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Basic Linux Tutorial: tar command usage

Basic Linux Tutorial: tar command usage The Linux tar command is a powerful tool for archiving or distributing files. The GNU tar archive package can contain multiple files and directories and retain the file permissions. It also supports multiple

Summary of the usage techniques of the TAR command under Linux system

The Linux tar command is a powerful weapon for filing or distributing files. The GNU tar Archive package can contain multiple files and directories, retains its file permissions, and supports multiple compression formats. Tar represents "Tape

MediaTek's first challenge to the Android 6.0 project: Tar subcontracting and bundle

Tar subcontracting compression and consolidation today is a happy day, ushered in a new project----MediaTek tablet. But encountered a problem, the tar of sub-package compression and merger incredibly in the information book can not find, so I

Project-tar pitfalls [demand changes] are not necessarily far behind

"A thousand miles to the next floor" -- Wang Zhijie From a high point of view, we first found the project initiator-group. However, if the group does not handle the actual business, the responsibility for providing the demand will be transferred to

CentOS Use the tar command to do an incremental backup script

Want to give subversion an automatic backup script, a look at the size of the directory, already has dozens of G.It is a good solution to make a full backup too cost system resources every day.Make a full backup once a week, and then do an

Tar pitfall-performance of project failure-zwavelet

The first part of the tar pit chapter shows the project failure: "On the surface, it seems that no single problem will lead to difficulties, and every problem can be solved. But when they get entangled and accumulate together, the team's actions

Find Tar compresses the first-level directory for data backup.

Find *.tar.gz-exec tar zxvf ' {} ';Find the files for. tar.gz in the current directory and send them to the following command executionFind. -maxdepth 1Find the files in the current directory and display them.Find. -maxdepth 1-type DFind files in

Tar pit and passion

Let me tell you a few real stories: I interviewed a developer last week and answered all the interview questions. We have mastered all the knowledge we need, but in the first test, this person was rejected by three of our interviewers. The reason is

Verify TAR Oracle deployment

Verify that there is a project in TAR Oracle deployment that may require downtime and maintenance, and the host may fail to be started due to host faults. In case of temporary backup, the data volume is huge, TB-level backup cannot be performed in

The 1th chapter of the Reading notes of the People's Month myth tar Pits

What does this mean when you start to see the tar pits, and what does this have to do with the programming system? After reading the first chapter probably understand the meaning to express. The tar pits mean that even if you're strong enough, you

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