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Product design PM Design Product Management: 9-step method of product design

Article Description: product Design "Nine steps". Many pm have a dream: To change the world with their own design products, while earning a pot full, but 10 years unchanged entry-level salary, but let people touch the reality is bone. If you are a PM, are following a Montana, it proves that you are not only a lucky person, but also in product design gifted, this article can be used for your refe

The product category page returns the current category ID, and the product details page returns the default product store product name-name.

1 On the product details page, obtain the product name --- name and link of the default store of the current product. $ Storeid = Mage: APP ()-> getstore ()-> GETID ();If ($ storeid! = 1 ){$ Product = Mage: GetModel ('catalog/product ')-> Setstoreid (1)-> Load ($ _

Oracle Product hub/product Lifecycle management/product information management/advanced produc

In this Document Goal Solution 1. Master List showing sample code for APIs in Product Data Hub 2. FAQs A. Need API to load Item Catalog Category people, associating ICC with Templates Match Rules, was there an API for th is purpose? References

Product management, product planning, product design

Product management, product planning, product design At, I really couldn't sit down. Zhou Yang went out to work, and I got up and said hello to Liang Zi: "Liang Zi, I am going to meet someone !" After that, I grabbed the notepad on the desk and quickly left the office. The bright girl was puzzled: "What about 20 minutes ?" Where did he know my mind? I went ther

[Product manager] Who is the product manager and what is the product manager doing?

I recently read su Jie's "Everyone is a product manager", and I have a lot of insights. I would like to write something to share with you. Speaking of the product manager, many Daniel introduced Mr. Jose's "the first book of the product manager", and everyone regarded him as a standard. Here, we don't mean all of them, of course, some people disagree. Many peop

Product Planner Experience Sharing: Product planning is more than product planning

Article Description: the accomplishment of product planning. I am a product planning, have been planning for a year, the record of their own experience. From the beginning to the end, I only believe two words. The first sentence is: 99% people who do not succeed because they do not work hard enough. From the birth of a product to constantly improve

Product Design: Product integration and product planning

Article Description: mature products, integration, just a day-to-day work. Go down the market and the user line. Product integration and get through not only Tencent, Shanda, Sina such a multiple product line of large companies will encounter, the large companies will face a number of small product line between the reunification, small and medium-size

Product Manager's first book-How do enterprises import product management? How to manage product managers?

I. Assess whether the organizational structure of product management is required Optimal organizational structure for different products/markets: Product/market featuresPossible organizational structureAn enterprise has many products to occupy a limited market and manage its products. All products need to be paid attention to ensure Successful Enterprises sell different commodity markets or segments in man

Section 5th on cultivation of product thinking of mainong-selection and management of product requirements-"Everyone is a product manager"

This section mainly summarizes the content of section 2.4 and section 2.5 in Su Jie's book. The requirement PK is a common problem in an Internet company. If the PK wins, your product can be established immediately. If you lose, other products will be launched. You can stay. Product Requirement selection mainly includes: requirement packaging, BRD production, produc

The basic algorithm of C language 35-the product of the product pair diagonal of the product of the triangle on the array

Array algorithm/*=============================================================Title: The product of the triangle on the four-order matrix, the product of the main diagonal, the product of the Vice-diagonal:Such as:8 3 6 50 4 3 20 6 1 57 0 0 2The upper triangular product is: 172800The main diagonal

Product Line Engineering: Software Product Line-Introduction to large-scale Product Development

After 5 to 10 years of development, what else do we need to learn in addition to caring about technology? The product line is a system. This must be included: basically, no single project or product is used as a product. Currently, most of the products are based on the product line, so how does it adapt to business nee

"Product planning" product planning what needs to be done throughout the product

as a product planning, to remove the prior insight strategy and product requirements, to determine product features, to the back of the structure of the framework elements of the process, but also the need for "professional design draft" and "Design document description", then what is it like? A. The documentation usually contains the following sections

PHP computes the sum and product of values in an array array_sum and ARRAY_PRODUCT functions array product company NumPy array product ARRA

In this paper, we present a method for calculating the sum and product of values in an array of PHP. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: First, overview: The Array_sum () function is used to calculate the and of all values in the array.The Array_product () function calculates the product of all the values in the array. Second, use example: Array_sum () The PHP array_sum () function calculates

Product Group Internet product design plan product group

A small problem occurred in the recent development process. By the way, record the reasons and methods-product groups. Target Audience What are the groups facing the product? What are their common features? What is the market size of the target user group? Can it be sustainable? Clear industry competition Is there a special value for the product content

Criteria for recruiting product managers and the qualities that a product manager should have

Article Description: How to recruit a good product manager. This article is excerpted from the Book of Revelation: Creating a User favorite product, the author's blog, and published in "Programmer" magazine 11 07, this article is a review of his more than 20 years in the management of software products and experience to share the summary of the recruitment of

The main responsibility of product Manager: the duty which the product should undertake

Article Description: the main responsibility of the product manager. As a new product manager, or even a senior PM, you may have some sort of confusion about the position. What exactly is a product manager? What is the main responsibility of this position? In different areas of the IT industry, and even in different companies in the same field, the def

Product Manager responsibilities and product managers must have three competencies

The whole responsibility of the product manager is to unite the different components of the enterprise into a coherent and strategically focused whole, and to maximize the value of a product by understanding the changing market demand and optimizing the product to the target market. Product Manager Responsibilities Des

Organization Structure of product Organization: Create the product that the user likes

Article Description: Reconstruct the organizational structure of the product department. Remark: Organizational structure can affect people's behavior. As long as the role is accurate, the management is appropriate, most of the organizational structure is feasible, if your company's organizational structure and any of the theoretical recommendations are different, the company is working well, it is recommended that you keep this structure d

Product operation: The relationship between product personnel and operation personnel

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the operation of Internet products. Yesterday at the annual meeting of the UCDChina2010 year, generally similar to such a conference, the workshop is often the most harvested, because the actual operation of the simulation, or some of the more enforceable methods to share. In fact, training and reading, learning (read) feel very right, But how to really use in the actual work is the hardest ~ Because of the operation has been not good,

"NetEase micro-professional Product operation" Chapter I product operation base _ product operation

1.1 What is "operation". The introduction of seed users → the introduction of the topic → find enthusiastic users to strengthen communication → offline activities to help group members to conclude the relationship →sop (standard working document), the definition of the main events → Group of benign development. Operation, is through a series of go-between action and resources input, let one thing can continue benign development. 1.2 Why different companies operate differently. The main body of

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