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Course Catalogue: 001 said in front of the words 002 My view of the Internet 003 The future that is relevant to you 004 How we should make learning more efficient 005 How we should make learning more efficient 006 Real Product Cases-case study focus

Product management, product planning, product design

Product management, product planning, product design     At, I really couldn't sit down. Zhou Yang went out to work, and I got up and said hello to Liang Zi: "Liang Zi, I am going to meet someone !" After that, I grabbed the notepad on the desk and

Product Requirement document (PRD) Writing

I. Summary No matter what we do, we pay attention to methods and writing.Product Requirement document(Hereinafter referred toPRD document) That is also true. I used to share my own articles in four articles.PRD documentThis article mainly provides

What is the gap between product managers with annual salary of 20w and product managers with annual salary of 50w?

Someone asked:in the next ten years, Product Manager will you be unemployed? This kind of professional anxiety is not groundless, it even poke in a lot of product people's heart pain point. Task heavy, demanding, less-than-expected revenue and a

The product manager should be like this !, The product manager should

The product manager should be like this !, The product manager should Every good product has to go through hardships before it can be achieved. At the same time, with the birth of the product, the product manager has made progress again and again.

What are the categories of product managers?

This article and we share the main is a product of a number of product managers to organize the title, and the corresponding work of different titles, look at that, I hope that the vast number of people want to engage in or just engaged in the

Is product management industry specific?

Is product management industry specific?   After reorganizing the company's products, Liu Yu and I both clarified their work tasks. He was responsible for the product line of the company, and I was responsible for the V product line of the company,

The difference between a project manager and a product manager

There are two positions in the company's organizational structure: Project manager and product manager.The project manager is a relatively broad term, as long as a project can be used as a manager can be called the project manager, such as:

Product builder learning notes-Product Model

Introduction In ax, the product model is used to determine the options available in the product configuration form and the computing to be executed during product configuration. This chapter describes how to create a model, including 1. Local rules 2

What kind of copywriting skills should a good product manager have?

Nowadays, many internet companies ' product managers are becoming more and more versatile, in addition to a UE designer and project follow-up, but also to do product iteration planning and design, market demand, business needs, user needs.a

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