process terminated with status 3

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The process and thread of MFC are terminated abnormally.

Process Is an executable Program By private virtual address space, Code Data and other operating system resources (such as files, pipelines, and synchronization objects created by processes. An application can have one or more processes. A process

CentOS Start Error: PREFDM main process terminated with status 1

Today, our department has a powerful feedback server (CentOS 6.0) can not log on the crash, reboot after this guy will not start, error, such as: PREFDM main process (1235) terminated with status 1 Information, the error screenshot is as follows:

Linux Process status

Linux is a multi-user, multi-task system. If you can run multiple programs of multiple users at the same time, many processes will inevitably be generated, and each process will have different states. In the following sections The following

The local computer fails to start the MySQL service error 1067 process terminated unexpectedly

The local computer fails to start the MySQL service error 1067 process terminated unexpectedly this situation is generally a My.ini file configuration error,You can delete the My.ini file under the system directory,Try writing the following back

Process status and switching (learning notes)

Time: Location: Base -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I. Three basic states of a process The three basic statuses of a process include readiness, execution, and blocking.1. Readiness After the process is

Process status and management of Linux

Process Status:1) Overview of the status of the process:1.1) Running (R), running or going to run1.2) interruptible (S), blocked while waiting for an event, may be activated by a signal1.3) uninterruptible (D), blocked while waiting for an event,

Linux process status "go"

Transferred from: is a multi-user, multi-tasking system that can run multiple user programs at the same time, which inevitably results

(ii) Process management

The basic concept of the process 2.1 programs executed sequentially It is usually possible to divide an application into several segments, which must be executed in a sequential order between the sections of the program, and only after the

"Operating System" process management (II)

First, prefaceThe various modules of the operating system have been introduced before, and now we will learn more about process management in the operating system.Ii. Basic concepts of the processIn systems that do not have an OS configured, the

ORA-00328 ORA-00334 mrp0: background media recovery terminated with error 328

Environment Introduction: a two-node single-instance Linux + oracle11.2.0.3 + customized uard maximize availability environment was set up a few days ago. Fault description: synchronization failed today. An error message is found in the trace file

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