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PMBOK Project Management Nine knowledge areas and five major processes

PMBOK Project Management Nine knowledge areas and five processes PMI Turn from: Http:// Project Management Institute. PMI is the world's largest non-profit organization and a l

Project Management Knowledge Framework Pmbok (text version)

] (Quantitative Risk analysis) 7.5 risk response plan [P] (Risk Response planning) 7.6 risk monitoring [M] (Risk monitoring and Control) 8. Project Procurement Management (procurement) 8.1 procurement plan [P] (Plan Purchase and acquisition) Contract description (contract Statement of work) NBSp Homemade or outsourced decision (make-buy decisions) 8.2 package [P] (Plan contracting) N

Comparison between IBM project management methods and PMBOK

. technical environment management 13. Work Plan Management IBM's project management field is compared with PMBOK's 9 knowledge in three aspects: 1. the PMBOK content is basically used in quality

Project management knowledge system guide-[5] overall project management

must be maintained through constant and careful management of changes. 7,Project closure The project closing process is the final part of the implementation of the project management plan. The key to understanding the overall man

PMBOK Project Management Awareness Overview

This year through the efforts to obtain a PMP certificate, is very happy, but also a reward for efforts to pay it!Through the study of PMP related project management knowledge, foreign project management technology has a more systematic cognition, understanding, master, fami

PMBOK Project Management PMI

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a project management professional qualification and is the United States Program Management Association (Project Management Institute,PMI) In mo

Project management knowledge system guide-[2] project management framework

Today, I started my formal study of the Knowledge System guide. 1. First of all, it should be noted that the theoretical knowledge of project management is only described on the theoretical surface. Which part of the theoretical guidance is required in the implementation pr

"Software project Management" Course Knowledge summary _ software project management

unique product or provide a unique service, with clear objectives, timelines, one-time, cost constraints, management changes, and so on.Project Management is a series of management actions that accompany the project to ensure that the project achieves the desired result.

Information System Project Manager = = = = = Project Management 9 Major management process Knowledge points Summary

management team to effectively develop the project charter.⑶ Project Management Information System (PMIS)⑷ expert judgment Project Charter 2. Preliminary SCOPE specification Input Tools and Technology Output ⑴

Knowledge management ≈ Content Management ≈ document managementProject Document Management

. The project manager of each project is responsible for or appointed persons to manage project documents. project members coordinate maintenance to form knowledge sharing. Knowledge accumulation. Third,

Project management Knowledge-challenges and solutions recommended for enterprise project management

achieve high-level product platform and daily management of the strategic direction of the project to provide comprehensive support. simply deploy a set of Okit on the headquarters server and configure the address mapping to enable the Okit project management software Server extranet to be accessible. Local research a

ios-Knowledge structure management, project management, thinking Management (brainstorming) Mindjet-mindmanager

things, mind map can be easily solved for you!In iOS development and "learning" process, the use of MindManager can be very good to comb the knowledge points, to build a system framework, planning work schedule, work progress follow-up, whether anyone in the company just see this mind map can clearly understand the app framework, complete progress, existing problems and so on.Editors have been using it to comb the process of learning iOS problems enc

IOS-knowledge architecture management, project management, thinking management (brainstorming) Mindjet-MindManager, mindjetmindmanager

IOS-knowledge architecture management, project management, thinking management (brainstorming) Mindjet-MindManager, mindjetmindmanager Mind Map is an excellent tool for thinking about how to quickly improve work, study, and life efficiency, whether it is goal setting,

The third Operation Project Communication management, risk management, procurement management key knowledge carding

of their opportunities. The direct approach is to allocate more good resources to the project so that it can provide better results than originally planned.(2) share. Share important information to a third party that can be used more effectively to make the project more beneficial.(3) Strong. Increase likelihood and positive response to change the "size" of opportunities, and actively strengthen the likeli

Mappings between five Process Groups, nine knowledge domains, and 44 management processes in project management

Five processes of project management, nine knowledge domains, 44 Definitions The five project management processes are as follows:1) Startup Process2) Planning Process3) Execution Process4) monitoring process5) Closing ProcessThe nine fields of

Cmdn club #21 event notice: getting started with developer guide for iPad-outsourcing project management for mobile clients (December October 11)

Cmdn club #21: getting started with developer guide for iPad-outsourcing project management for mobile clients Outsourcing story After reading the system demo you developed earlier, I thought that you are fully capable of developing our system. I am not planning to talk to anyone else, because I am not allowed to do this during my time. If you think that the dem

5 major process knowledge of project management

technical work by other people or organizations to complete.(3) Choice of Project manager:Project Manager is the representative of the client, is the core of the project team, is the project after the start of the whole process Management center, the project is the coordina

Project management knowledge Management office automation solution

Customer's business issues The project-characterized enterprise has its own operating characteristics, with the gradual improvement of market economy and the further deepening of the global integration process, to meet the needs of market competition, enterprises put forward higher requirements for its management process, embodied in: Project aspects With the

The project management of the project of the knowledge-seeking map

First, the initial stage of the project1, the initial phase of the project, the need to combine the old system, the new version needs to make a detailed analysis and planning, from the contour to the local, layered analysis. Define the scope of the project. Put forward the vague place of demand, ambiguous place, mutually exclusive place.2, the initial stage can introduce some employees to give the overall a

General Project Management Knowledge

I. Project Definition As a project manager,ProgramPersonnel, or artists and engineers are constantly engaged in project R D, such as a human affairs management system and building, so what exactly is a project? This may not be clear to many people. Let's take a look. A

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