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"iOS Classic Library on GitHub, learning materials" iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, Xcode plugins and components.

Awesome IOSA curated list of awesome IOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, plugins Xcode, components and much more. The list is divided to categories such as frameworks, components, testing and others, open source projects, free and PAI D services. There is no pre-established order of items in each category, and the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide.Content

IOS Component Components-Create a static library

Libtimedate.a and TimeDate.h into the project, respectively.Call is simple1. Reference:#import "TimeDate.h" 2. Call directly-(void) Touchesbegan: (Nssetevent{ NSLog ( @ "changetostandardtime---%@", [[[[Timedate Alloc]init] Changetostandardtime: 1444793824]);}Other resource packagingIn some static libraries, pictures and xib files are used, which we also need to pack together.1. Packaging picturesCreate a new folder, named and Static library consis

PROTEL: Adding components and joining the library

Making component Library components: Right-click: New→schematic Library (new schematic component library file)→tools→new Component→ Draw schematic elements→ Execute tools→rename ComponentProduction package: 1. Take Miscellaneous.lib as an example2. Execute File→open Find program files>design Explorer 99se>

The core of Poco library--foundation components

Key Core:Version.h: Version control information, macro poco_version, value format with 0xAABBCCDD, respectively, representing the main version, minor version, patch version, pre-release version;Poco.h: simply contains the header file Foundation.h;Foundation.h: The header files that need to be included before using any other Foundation module, mainly define the library export macro Poco_dll, Foundation_api, and automatically connect the appropriate con

A word randomly naming all components in a flash library

Random In Flash authoring, most people are not too concerned about library management, the English version of the library is symbol 1, symbol 2, Symbol 3 ..., Chinese version is component 1, component 2, component 3 ... This way, if you encounter a duplicate copy between Flash and you do not want to replace it, you must rename it in the library. Here's a simple

IOS uses Cocoapods to manage public components of a private library

The recent use of private public components, therefore, has the following story.Reference Address: article uses as the GIT private library address. The steps are as follows:1. Create a private git repository. (Example: Skpodsstart, post-creation address: Https:// Add a private spec repo to the loc

Vue.js Common Components Library

Vux GitHub UI Demo: UIProject home: HTTP://MINT-UI.GITHUB.IO/#!/ZH-CNdemo: Address: Https:// document Address: HTTP://MINT-UI.GITHUB.IO/DOCS/#!/ZH-CNiviewIView Companion Workflow: Https:// Address: Https:// website: website: Address: Https:

Flash as 3.0 Novice Learning to fly Tutorial: class writing does not use library components

Writing AS3.0 classes (without using library components) In the last lecture we used a movie clip that was created. And in the library to do the type of link, which has a complex graphic creation is a better choice, if you can skillfully use the drawing API to draw any graphics you want, you can not use the library

Using the ATL library to develop COM components Frequently Asked Questions (ie does not respond to events and solves tragedies ).

When using ATL to develop COM components, there are several problems that may occur frequently. If you do not know, it is difficult to find a solution. I have seen that some people have also asked the same questions on csdn, but few have provided satisfactory answers. Therefore, I will write These FAQs below to avoid repeated efforts by others. I. Q: When calling a widget on a webpage, the IE browser always prompts: "The Interaction Between ActiveX co

Lean Hp-socket 3.4.3 Support Library (high performance TCP/UDP communication components) pre-support SSL

Easy Language Demo in directory Hp-socket\demo Hpsocket is a free high-performance communication components, after I test, it is worth recommending to everyone ... (Hpsocket's author attaches great importance to the user of easy language, the support of easy language has also done a conscientious, not only provides the support of the DLL and also provides the easy language support library, moved ~ ~ ~)

Android Studio phase 65th-Android Business Components library

Loadermanager two times finish problem) USERSDK: Login callback processing logic jump Widget:1.alertview: Imitation ios pop-up 2.autofittextview: Self-adapting textview 3.circleimageview: Round imageview4. Circularseekbar: The seekbar round progress bar 5. Smoothcheckbox: The checkbox6. Switchbutton: Nice switch zothers:1.autohideinputmethodframelayout: very handy keyboardHide tool Layout6.spannablestringutils: Set hyperlink to TextView (TextView) helper.getview ( ).

[Android] 10.1 extended Component Library and other views-This Chapter provides an example of the main interface, android extended Components

[Android] 10.1 extended Component Library and other views-This Chapter provides an example of the main interface, android extended Components Category: C #, Android, VS2015; Created on: 1. Running on the main interface 2. The code in the MainActivity. cs File ChItems. add (new Chapter () {ChapterName = "Chapter 10th extends component libraries and other views", ChapterItems = new ChItem [] {new ChIt

Python's Internet standard library 2-urllib components

Access remote resources that do not require authenticationDownload data, use Urlretrieve ()1 #!/usr/bin/env python2 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-3 4 ImportUrllib5 6 defReport (blocks_read,block_size,total_size):7 PrintBlocks_read8 Printblock_size9 Printtotal_sizeTen OneFilename,msg = Urllib.urlretrieve ('','file', report) A -Urllib.urlcleanup ()Store the obtained data to the ' file ' files, each time the report is called to show the download progress, using Urlcle

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