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M Product Development log (3)-dashboard, build, template, and presentation

Z Jun soon sorted out the requirement template and put it on the Wiki for your reference. The requirements for each feature in the future should be filled in according to this template, in this way, the demand personnel can easily summarize the requirements when organizing the requirements. Projects on SVN have also been created by Xinbo. For a project on the m product, the sub-projects of the six modules a

Summary of Lightweight Process Improvement

teams * Compared with enterprise applications, operation management and customer service management are more focused on Internet-oriented product management. Each improved domain is organized using the following simple structure: Introduction to main concepts and procedures of domain Improvement Status Quo and Problem Analysis Improvement entry point and ideas Improved models and practices W

Lightweight Process Improvement Project Plan

development modules required by the system The development model and its performance are embodied in the plan of the Development Process Model (such as waterfall and agile), including the development sequence, test time, and system integration solution. Arrangement of R D personnel and arrangement of R D personnel based on the project human resources plan 3. Project human resource plan The project's human resources plan mainly includes the follo

The first part is the process improvement method first.

is a long-term and arduous task. It must be achieved through continuous improvement of the Enterprise portfolio management process, this is also part of the transformation of modern enterprises. From the perspective of practitioners, This article starts from the main problems faced by Enterprise portfolio management, based on IBM's process

Development of Lightweight Process improvement requirements

development features.2. Focus on the use of modeling tools Essentially, requirement analysis can be understood as a system modeling process. System Modeling is also a very large field, both structured analysis and object-oriented modeling can provide us with a system model. In the process of requirement development improvement, the use of unified system modeling

Successful strategy of implementing software process improvement based on CMM

Software Process Improvement based on CMM has been accepted by more and more Chinese software enterprises. At present, in China has set off a small climax of CMM evaluation, but, through evaluation is not the ultimate goal of the enterprise, the fundamental benefit of software enterprises is through the implementation of software process

Nuggets Android Navigation Improvement process

Nuggets 2.9 new version has been launched, the Tab bar has made a relatively large adjustment. Let's take a look at the Nuggets, an App for programmers, designers, and product managers who can find quality articles every day in the Nuggets. In order to ensure the quality of the article, each of the participants have been carefully selected, they are from BAT and other companies. This version of the iteration takes 3 weeks (1 weeks design, 1 weeks development, 1 weeks debugging) Her

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