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Protocol number and port number summary for various protocols and applications (constantly updated)

The protocol port is always encountered when configuring firewall policies, releasing traffic, and testing services in the workplace. For example, I only allow Telnet traffic to pass, and then I need to know the port number of the Telnte protocol.

IP layer protocol number and TCP layer port number duplication

Doing a good deed today compares the IP layer protocol number and TCP layer port number duplication.The Protocol field of the IP layer indicates the protocol used by the transport layer to determine the decoding program used when the data is decoded

TCP protocol Number

In the OSI model of the computer network, the TCP port completes the function specified by the fourth layer of the transport layer. Many of the applications of our computers to the network are implemented via TCP ports. This article shares the

IP packet parsing and flood attack based on IP packet

Version (4bit) Header Length (4bit) Priority and service type (8bit) Total Length (16bit) Logo (16bit) Logo (3bit) Segmented offset (13bit) Survival Period (8bit) Protocol (8bit) Header

Technical Reference for protocol jiurl255

This is a very special method. using it to communicate without a port may bring some other advantages due to its particularity. However, this method also has a major disadvantage. It may be named, for example, jiurl255. It does not use TCP, UDP, or

Technical Reference for protocol Jiurl255

This is a very special method. using it to communicate without a port may bring some other advantages due to its particularity. However, this method also has a major disadvantage.It may be named, for example, Jiurl255. It does not use tcp, udp, or

Communication protocol for logic files of hand-travel system

Before I did the game, my main task was to implement various communication protocols based on TCP, UDP or serial port. When I want to design a TCP-based network game protocol, the feeling should be very simple, before the various international

Fifth Chapter IP Fundamentals

The network layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack is located between the network interface layer and the transport layer, and its main protocols include IP (Internet Protocol Internet Protocol), ARP (address Resolution Protocol Addressing Resolution

"Go" TCP/IP protocol stack and OSI reference Model detailed

OSI Reference ModelOSI RM: Open Systems Interconnect Reference Model (open Systeminterconnection Reference Model)The OSI Reference model has the following advantages: Simplifies the related network operation; Provide

Kernel and upper layer communication mechanism based on socket in Netlink-linux __linux

netlink---Linux kernel and upper layer communication mechanism based on socketNeed to be in the Linux network card driver to add a own driver, implementation in the kernel state to complete some message processing (this process can achieve a 0 copy

Socket Network Programming One

1, Socket parameter introductionA network socket is a endpoint of a connection across a computer network. Today, most communication between computers are based on the Internet Protocol; Therefore most network sockets is the Internet sockets. More

Window Authorized RD Remote grace period has expired

Http:// Windows Server R2 server appears with the following prompt: The RD licensing grace period has expired and the service has not been registered with the licensing server that has the license installed.

[Reprinted] openflow practices based on open vswitch

Overview of open vswitch Open vswitch (ovs) is a virtual switch dominated by nicira networks that runs on a virtualization platform (such as KVM and xen. On the virtualization platform, ovs can provide a layer-2 switching function for dynamically

A good design for using servlet and Java annotations in the game server

SNS games are basically the use of HTTP short connection, using Java to develop the server can use the Servlet+tomcat very easy to start the service side of the architecture. Here is a good use of a servlet design, I have seen a lot of HTTP

Reprint IPSec-related knowledge-unknown source

DirectoryIpsecIntroduction to IPSecProtocol implementations of IPSecBasic IPSec ConceptsEncryption CardIPSec Virtual Tunnel interfaceProtecting IPV6 routing protocols with IPSecIKEIKE IntroductionSecurity mechanisms for IKEThe exchange process of

"Wireshark" Protocol resolution

1. General analysisWhen Wireshark is started, all parsers are initialized and registered. The information to be registered includes the protocol name, the information for each field, the keyword to filter, the underlying protocol and port to

Nmap Series D------OSI three-layer scanning

host scan discovery via OSI layer three (network layer)OSI The third layer of the model is the data link layer, where the protocols that work primarily are IP and ICMP. You can use different IP protocols to send different packages to the target host.

Python Growth Notes-basics (eight)

Socket programmingApplication layer:Presentation layer: Session Layer: Transport Layer: Network layer: IP address data Link layer: MAC address Physical layer: protocol type: TCP/IP protocol: three-time handshake, four disconnection 2. Socket

A good design for using Servlet and Java annotations on the game server

A good design for using Servlet and Java annotations on the game server SNS games basically use HTTP short connections. When using Java to develop the server, you can use Servlet + Tomcat to easily start the server. Here we will introduce a better

Enhanced protection against overflow and Privilege Escalation

Today, as hackers frequently attack and system vulnerabilities emerge in an endless stream, as network administrators and system administrators, we have made a lot of effort in server security: for example, install system security patches and

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