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How does the win8 system set the quick PDF reader as the default reader?

How does the win8 system set the quick PDF reader as the default reader? Many win8 system operations are different from those of Windows 7, such as setting the default software, especially the quick PDF reader used by the Office family. Previously,

10 courses for beginners in Photoshop (1)-PS tutorial

Lesson 1: If you are a PS guru, this is a PS guru's experience and I hope it will inspire you. 1. if you don't want to see other people's work, just say: Give a tutorial! You should think about how this was made. When you come up with your own ideas

LinuxMint (Application Software-file reader: Evince)

LinuxMint (Application Software-file reader: Evince) The file reader is installed in LinuxMint by default, which is called Evince. Evince is an open-source software mainly used to read PDF files. You can download and install it here. In sourceforge,

Java I/O operations (5)-printstream class, primary stream, reader and writer, buffered primary stream bufferedreader and bufferedwriter

1. printstream class We all know that the int type occupies 4 bytes in Java. For example, 1 indicates 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001 in memory. If we directly use the outputstream object to output data to a file, the program will directly write

Postscript (PS/EPS format)

Description of PostScript (PS/EPS format) by bobob I. Postscript overview postscript is both a page description language and a high-level interpreted scripting language. Because it has nothing to do with the device, it can faithfully reproduce the

The graphic chapter of Fuxin PDF Reader

A few days ago, my colleague sent a PDF file and said that part of the file should be covered. I also wanted to use the PDF editing software to directly delete the file. I found that the PDF file generated by the scan file cannot be edited, and I

FLASH04-MSDN online reader made with ASP. NET

From: Because the flash of MM adds security policy requirements. therefore, you must use the ServerSide script as an intermediate proxy. I use ASP. NET combined with FLASH2K4 to make an msdn

The collation of the JAVA IO package---------writer and reader

A WriterPublic abstract class Writer extends Object implements Appendable, Closeable, flushableThis class represents the input stream of the input character. Then there is a synchronization lock in this class that synchronizes the operation within

Fuxin PDF Reader enhanced Chinese Version

Features: 1: Based on the official English version + the Official Language Pack 2: remove various advertisement images and connections on the startup interface, which are clean and stable. 3: remove various official bindings. The installation

QR code reader PC Edition)

[What is a QR code] QR code (2-dimen1_bar codeIs to use a specific ry to record the data symbol information based on a certain rule in the plane (two-dimensional direction) Distribution of black and white Graphics; inCodeThe concept of "0" and "1"

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