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The programmer's series: programmers should not consider startups

programmer, must consider the start-up company, this is your change the future a big opportunity. Sometimes you can't see the future, so start with someone who can create the future. For programmers who want to have a steady income and envy the light of their dreams, if a start-up offers a paycheck, there's no difference between a startup and a company that has been through the start-up phase. Consider that, after all,

Sequoia venture capital has some basic requirements for new startups looking for investment:

Sequoia venture capital has some basic requirements for new startups looking for investment: 1. The company's business should be clear in a few words. (Standard 9) 2. If the company's business is not a one-billion-dollar business, it will not need to go to the door. (Standard 8) 3. The benefits of the company's projects to customers must be clear at a glance. (Standard 1) 4. You have to survive. (Standa

Do startups offer 2w+ options or are there no mature programmers to join?

I am doing an entrepreneurial social networking site, financing strategy has been done, but always can not recruit a good PHP master, feel the start-up enterprises are very suppressed, feel it is not a good mix of the IT circle. Reply content:You think it's worth 2W of programmers, maybe now holding a 3W salary. The programmer who thinks he is worth 2W, I guess you can't see it again. 2w Beijing 4 years or so architect level bar. PHP is very easy to f

Opening the bow without looking back -- the path of my programmers

I have been writing a blog on csdn since today, and I am still a little nervous after several days. In fact, what you often write is a diary, which won't be seen by others. But today I want to announce that I have set foot on the path of my programmers. For a long time, I have never really followed my own ideas. My family has arranged everything for myself. Now, after two years of college life, I finally found my point of interest, and no one else nee

Looking for PHP programmers, it is best to understand the development of WordExpress, Guangzhou, how to solve it-php Tutorial

Looking for PHP programmers, it is best to understand the development of WordExpress. I am working on a php website in Guangzhou and need php developers. The project is based on wordExpress. it is good to have the following experience: -- proficient in PHP -- having experience in website development -- proficient in Mysql -- strong communication skills, meeting at least once a week can be a part-time job. c

Three-stream small company programmers have been looking for work in the past six months

I graduated from Xiaoshuo in and graduated from a second-stream University in South China. After graduation, I joined the company with around 20 students, she and her daughter-in-law joined the North float family. Since January March this year, when the company was not able to pay, it moved to the idea of finding a job. I didn't expect to have been looking for more than half a year. Over the past six months, the number of friends in the QQ "headhuntin

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