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Brief overview of computer network protocols

The foundation of the network is the establishment and application of many computer network protocols. So how can we understand this concept? The following describes the overview of computer network communication protocols. Network Communication

A brief understanding of network communication protocols

How should we understand network communication protocols? Can we fully master the increasingly complex network structures? We need to rely on network communication protocols for learning and understanding. Network Communication Protocol (Network

Overview of network transmission protocols-lecture 1: Overview of transmission protocols

Network transmission protocol or communication protocol for shortProtocol) refers to the common language for computer communication. Currently, the most popular computer communication is network communication. Therefore, the "Transfer Protocol"

Application Layer functions and protocols

Application Layer functions and Protocols 1. In the application layer, software programs or processes access the network in two forms: applications and services. Applications can interact with us. Is the user software. If the device is a computer,

Various computer communication protocols

  Various computer communication protocols: L Protocol: behavior and specification in Network Communication L protocol three elements: 1. Syntax: the sender sends data according to certain rules 2. Semantics: the recipient's computer can

Three Common network protocols: NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, and TCP/IP

Q: What are the NetBEUI and IPX/SPX TCP/IP protocols ?? In particular, the first two are sometimes installed, and sometimes they are not installed. Why ?? What are their differences and uniqueness? When must I install it? A: A lot of netizens asked

Common network protocols in browsers

Common network protocols in browsers In fact, browsers need to deal with various network protocols to complete various WEB application functions. HTTP is only one of them. This article describes common network protocols in browsers and their

Five protocols involved in implementing Softswitch

NGN features a complex converged network based on multiple IP technology vendors, multiple technologies, and different architectures. Softswitch plays an extremely important role in controlling such a heterogeneous network. Control is implemented

Getting started with Internet protocols

We use the Internet every day. Have you ever wondered how it is implemented? Billions of computers around the world are connected together and communicate with each other. One Network Card in Shanghai sends a signal, and the other network card in

What protocols implement IPsec Security?

IPsec is designed to solve some basic security problems of IPv4. To solve these problems, it implements four services: Data Transmission encryption, data integrity verification, data source authentication, and data status integrity. To implement

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