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C #, VB. NET how to convert Excel to PDF

In our daily work, we often need to convert Excel documents into PDF documents. Are you in distress how to C #, VB. NET programming how to convert an Excel document to a PDF document? Do you look up a lot of data, use a lot of code, but the effect is still not ideal after th

C#,vb. NET how to convert Word to PDF and text

As we all know, Word is one of the most commonly used office software in our daily work, sometimes we need to convert Word documents to PDF and text for some kind of needs. So how to C#,VB. NET programming way to achieve this function?Below I will separately describe how to use the free version of Spire.doc for.

C #/VB. NET Merge PDF specified page

("Result.pdf"); Process.Start ("Result.pdf"); } }}vb.netImports spire.pdfimports system.diagnosticsnamespace mergeselectedpdfpages Class program Private Shared Sub Main (ByVal args () As String) Dim files () As String= New String () {"sample1.pdf","sample2.pdf"} Dim Docs () as Pdfdocument= New pdfdocument (files. Length)-1) {} Dim I as Integer=0Do While (ifiles. Length) Docs (i)=New pdfdocument Docs (i)

ASP. NET 5 adventure (4): how to upgrade ASP. NET 5 from beta4 to beta5 and beta4beta5

ASP. NET 5 adventure (4): how to upgrade ASP. NET 5 from beta4 to beta5 and beta4beta5 (This article is also published in my public account "dotNET daily excellent article". Welcome to

ASP. NET 5 (4)-ASP. net mvc 6, asp. netmvc

Step by step learning ASP. NET 5 (4)-ASP. net mvc 6, asp. netmvc Forward: Microsoft MVP Lu Jianhui's article, hoping to help you. Original article:

ASP. 5 Adventure (4): How to upgrade ASP. NET 5 from BETA4 to Beta5

(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: The previous article described some of the changes that were made to the ASP. NET 5 Beta, although the original text gave an introduction to upgrading from BETA4 to Beta5, but it was too brief and vague. I will share my exp

Ebook download: Professional parallel programming with C #: Master parallel extensions with. Net 4

Book DescriptionExpert guidance for those programming today's dual-core processors pcsas PC processors explode from one or two to now eight processors, there is an urgent need for programmers to master concurrent programming. this book dives deep into the latest technologies available to programmers for creating professional parallel applications using C #,. net

Using ASP. NET (C #) to generate a PDF example-itextsharp Library (on)

Http:// Author: Tang Xiaoyun/zookeeper University Computer and Information Network Center Programming organization programming Organization ASP is required for work content. net C # generate a PDF file, but. net Framew

ASP. NET Razor-C # and VB code syntax, asp. netrazor

ASP. NET Razor-C # and VB code syntax, asp. netrazorC # Main Razor syntax rules Razor code is encapsulated in @ {...} In-row expressions (variables and functions) start @ The Code statement ends with a semicolon String surrounded by quotation marks

Essential ASP. NET with examples in C #/Vb-Fritz onion 1.1 tutorial

Essential ASP. NET with examples in C # URL Id = 1140 url = 1 basic tutorial-C # Case StudyURL Id = 9395 NO = 1 Fritz onion webcast Tutorial: msdn webcast: Essential ASP.

ASP. NET generate high-quality thumbnails common functions (VB. NET, C # code)

Generating thumbnails during website development is a very common and practical function. previously, ASP can only be implemented using COM components. net can be easily implemented using the powerful class libraries of the framework. I posted the complete code (with detailed comments) in the following post. I have read some articles on the Internet and the content related to the SDK. I have sorted

. Net fileuploader (C # and VB) [ASP. NET large File Upload Component catch a cold and offer version]

For more open source and cracking, visit: We are very interested in ASP. NET large file upload groups! Just like a cold, I just pulled one from abroad to let it go (hey ).All I do is remove the copyright that he encapsulates in the custom control. There is also a blog garden. For details, go:ASP. NET large File Upload Component [no co

Call the. net dll generated by C # In VB and ASP

/testcom/bin/debug of the project directory. So far, the. net dll generated by C # has been completed.2 generate and register a Type Library2.1 generate a TLB LibraryIn the Visual Studio command prompt, switch to this directory. Enter tlbexp testcom. dll/out: testcom. TLB. A message is displayed, indicating that the TLB library file is exported successfully. 2.2 register a Type LibraryEnter regasm testcom

Use ASP. NET (C #) to generate PDF files-iTextSharp library (on)

ASP is required for work content. net c # generate a PDF file, but. NET framework does not have the built-in PDF function, so you can only find the function provided by Third-Party online. Please help me. The search results have b

ASP. NET C # export PDF based on HTML page

=NewFileStream (Server.MapPath (Pdfpath), FileMode.Open); byte[] File =New byte[FS. Length]; Fs. Read (file,0, file. Length); Fs. Close (); Response.Clear (); Response.AddHeader ("content-disposition","attachment; Filename="+ filename +". pdf");//forced download in binary streaming modeResponse.ContentType ="Application/octet-stream"; Response.BinaryWrite (file);In the above code, the URL is the p

ASP. net mvc 5 getting started tutorial (4) View and ViewBag, mvcviewbag

ASP. net mvc 5 getting started tutorial (4) View and ViewBag, mvcviewbag Source: Slark. NET-blog Park Previous section: ASP.

Translation: Using ASP. NET MVC 4, EF, Knockoutjs and Bootstrap design and development site-5-Database design

Tags: blog http io using data SP C on logThe main functions we need in terms of database are as follows: The contact has a name and e-mail address. A contact can have more than one address. Contacts can have multiple phones. In order to achieve the goal, we need to create the following tables in the database.The table-to-table relationship is as follows:The database script can be downloaded directly from here: Application_db.sqlArticle p

ASP. NET MVC 5 Getting Started Tutorial (4) View and ViewBag

:@{ "~/views/shared/_layout.cshtml";} @{ foreach (string in viewbag.slarks) { }}From the code above you can see two different kinds of code, one is the razor code with @{}, and the other is the HTML code. In a cshtml, the C # code of the razor package is executed on the server side, and the output HTML page is returned to the client after execution is complete. The results of the operation are as follows.You can see that the values

C # Journey to Discovery lecture 5 basics of graph development-Asp. NET Report Software

further explore C # graphics development. Posted on Yuan Yongfu read (4410) Comments (16) EDIT favorites #1 floor. net Reply to reference I made this applet according to what you said, but every time I click the ellipse, the mouse will not be in the ellipse, so I cannot trigger the onclik event and reply to the reference. FortunatelyArticleI just read it today. I do not have a special style to re

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