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The PHP script that invokes Curl is timed to run through Task Scheduler ____php

PHP itself does not have the function of timed automatic execution, also does not support multithreading. But combined with Task Scheduler and curl, you can make up for both of these flaws in PHP, and you can run PHP scripts from any path without the Apache server environment. Knowledge Preparation Study and application of curl:Http://

Linux Shell Script Tuning Task Scheduler

;>/opt/cron.log#记录执行时间Statime= ' Date +%y-%m-%d ' "%h:%m:%s 'echo "$statime" >>/opt/cron.log#任务计划开始时间, extraction hoursA= ' Cat/opt/cron.txt | grep | awk ' {print $} '#传输完成时间, extraction hoursb= ' Tail-1/tmp/dts_message.log | awk ' {print $} ' | Cut-d ":"-F 1 'echo "Task Scheduler start time $ A" >>/opt/cron.logecho "Transfer complete Time $b" >>/opt/cron.log#判断传输完成时间是否大于等于任务计划时间If [$b-ge $a];t

Shell Script Task Scheduler cannot execute issue

Today a shell script is written, and direct execution is possible.But it's not done with a task plan.The script is as follows:#!/bin/bashtime=0504timea=05Mysqd-f-u root DTS Tangled up half a day, then changed to absolute path on it.The script is as follows:#!/bin/bashtime=0504timea=05/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqd-f-u root

PowerShell script with scheduled task program for Group Policy automatic backup

Tags: Windows server domain Group Policy backup Scheduled Tasks PowerShell scriptAlso encountered a topic today, asked to automatically back up a Group Policy (GPO) every five minutes, racked their brains to find that the graphical interface does not solve the problem, so began to think PowerShell can solve, and finally really solved. Here's what I did.First put the script:Explain:Import GroupPolicy This module, the method behind itDefine a time variable, and daily backups will be recorded in a

Linux Task Scheduler, recurring task execution

at[option]...timetime: hh:mm[yyyy-mm-dd]noon,midnight,teatime noon, at night, Tea time (four o'clock in the afternoon) tomorrow tomorrow now+#unit:minutes,hours, days,orweeksat jobs have queues, denoted by a single letter, and by default use the A queue; common options: -l: View Job queue, equivalent to atq -f/path/from/somefile: Reads the job task from the specified file without having to interactively enter the; at-ffilenow+5min NBSP;-D: Deletes t

Windows Server 2008 Scheduled Task configuration (Task Scheduler) executes bat every minute

Source: This site Collation anon time: 2014-06-03 TAG: I want to contribute A lot of people are asking me:1. Where are the Windows Server 2008 scheduled tasks configured?2. Can Windows Server 2008 be configured to perform my tasks every minute or every hour?The answer is: Yes!First, Windows Server 2008 differs greatly from the other server operating systems and Windows Server 2003, where the name of the scheduled task is "

Spring-scheduler-job distributed task Scheduling __ distributed task scheduling

Based on Xxl-job (article address: Transformation, the introduction of the article on the scheduling has a detailed description. Next I'll just say how I integrate this distributed Task Scheduler into my project. Environment Description: TOMCAT7, Jdk6, mysql5.6, Jetty8, maven The consolidation steps are as follows: The first step: Download demo, Address: http://d

Windows Server 2008 Scheduled Task configuration (Task Scheduler) executes bat every minute

First, Windows Server 2008 differs greatly from the other server operating systems and Windows Server 2003, where the name of the scheduled task is "Task Scheduler" not in Control Panel, but in "Administrative Tools".Because the server needs to do some tasks, timed execution, their own program bar, trouble, so the use

Application and query of Task Scheduler in Win7 system

Task Scheduler is a good tool in the computer, used well, will let us use the computer to become very convenient, the specific experience of the tutorial as follows:Tools/Materials Computers equipped with Win7 systems Method/Step Find "My Computer" on the desktop, right click, Pop-up window, find "management", such as: Click "Manage", the new window appears, that is, the Computer

Task Scheduler in Spark: start from Sparkcontext

Sparkcontext This is a developed country spark admissions application, it is responsible for interacting with the entire cluster and it involves creating an rdd. accumulators and broadcast variables. Understanding the spark architecture, we need to start with the portal. is the official website of the chart.Driverprogram is a user-submitted program, where an instance of Sparkcontext is defined.Sparkcontext defined in Core/src/main/scala/org/apache/spa

Windows7 Use Task Scheduler to set the automatic shutdown step

between starting a program, sending an email, displaying a message, because we need to use the shutdown command shutdown, so we choose "Start Program" here. Continue to click Next. Icon: Select Start Program Now enter the Start program details, in the "program

Task Scheduler-windows2008 timed restart

Windows System Task Scheduler, you can add scheduled tasks, set task start time and execution interval, implement automatic execution of the application. For example: To achieve a timed restart, shutdown and other common functions. How to use reference the following steps1. Create a new text file, change the file suffix to bat, and add the following codeShutdown-

Windows Task Scheduler starts with parameter Auto-modification

After the Windows Task Scheduler is established, manual operation can be successful, but the scheduled task will not run successfully, the search network, originally from the parameter is not configured, the English name of this parameter is start-in. It guarantees that the workingdirectory of the Task

Windows Task Scheduler executes PHP scripts

First, the local Apache must be opened to ensure that the PHP script can be run.To open the Task Scheduler step:Start icon = "attachment =" system tool = "Task SchedulerSuch as:The main interface is as followsClick on the Task Scheduler

Configure Linux Task Scheduler

executes the commandMAILTO: The departing user of a scheduled taskHome: Home directory for/Run-parts is a script that, in/usr/bin/run-parts, functions to execute all scripts/programs in a directory.Run-parts/etc/cron.hourly executes all scripts/programs under directory/etc/cron.hourly/.Run-parts below is the command to runThe first line means: 65 minutes a day after the boot to check whether the cron.daily file is executed, if not executed today to e

Configure Linux Task Scheduler

asterisk represents the day ordinal of a month: Day-of-month range from 1-31The fourth * Asterisk represents the first month of the year: Month-of-year range from 1-12The fifth * Asterisk represents the weekly days of the week: Day-of-week range from 0-6, of which 0 represents SundayUser name: That is, the execution of the program to be executed by which user, this generally can be omitted;Command: Commands and arguments to execute.What if I want to

Use Task Scheduler to set up a computer timing shutdown method

Win7 Timing Shutdown Method: 1, select "Computer" on the computer desktop, right-click "Manage" in the Select menu bar 2, in the Management window, select Task Scheduler in the leftmost pane, and then select Create basic tasks in the rightmost pane. 3, in the Create Basic Tasks window, enter name, description in the input box, and then select next to go to the next step 4, in the

Linux System Task Scheduler and system service management

Tags: field status str stop kind level handy device pngOne, the Linux system's task planThe crontab command is used to submit and manage the tasks that the user needs to perform periodically, similar to scheduled tasks under Windows, when the operating system is installed, the Service tool is installed by default, and the Crond process is started automatically, and the Crond process periodically checks for the tasks to be performed every minute. If th

Add Task Scheduler under Windows XP system problem resolution frequently occurs

Add Task Scheduler under Windows XP system problem resolution frequently occursA scheduled task is to have the computer perform the specified action (scheduled action) within a specified time, either as a program or as a batch, but at least it can be run (some of which can be run by double-clicking). Add a step: Start,

Linux Task Scheduler--cron Getting Started

minute not only to read all the files within/var/spool/cron, but also to read a/etc/crontab, so we configure this file can also use the Cron service to do something. The crontab configuration is for a user, while the edit/etc/crontab is a task for the system. The file format for this file is:Shell=/bin/bashPath=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/binMailto=root//If an error occurs, or if there is data output, the data is sent to this account as an emailhome=//

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