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Triple Photoshop tutorial Weekly Phase II

Hi! Hello everyone, the triple Photoshop tutorial weekly and we meet Again, One week ranking Title Number of clicks [PS Example Tutorial] PhotoShop CS5 Enhanced 3D features detailed tutorialA lot of beginners are interested in Photoshop CS5 3D effect features, letter asked me the use of this feature, here specifically for you to de

Photoshop CS5 free download ps cs5 Chinese version download

use graphics processing power to speed up the codec and playback of high-definition video, of course not all graphics cards, due to the prior agreement with NVIDIA, Mercury only supports NVIDIA graphics cards. Another highlight of PS CS5 is the addition of a new software flash Catalyst, which will be used as another option for flash for designers and artists to challenge Microsoft Expression Studio. Photo

Foreign high quality Photoshop CS5 tutorial

As we all know, Photoshop is one of the most famous image processing software software of adobe Company. The Photoshop CS5 Standard Edition is suitable for photographers as well as for print designers, and the Photoshop CS5 extension adds a breakthrough tool for creating and editing the graphics and animation based content in addition to the Standard Edition features. Most of the Photoshop

PhotoShop CS5 Merge to HDR Pro easy to create HDR photos

HDR is the abbreviation for the English high-dynamic Range, which is a high dynamic illumination rendering. This technique allows you to capture a wider range of brightness and color than ordinary photographic technology. To achieve this, HDR photography uses a combination of three or more photos of different exposures in the same scene-instead of just taking a photo-– as you normally do to recreate the wonderful scenery you see. The advantage of HDR photography is that the images it creates c

PhotoShop CS5 using ready-made dynamic diagram to make blood dragon sign gif animation effect tutorial

Because recently many people want to learn blood dragon sign, previously remember that there is a tutorial is not turned out, so today to do a tutorial, novice tutorials do not tread, afraid of some new people can not understand, so each step is cut the map, This is the use of ready-made dynamic diagram, since the addition of text on the line, only the Photoshop CS5 version to directly open the dynamic map

Illustrator to make UI design series tutorials

PS filter and layer style), so the AI can be done flat, into the can do the fitting. The following two diagrams are drawn with AI and do not use any software other than AI: Of course, the flat design of the AI is even more. The AI's export based on vector objects is very useful, as will be described in a later tutorial. and AI can export artwork to an SVG-formatted finished product, which is ideal for use on the Web.

PS Webpage Design tutorial v -- How to Create a commercial website layout in Photoshop

As the coders, the basis of the artist is weak. We can refer to some mature web page PS tutorials to improve our design capabilities. To apply a sentence, "Three Hundred Tang poems are carefully read, and no poems are written ". This series of tutorials come from the PS tutorials

Synthesis of prehistoric octopus attack ship effect with Photoshop

A lot of movie posters are actually made by post-production, of course, the content is usually intercepted from the film, but sometimes we can also use some simple pictures to synthesize a very visual impact of the image, today through a PS Visual stunt Tutorial "prehistoric octopus" to tell about the production process, image synthesis is very lifelike, So the details of the processing requirements are high, interested friends can try. E

2 ways to make the transmitted light in the forest in PS

In The thick woods, a plume of sunlight pouring down through the layers of leaves, like a light arrow, gives a very dreamy feeling ... You must be envious of this special effect, right? Now, let's get Photoshop out of your picture and have this fantasy and real dream. This paper uses Photoshop CS5 software to make pictures that have light scattering effects, study the blur filter options and the effects of multiple blur on the picture, and compare th

Quickly process a picture of a dark landscape with PS CS6 hdr tones

The HDR hue is a new feature of Photoshop CS5 or CS6 that makes it easy to color and add clarity. The operation is also relatively simple, just a few simple settings can be a general HDR plug filter effect, I have written a few in the HDR color processing scenery photos of the post, write another today. Effect chart Original artwork (original image from a teacher's post at dawn) The processing process is as follows: 1, in P

How Photoshop makes 3D animations

First look at the PS CS5 produced 3D animation effect chart: First, the use of CS5 3D function to make 3D map, production methods see the use of Photoshop CS5 production 3D animation (i): the production of 3D graphics The following is an example of a cubic cube. Second, the point window---animation, in t

Photoshop CS5 draw Jungle flower Demon oil painting style illustration tutorial

This PS tutorial for you to bring is Jinmingming written "Flowers and Leaves" Photoshop tutorial. According to the author's introduction, "Flowers and leaves" to take is the author often displayed the theme of the flower demon, the style of expression is biased Oil painting texture, non-commercial category of an illustration, hope interested friends can get some inspiration from it. This painting is inspired by the continuation of the author's "Flowe

PS Webpage Design tutorial X-design a modern blog layout in PS

As the coders, the basis of the artist is weak. We can refer to some mature web page PS tutorials to improve our design capabilities. To apply a sentence, "Three Hundred Tang poems are carefully read, and no poems are written ". This series of tutorials come from the PS tutorials

Photoshop to synthesize a girl sitting by the sea location Photo effect tutorial

PS Tutorial, we will share with you how to synthesize an exterior photo with Phtoshop. This PS tutorial is slightly more difficult, suitable for beginners to practice slowly. Final Effect Diagram: Generally speaking, synthetic images are divided into three steps: 1. Pick and collect material. 2 Pull the picture together. 3 color palette. These three steps are critical and will affect your fina

[Recommended] conversion of css3ps-Photoshop layer effects to css3 code

We recommend a free PS extension plug-in, css3ps, which is easy to use. You can convert effects such as PhotoShop layer effects to css3 Code directly without having to query the css3 code on the webpage, you do not need to manually view the special data on the PS layer to compile the css3 code, which greatly improves the efficiency of coding. If you pass by, you will miss it! Come on, go to the topic !!! Th

Photoshop uses color principle to remove translucent watermark

, prunes to share the basics. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Download View more PS Tutorials Step1 Open the photo of the translucent watermark and use the Toolbox/magic wand to remove the saw tooth option first, and then continue to select the translucent watermark.

Tips for drawing vector-path graphics to align pixels to the grid

. Used to smooth the edges of the graphic to reduce the sawtooth sensation, or to make the graph look fuller and more delicate, we call it a sub-pixel (or subpixel, and, generally, in the field of screen display technology), as shown in the following figure. Figure 1-anti-aliasing sub-pixel While the official version of PS CS6 is not universal, take PS CS5 as

Practical tips for making PhotoShop CS5 photo inkjet

Software used in tutorials: Photoshop CS5 (in fact, using PS6 is fine) This tutorial applies to the readership: understand the PS tool operation on it Disclaimer: The author of this tutorial is Effect Material 1 Material 2 Objective: Today, a customer sent to the short term to do a indoor inkjet, clothing store use, han

PhotoShop CS5 using 3D function to render a three-dimensional blue and white porcelain vase tutorial

This article teaches us to use the Photoshop CS5 3D function to render a three-dimensional blue and white porcelain vase effect, at ordinary times we saw some stereoscopic sense, the texture ultra strong 3D image, can also realize easily in the Photoshop CS5. Photoshop CS5 New "3D" menu in the menu bar, but also equipped with a "3D" palette, so that users can us

PS web design tutorial VIII-design unusual la s in Photoshop

As the coders, the basis of the artist is weak. We can refer to some mature web page PS tutorials to improve our design capabilities. To apply a sentence, "Three Hundred Tang poems are carefully read, and no poems are written ". This series of tutorials come from the PS tutorials

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