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Project management knowledge system guide-[2] project management framework

Today, I started my formal study of the Knowledge System guide. 1. First of all, it should be noted that the theoretical knowledge of project management is only described on the theoretical surface. Which part of the theoretical guidance is required in the implementation process depends entirely on the choice of the

Project management knowledge system guide-[5] overall project management

The entire project management knowledge area includes various processes and activities required for identifying, determining, integrating, unifying, and coordinating different processes and project management activities in each project m

One of the project management study notes. Project Management Overview

delayed,Your project has the lowest latency among all our projects, so I am very satisfied with you"The following are the seven management indicators under the project's three constraints.Figure:The following two skills will be developed based on project management's personal abilities,Hard skills, including plan decomposition, performance analysis, and risk man

Project management study notes 9. Project Supply Management

Note: The article was originally written in project management integration. I. Introduction to management Resources required for project management: 1. Material 2. Human resources Obtaining method: outsourcing, outsourcing, and leasing. The significance of supply

Today is the second world for Project manager to guide the study of PHP practical projects

default when @param string $value has a value*/function Idselect ($SqlForm, $SelectName, $class, $SqlId, $SqlColumn, $title, $value) {$SEARCHSQL = mysql_query ("select * FROM {$SqlForm}");while ($Search = Mysql_fetch_array ($SEARCHSQL)) {$key = $Search [$SqlId];$option [$key] = $Search [$SqlColumn];}Return Select ($SelectName, $class, $title, $option, $value);}function Select ($name, $class, $title, $option, $value) {$result = "". Option ($title, $option, $value)."";Returns a full drop-down men

Cmdn club #21 event notice: getting started with developer guide for iPad-outsourcing project management for mobile clients (December October 11)

Cmdn club #21: getting started with developer guide for iPad-outsourcing project management for mobile clients Outsourcing story After reading the system demo you developed earlier, I thought that you are fully capable of developing our system. I am not planning to talk to anyone else, because I am not allowed to do this during my time. If you think that the dem

Study Notes on the cultivation of Project Management

project management, but also to development projects of other products... This is a practical guide that allows the project manager to get started immediately. Any type of project manager, whether you are using waterfall, iterative, or agile life cycle models, should be st

Project management study note 3. Performance Analysis

Personal competence training in project management-Performance Analysis The more clearly and concisely you can see at the higher level. The leader hopes to quickly understand the current status of the project. Of course, if he is interested in learning more, he also needs to provide it. In this case, it is a good way to identify the

Project management study notes 5. Communication and coordination skills I

floor. He took a banana and asked the patient, "who can tell me what this is ?"All the patients said they did not know. Suddenly another patient raised his hand. "It's a banana"The President asked: "what is the use ?""Food"The dean asked, "How do you eat it ?" "Peel off and eat""Well, you are the building manager on the second floor"The Dean came to the third floor, and he took one (not remembering it )......That ......There is a big horn and a rattle (child)That's... what is that?(The Doctor a

Project Management Study Notes 8. Course Summary

Tags: Problem time management learning method summary project notesNine knowledge areas of project managementI. four levels of Project ManagementFirst, simplify complicated problems and break down projects.Second, simple thing QuantizationThird, find the key to solving this problemFourth, find the rules and methods of

Typical PHP project Case Study-(1) blog management system 4_PHP tutorial

Typical PHP project Case study: (1) blog Management System 4. Typical PHP project Case Study-(1) blog Management System 4 This article uses Ajax to implement a page without refreshing to verify whether the user name exists. VII. R

Project set Management Research Center expert translation and review project set management standards

Project set Management Research Center expert translation and review project set management standards (Beijing, July 4, 2014) Program Management Research Center under the International Project

Information System Project Manager = = = = = Project Management 9 Major management process Knowledge points Summary

Reference Information System Project Manager tutorial (5-13 chapters) Comparative study first, the overall management of the project1, the development of the Project Charter, 2, the formulation of the project Scope specification (Preliminary), 3, the development

Project Management Alliance project set management standards and pgmp certification free lecture

management Organizational core competency and program management organization capability and project set management Process Groups and knowledge areas for program management (with case study)

Project set Management: strategic projects and multi-project management

China. From the IT and software industry to aerospace and aerospace fields, from the high-tech R D field to the engineering field, project management has been widely spread and recognized. However, the domestic economy is still in the phase of huge investment and rapid growth. Large investment and many projects are the core features. In the face of such a situation, how to gradually master the

Project Development Management Technology: Project version control, software modeling, software testing, and Project Document Management

1. version control technology and toolsVersion control is an essential tool for Program Development and Management. Especially in a collaborative team, appropriate version control tools can improve development efficiency and eliminate many problems caused by code versions. By using version control technology and tools, you can ensure that the same document involved by Different developers in software project

2015-Guo Hui-project overall management + project scope management

management information system, expert judgment To guide and manage the execution of the project (corrective and corrective changes, changes in the pre-change and the lack of effect)Input: Project management plan, approved corrective action, approved preventative action, a

Interpretation of training program management training in American project set management standard SPM

Organizer: Consortium International-Project Management Alliance December 12, 2014 Beijing Course Overview The project set Management Standard (hereinafter referred to as the "standard", the standard for program management, which is currently the third edition) developed by

Introduction of enterprise project management

system is advantageous to the timely and smooth development of enterprise Project Communication , at the same time, at each point, the cost, quality and time of three dimensions of the project can be monitored in a comprehensive manner. In order to establish an effective communication platform, it is necessary to further strengthen the informatization construction of enterprises and to coordinate the follo

Project Manager Interview Guide

Transferred from:Http:// Translated by: Patricia L. ferdinandi, zhoufang This article aims to help apply for a project manager. Project management is a way of promotion. You need to use your past deve

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