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Free official ASP. net mvc ebook-professional ASP. net mvc 1.0

The authors are some of Microsoft's technical experts: Scott Guthrie, Phil haack, Scott hanselman, Rob conery PDF: Source code in the book: Example Website: This is a rough version. A new pdf will be generated after professional editing. Introduced MVC to start a n

Go ASP. NET MVC 5– 1 minutes using WIJMO MVC 5 template to create an app

start usingTo make a MVC5 application using ComponentOne Studio for ASP. Wijmo, the first thing to do is to install Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo.Test environment VS2013, MVC5, Framework4.5, IE11, Studio for ASP.FILE-New ProjectAfter you have installed studio for ASP. WIJMO2014V1, select New Project in VS2012. In the Web t

Professional ASP. NET WEBFORMS/MVC Control library based on JQuery!

DirectoryFirst ASP. NET MVC QuickStart Database Operations (MVC5+EF6)"Second" ASP-Quick Start Data annotations (MVC5+EF6)"Third" security policy for the Quick start of ASP. NET MVC (MVC

ASP. NET 5 (4)-ASP. net mvc 6, asp. netmvc

Step by step learning ASP. NET 5 (4)-ASP. net mvc 6, asp. netmvc Forward: Microsoft MVP Lu Jianhui's article, hoping to help you. Original article:

ASP. net mvc 5-create an application within one minute using the Wijmo MVC 5 Template

Start to use To use ComponentOne Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo to create an MVC5 application, you must first install Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo. Test environment: VS2013, MVC5, Framework4.5, IE11, Studio for ASP. NET Wijmo2014V1File-cr

Build an MVC Dependency injection Setting up MVC Dependency injection Proficient asp-net-mvc-5-Freeman

The result of the three steps I showed you on the previous section are that the knowledge about the implementation class th At should is instantiated to fulfill requests for the Ivaluecalculator interface have been set up in Ninject.The result is three steps, and the previous section uses Ninject to instantiate the Ivaluecalculator interfaceOf course, I has not improved my application because that knowledge remains defined in the Home controller, meaning that The Home controller is a still tight

Learning ASP. NET MVC5 framework secrets notes-ASP. net mvc routing (5),

Learning ASP. NET MVC5 framework secrets notes-ASP. net mvc routing (5), mvc5-asp.net2. cache of AreaRegistration The registration of Area (mainly the registration of Area-based route ing) is completed through the specific AreaReg

The new "ASP. NET MVC 5 Framework" is officially published

, in fact, they see only a simple version upgrade, some of the essential things have been "stable." Microsoft launches. NET strategy has been more than 10 years, the CLR has only 4 versions. The latest version of ASP. Although the surface has not seen much initial shadow, but the entire request processing pipeline has never changed. For a development technology, as long as we understand its most fundamental

ASP. net mvc 5 Web programming 1, asp. netmvc

ASP. net mvc 5 Web programming 1, asp. netmvcIntroduction When talking about ASP. net mvc, the first question I want to ask as a WebForms de

ASP. NET MVC 5 Web Programming 5-How page values are passed

' server control '; MVC uses native HTTP, which is "stateless".2. Cannot use (nor do) ViewState.3. Use a unique mechanism to pass the value (Viewdata,viewbag ... And so on).A simple entry-level demo:Development tools: VS2013Function point: User Information list, to realize the increase of user information, delete, change, check function.Click I downloadSummarizeThis paper mainly introduces the method of page transfer of

ASP. net mvc 5 + EF 6 getting started tutorial (5) Model and Entity Framework, mvcentity

ASP. net mvc 5 + EF 6 getting started tutorial (5) Model and Entity Framework, mvcentity Source: Slark. NET-blog Park

Getting started with EF6 Code First of MVC 5: Implement inheritance for ASP. net mvc applications

This is the official Microsoft tutorial Getting Started with Entity Framework 6 Code First using MVC 5 Series. Here is Article 11th: Implement inheritance for ASP. net mvc applications Original article: Implementing Inheritance with the Entity Framework 6 in an

New features in ASP. NET 5 and MVC 6, asp. netmvc

New features in ASP. NET 5 and MVC 6, asp. netmvc I almost forgot to mention that the default rendering engine Razor in MVC 6 will also be updated to support the new syntax in C #6. The new features in Razor are more than that.

ASP. net mvc 5 getting started tutorial (1) create a project, asp. netmvc

ASP. net mvc 5 getting started tutorial (1) create a project, asp. netmvc In this tutorial, we use Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web running. We strongly recommend that you follow the tutorial to see and do it. If you encounter any problems during the operation, please lea

Go ASP. NET MVC 5 Tutorial: Quick Start

This tutorial uses Visual Studio 2013 to teach you how to build a getting started ASP. NET MVC5 Web application. This tutorial supporting C # source project can be downloaded by the following URL: C # version source code link. At the same time, please consult Building the Chapter Downloads to complete compiling the source code and configuration database.For the source engineering in this tutorial, you can r

Go ASP. NET MVC 5-View

, "Hello from US View template!" The "Data" of the string) is just a hard code. This MVC application has a "V" (view) and a "C" (Controller), but not "M" (model). But later, we'll show you how to create a database and retrieve the data model.Views are the way data is presented, and this knowledge can be better used for MVC development. At the same time, some development tools are also available to help with

ASP. net mvc 5 Series (7) mail server and client, asp. netmvc

ASP. net mvc 5 Series (7) mail server and client, asp. netmvc Directory: I. Overview Ii. MX settings 3. Use the SMTP function of the system to send emails 4. Use hMailServer to send and receive emails V. Web Mail ClientI. Overview First, we must know that SMTP is the core of

20 tips for ASP. net mvc 3 development (5) [20 recipes for programming MVC 3]: Send a welcome email

; Add Key = "Smtpuser" Value = "" /> Add Key = "Smtppass" Value = "" /> Add Key = "Adminemail" Value = "" /> Appsettings > Enter available parameters in values of smtpserver, smtpport, smtpuser, and smtppass. To better organize projects, we will create a new folder to include the mail sending classes. Right-click the project and choose "add"> "new folder" and name it "utils ". Right-click the newly created "utils" folder, select "add"-> "cla

Go ASP. NET MVC 5-Add a model

order to be able to reference DbContext and DbSet , you need to add the following statement at the top of the file using :Using System.Data.Entity;You can do this by manually adding a using statement, or you can right-click the red wavy line, resolve (Resolve), and then clickUsing System.Data.Entity.Note: Some of the unused using statements have been deleted-by right-clicking in the file, select organization using, and then click Remove Unused using.So far, we've added a model ( M in

ASP. NET MVC 5 learning record 2015-9-9

I've been learning and developing all the time. asp. WebForm, always smattering for MVC, initially thinking that the N-tier architecture of ASP. NET WebForm is MVC. In fact, the design idea of n-layer architecture is "high cohesion, low coupling", which is decoupling, not

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