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Dimension design of a property of small knowledge of data warehouse design

Fact_table_2 (dim_attr int foreign key references Dim_table (Dim_key), MEASURE decimal (18 , 2 Span style= "color: #0000ff;" >select sum (MEASURE) as Total from fact_table_2 group by dim_attr Our queries and aggregations are much simpler and more efficient in terms of query efficiency. But why do we usually choose to put this individual attribute or the dimension table, here are a few reasons we need to consider:1. If the fact table is very large, using the Dim_key INT typ

Implement property enhancement adjustment similar to meitu xiuxiu-design mode exercises and xiuxiu Design Mode

Implement property enhancement adjustment similar to meitu xiuxiu-design mode exercises and xiuxiu Design Mode1. There are three buttons at the bottom of the interface: brightness, color, and saturation.2. click the button and select one. The value of brightness, color, and saturation is displayed with a scroll bar on the top. The three items use the same scroll

OEA-entity extension property system-design solution Manual

dynamic columns, we finally decided to use the data table mode for writing, which also resulted in a large number of repeated codes, low developer development efficiency. Based on these historical issues, we have designed a brand new property system. After the system is designed, it solves many historical issues and brings many unexpected values. For example: L supports simple extension of attributes in custom development. L support more simple

Computer Graduation Design Source sharing-786 Double Fish Forest jsp_ssh2_easyui community Property Payment Repair Management system

issuedMessage complaint: record id, title, content, release time, submission of household, reply content, reply time, reply personAdmin: username, Login password, admin category, name, gender, Contact PhonePhoto Name: 1 System LoginPhoto name: 2 Super Admin Add other adminPhoto Name: 3 Other administrator information managementPhoto name: 4 Information Administrator login Management BuildingPhoto Name: 5 Add employee informationPhoto name: 6 Employee information ManagementPhoto Name: 7 Add busi

OEA extended property system-main design class diagram

Limited time, simple and quick completion of this blog ...... (I will not elaborate on many issues here, but mainly record the results .) * First, the list of requirements to be completed by the entire subsystem: * It is then the analysis of it and the structure of the entire logical solution. The "summary" section in the figure illustrates the division of static structures and runtime periods. * And the following describes how to implement the entire requirement: * T

"Reprint" COM Component design and application (18)--Property bag

the persistent environment). You can then "set/Read" The properties of the component in the following property grouping operation. When the component is closed, the program saves the component's property name and value to the text of the edit window by calling the IPersistPropertyBag interface function and then re-acquiring its properties.Iv. SummaryUnderstanding the functionality of this

Dynamically design the size of the control based on the change of the IsExpanded property value of Expander

Brief description:When the IsExpanded property of Expander is "True", the control is set to a size (here is the height) and a different value is set for the control when "False".Knowledge Points: Data binding, style, and trigger Dynamically design the size of the control based on the change of the IsExpanded property value of Expander

How to locate the property page during control design

How to locate the property page during control design: Ihtmldocument3 is what you want. Public labelcomponenteditorform (componenteditorlabel designcomponent) { This. designcomponent = designcomponent; Int innerleft = convert. toint32 (designcomponent. Style ["clientx"]); Int innertop = convert. toint32 (designcomponent. Style ["clienty"]); Idesignerhost host = (idesignerhost) designcomponent. Site. getse

. NET open source Workflow roadflow-Form Design-New form (property settings)

Clicking the New Form button on the Form Design toolbar pops up the New Form property settings box:Form name: The name of the new form table.Data connection: The database connection for the form (this connection is maintained in the System Management-database connection).data table: the database table corresponding to the form.PRIMARY key: The primary key of the database table (the primary key can only be a

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