvious process support, but relies on elites without quality control and

The first part is the process improvement method first.

Document options Level: IntermediateNandu, rational High-Level Technical Specialist, IBM ChinaMay 25, 2006 Based on IBM's process improvement tool IBM Rational Method composer (RMC for short) and portfolio management tool IBM Rational Por

The experience of Web front-end development: Sharing the books you've seen and the growth process

Article Introduction: talk about my web front end of the road to share some good books on the front. Web front-end research and development engineers, in the country is a Chaoyang career, this area is not the formal education of schools, most people rely on their own self-taught. This article mainly introduces the books and the growth process that I ha

Lightweight Process Improvement Project Plan

Tags: Process Improvement Project Management Project Plan The project plan has two main objectives: to develop a reasonable action plan for the project's R D and management work internally so that all relevant personnel can carry out their work in an orderly manner in accordance with the plan; externally, a unified view of the project is provided to the customer to ensure that all stakeholders can work tog

Thoughts on software process improvement (original)

Preface The point of view in this article may be somewhat biased. In fact, I also admit that many Western management models are very good and have indeed achieved some great achievements. But why have we migrated them to China, there will be many qualitative changes. Why do we always like to do some face-to-face engineering, instead of actually doing some basic work and truly meaningful work?At the time of writing this article, many students and netizens have helped me a lot. In order to better

Development of Lightweight Process improvement requirements

Requirement development refers to the process of developing product requirements by analyzing user requirements. Demand development refers to the process of converting user-oriented requirements into those of R D teams, and answering the question "What kind of products do we have to do" from the R D team. Demand development is directly oriented to the R D team, which is a necessary part of transferring u

Lightweight Process Improvement Project startup

. Communication is very difficult to achieve the desired results. There are a lot of problems with the project, and it is necessary to ensure that the stakeholders ' information is communicated before communication.Three Process Improvement for Project initiationThe projects mentioned in the first section launch related rules and models are simply abstractions that do not necessarily meet the full range of

Process Improvement: Is width or depth preferred?

There is a phenomenon in process improvement: there are many projects in the Organization, but only the projects that participate in the formal evaluation are carried out in strict accordance with the cmme system, other projects are basically not implemented in this system. This is the case when an enterprise receives a Level 2 evaluation. This is the case when the enterprise receives a Level 3 evaluation,

Next, let's talk about the process improvement of the cmme software.

processes for large software projects. This must be based on the characteristics and actual conditions of the project. The reason why all certification and training markets become more appealing in China lies in the quick success and inpragmatic attitude of the management, as a result, cmme is only used to complete the image project and tender negotiation. If the cmme process improvement does not actually

Process Improvement for batch cmme Software

processes for large software projects. This must be based on the characteristics and actual conditions of the project. The reason why all certification and training markets become more appealing in China lies in the quick success and inpragmatic attitude of the management, as a result, cmme is only used to complete the image project and tender negotiation. If the cmme process improvement does not actually

A to A + key CMMI assists the improvement process to achieve the goal

unnecessary processes, but unfavorable to achieve the objectives of the operation. The focus is not on CMMI, but on the continuous improvement of the operational objectives, which is what the enterprise has to figure out. Although the introduction of CMMI does not necessarily require the assistance of consultants, enterprises can refer to the standard of CMMI, and then follow their own needs to do the revision, import themselves. But the consultant'

Successful strategy of implementing software process improvement based on CMM

Software Process Improvement based on CMM has been accepted by more and more Chinese software enterprises. At present, in China has set off a small climax of CMM evaluation, but, through evaluation is not the ultimate goal of the enterprise, the fundamental benefit of software enterprises is through the implementation of software process

Product development process improvement (cooperating with webpage designers and website engineers)

In the latest new project, we have improved the product development process and made some comments on the effects of process improvement. Let's talk about our original and current product development processes: Product Visio drawing, express product intent. Technical and product seminars determine whether technical implementation is possible. Tech

Miscellaneous of software process improvement

The company is preparing to prepare for cmmi3. In the early stage, we had some contact with the consulting company and had a rough understanding of the overall process. We will take notes first for future verification. The 22 process domains of CMMs are skipped. The first time you hear this number is doubled. Exercise caution in using measurements for performance management. Premature application may dist

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