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[Protractor] Locators and Suites in Protractor

Html:class= "List"> Li ng-repeat = "item in itmes" ng-click= "SelectItem (item)" ng-class = "{selected:item.isSelected}" >{{}} Li > ul >// Get by bindingexpect (Element.all (by.binding (' ')). First (). GetText ()). ToBe (' Ben '); // Get by TagNameexpect (Element ("By.css ('. List ')"). All (By.tagname (' Li ')). Get (2). GetText ()). ToBe (' Sophi ') ; // Get by Repeaterexpect (element (By.repeater (' item in Items '). Row (4). Column (' {{

Manipulating page elements with Protractor

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework tailored to the angular JS application. It can actually drive the browser, automatically complete the test of the Web application. The Protractor driver Browser uses the Webdriver standard, so it is roughly the same as the Webdriver libraries implemented in other languages. Of course, I mean the same thing. There must be a different place. If you don't pay attentio

Use protractor for Angularjs e2e test Cases

Environment:[Email protected]:karma-t01$ protractor--3.0. 0 [email Protected]:karma-t01$ node-vv4. 2.2 [Email Protected]:karma[Email protected]:karma-t01$ webdriver-Manager update[email protected]:karma-t01$ webdriver-manager startInstall Http-server:Install -G http-server[email protected]:karma-t01$ http-server- p 8080Browser: Chrome version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit)Directory structure:2 . ├──client│├──app│├──bower_components│└──bower.json├──e2e│└─

Use protractor to test canvas rendering (2), protractorcanvas

Use protractor to test canvas rendering (2), protractorcanvas In the previous article, JavaScript code is asynchronously called using webdriver in the browser environment. Enter the topic today. In fact, with executeAsyncScript, everything is coming. Directly run the Code: var compareImage=function(){ return function(){ eval(arguments[0]); var canvasBase64=arguments[1]; var expectBase64str=arguments[2]; var callback=arg

Appium+python Automation 41-switching WebView when Chromedriver version issue is reported

ObjectiveThe issue of Chrome and Chromedriver versions when switching webview with Appium: Session not created Exception:chrome version must be >= 58.0.3029.0(Driver info:chromedriver=2.30.477700)Operating Environment:Android 7.0Appium 1.7.1Appium inside Chromedriver 2.28WebView version 57.0Encounter problems1. When executing the code of Switch_to.context (' Webview_name '), it will be reported that the Chr

Chromedriver Release note

----------chromedriver v2.25 (2016-10-25)----------Supports Chrome v53-55resolved issue 1547:chromedriver crashes During event runtime.consoleapicalled [[' Os-all ', ' Pri-1 ',]]resolved issue 1514:getlog command times out if a alert is SH Owing [[' Os-all ', ' Pri-1 ']]resolved issue 1460: ' Disable Developer Mode Extensions ' exists on MAC, and not Windows [[]]--- -------

Questions about the selenium webdriver chromedriver download

Introduction There are often children's shoes asking such questions:1. Where can i download chromedriver?2, why do I have a good chromedriver but Chrome won't start?Solution Solutions Today we are going to solve them.1, chromedriver official website: are all the versions, click on a version of the dire

Operation of the "Selenium topic" Selenium chromedriver

Selenium Operation Chrome Browser requires Chromedriver driver to assist.First, what is Chromedriver?Chromedriver is a chromium team development and maintenance, it is a separate service to implement the Webdriver cable protocol. Chromedriver controls the browser via Chrome's auto-proxy framework, and

Chromedriver and PHANTOMJS configuration to $path

1.ChromeDriver Configuration2.PhantomJ Configuration$. Under Linux and Mac, you can configure Chromedriver to $path. First, the executable file can be placed in a directory, and the directory can be arbitrarily selected.For example, put the current executable in the/usr/local/directory, open the path with the following command,1 open/usr/local/You can then modify the ~/.profile file with the following comma

Appium report chromedriver error and instruments exited with 253 error resolution

Recently encountered two problems in the use of Appium is tricky, spend a lot of time to solve, record.1.appium chromedriver error when switching from Nativeapp to WebView in hybrid applications, prompting Chromedriver version must be xxx,chrome version must be greater than XXXX, This is because the Chromedriver version in Appium is too high and must be replaced

How to install Chromedriver and PHANTOMJS in Linux environment

1 To download the browser driver first:Commonly used are chromedriver and PHANTOMJS.Chromedirver: Chromedriver to make sure you have a Chrome browser2 installationPHANTOMJS:Unzip the downloaded file (this version is replaced with XXX)TAR-XVF phantomjs-xxxx.tar.bz2Move the compression results to where the software shoul

Compatibility issues between the "Selenium-webdriver problem point" chromedriver and the Chrome browser version

The latest chromedriver and Chrome's correspondence table: Chromedriver version supported versions of Chrome v2.36 v64-66 v2.35 V62-64 v2.34 v61-63 v2.33 v60-62 v2.32 v59-61 v2.31 V58-60 v2.30 V58-60 v2.29 v56-58 v2.2

Installing Selenium and Chromedriver on Ubuntu

I recently got Selenium, Google Chrome, and Chromedriver installed and working on a Digitalocean instance running 64-bit U Buntu 14.04. Here's how:First, install Google Chrome for Debian/ubuntu:sudo apt-get install libxss1 libappindicator1 libindicator7wget dpkg -i google-chrome*.debsudo apt-get install -fNow, let's install so xvfb we can run Chrome headlessly:sudo apt-get i

Installing the Python+selenium+chrome+chromedriver on the CENTOS7

1. Download ChromeThe previous article has demonstrated the Python+selenium+firefox+geckodriver installation steps and opened Baidu via automated scriptingSo you only need to install chrome and chromedriver now.Official website: download the RPM package via Centos7 's own Firefox browser)Baidu Cloud Download: Https:// (password: 0VU2)Baidu cloud after download through xftp softwa

Python installation Chromedriver

Google Drive configuration below is the Google Browser and chromedriver version of the corresponding relationship, for reference:Chromedriver v2.39 (2018-05-30)----------Supports Chrome v66-68Chromedriver v2.38 (2018-04-17)----------Supports Chrome v65-67Chromedriver v2.37 (2018-03-16)----------Supports Chrome v64-66Chromedriver v2.36 (2018-03-02)----------Supports Chrome v63-65Chromedriver v2.35 (2018-01-10)----------Supports Chrome v62-64chromedrive

Vuejs NPM chromedriver Error

# Global Installation Vue-cli$ NPM install-g vue-cli# Create a new project based on the "Webpack" template$ vue init webpack My-project# Install dependencies, walk youCD My-project$ NPM Install$ npm Run DevAfter using Vue to build the project, NPM install found the old card in Chromedriver error, and later on-line search, found the solutionNPM Install Chromedriver--chromedriver_cdnurl=

Installing Selenium and Chromedriver on Ubuntu

I recently got Selenium, Google Chrome, and Chromedriver installed and working on a Digitalocean instance running 64-bit U Buntu 14.04. Here's how:First, install Google Chrome for Debian/ubuntu:sudo apt-get install libxss1 libappindicator1 libindicator7wget dpkg -i google-chrome*.debsudo apt-get install -fNow, let's install so xvfb we can run Chrome headlessly:sudo apt-get i

Python crawler tutorial -27-selenium Chrome version and Chromedriver compatible version comparison table

When we use Selenium+chrome, the version is different, which causes Chromedriver to stop runningchromedriver All versions download link: follow the form below to download the version that supports your own Chrome.Selenium Chrome version and Chromedriver compatible version comparison

Selenium 3.0 Keyboard Event + Force end Chromedriver Process Code

Selenium automated testing often uses keyboard operations, which are the detailed operation of the keyboard, and part of the code. From the worm division of Automation-related books.public static void Main (string[] args) throws Interruptedexception {System.setproperty ("", "D:/chromedriver_win32/chromedriver.exe");Chromeoptions Options = new Chromeoptions ();Options.addarguments ("User-data-dir=c:\\users\\happy\\appdata\\local\\google\\chrome\\user data");Webdriver Driver

NPM install error Chromedriver record _nam

System version: OS X 10.11.3 ➜NPM install NPM WARN deprecated Npmconf@2.1.2:this package has been reintegrated into NPM and are now out of date wi th respect to NPM > chromedriver@2.21.2 install/users/user/wisedu/flow-wisedu/node_modules/chromedriver > Node install.js downloading Http:// Saving To/var/folders/f2/_jd2rvp15jg_pzsfr2zm7cnh0000gn/

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