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Thinking Logic of computer program (11)-Initial knowledge function

FunctionIn the previous sections we introduced the basic types of data, basic operations, and process control, which can already be written in a number of applications.But if you need to do something often, similar code needs to be repeated many

Program memory Layout-the point of the function call stack, the memory layout function call

Program memory Layout-the point of the function call stack, the memory layout function call [Note] This article is a summary of "programmer's self-cultivation", which is mixed with some personal understandings. If there is anything wrong, you are

Learn the deep understanding function of Flash as

function to understand the purpose of a function Passing arguments to a function Understand the importance of the variable scope of a function Writing a custom function Returning a value from a function To create a recursive function with

[Reprinted] the abort function of the exit termination function of the program

The exit and _ exit functions are used to terminate a program normally: _ Exit immediately enters the kernel, and exit is used to execute some cleanup operations (including calling and executing various termination processes, close all standard I/O

Relationship between the MFC program and the Win32 Program

Relationship between the MFC program and the Win32 Program MFC encapsulates winmain internal operations with relatively fixed behaviors in cwinapp, and wndproc internal operations with relatively fixed behaviors in cframewnd. It can be said that

Thinking Logic of computer program-the basic principle of function call

Look at stacks and heaps from a memory perspective!We introduce the basic concept of function, in the end we mention a system exception java.lang.StackOverflowError, stack overflow error, to understand this error, we need to understand the

program termination function in C language

Some functions related to normal or abnormal program termination are provided in the C standard library , which is described below.Reference documents:[1] C and pointers, p298,342[2] C modern method of programming language (2nd edition), P489[3]

Hello, C + + (26) How to exchange data inside a function? 5.1.3 the transfer of function parameters

5.1.3 the transfer of function parametersWe know that a function is a relatively separate piece of code that is used to accomplish a function. function in the completion of this function, often need external data support, then need to call this

Analysis of DOS executable program structure [reprint]

Wang defang Zhu Feng Wang defang Abstract: This article Program And. when the EXE program is loaded, different memory images are obtained :. the com program has only one physical segment. The maximum length of the segment is 64kb :. the com

SCM _ C language function _ interrupt function (Interrupt Service Program)

Before writing the interrupt function, let's review the Interrupt System of the single chip microcomputer. The meaning of interruption (those who have learned the microcomputer principle and interface technology, but have never learned a single-chip

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