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Use PS and Lightroom to put photos in a fresh, gorgeous style.

The digital age allows us to take photos of more late creation space, a variety of tools are emerging, the most likely to be used is Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a late-production focused graphics tool, mainly for digital photography, graphic design professionals and high-end users. This tutorial is like the introduction of the Lightroom

Lens Distortion Correction PS Lightroom 4.2 easy to complete

lens models have been built and can be upgraded through updates. ▲ Of course can also choose Full manual correction to carry out the work. Example of lens distortion and dark angle correction Using Nikon D600 and Af-s 16-35mm f/4g Ed VR, af-s 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5g ed VR photography, automatic deformation control and edge halo function control is closed to Lightroom 4.2 for correction. You can look at the linear changes in the photos and the size of

Ps+lightroom to create light cyan small fresh

A new skin treatment method, has not seen other people published, should be considered original. Because the main means of thinking and methods, so the treatment is not very meticulous, we understand that good. Use software Lr+ps (mainly PS) Raw artwork LR Color Map PS Final effect diagram   Light analysis of original artwo

Lightroom combined PS to pull out still life photos small fresh effect

About the first with LR adjust the color temperature and then use PS adjustment Effect of the tutorial has been a lot, Pocoerlucy_11 also to share a, teach you will take the dark photos to a gorgeous change, adjusted into a bright little fresh tones. If you have a better way, welcome to share the conversation. First step: Adjust the white balance with LR. White balance is very important, it is related to your tone, warm or cold, so, care

Adobe launches Lightroom cc and Retail edition Lightroom 6

The new Lightroom will support only 64-bit operating systems, new features include face recognition management, automatic panorama stitching, synthetic edit HDR, and more powerful healing brushes, and other improvements include new slide patterns, increased support for HTML5 and social networking. Another new version of the software can be part of the operation to the GPU to speed up processing, thereby improving software performance. Let's take a loo

Is it better to use Photoshop or Lightroom?

There are a lot of options for late-stage software, but when it comes to photography enthusiasts, Photoshop and Lightroom are common. From digital photography school statistics, they counted the late-stage software that most readers used in the 2013, with the top two being LR and PS respectively. Both are commonly used in late-stage software, features on each featur

Lightroom cc– Most eye-catching three new features of the first report

Adobe has just launched the Lightroom new version of –lightroom CC (which also has the same functionality but does not contain Lightroom Mobile's Lightroom 6 standalone offering), if you are an Adobe Creative cloud user, You can now download and use the Lightroom cc immediat

Lightroom 6 for Mac simple trial tutorial

Since the release of the new OS X Photos photo app, Apple has stopped developing IPhoto and Aperture. The new photo application has a smaller capacity, runs faster, and can be a good substitute for IPhoto. However, for professional users, the new photo application of the professional function is too little, although support ICloud Photo Gallery can synchronize their content to all devices, but the editing function and image management features can not be accepted by professionals.   

Use the Lightroom gradient filter to create effects black and white scenery

the image quality. Thankfully, in today's digital photography era, Adobe's highly efficient image processing software, Lightroom, has been able to help us replace inconvenient traditional filters with post-processing. The 2004 public plan, Lightroom, which was officially listed in 2007, is an image-processing software specially launched by Adobe for Photographers. Unlike Adobe's signboard,

What's the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop?

Selection There are a variety of effects and filter effects on the Web, and can be applied to a large number of photos. Only the functions Photoshop can do It is mainly for the meticulous repair of the picture, and for the photo to make special effects, such as the combination of photos, the characters are refined and other more complex work. Some features only Photoshop can do. Repair drawings Photoshop can do very fine and accurate repair work, such as in different parts of t

Each has its pros and cons, with Photoshop or Lightroom.

There are a lot of options for late-stage software, but when it comes to photography enthusiasts, Photoshop and Lightroom are common. From digital photography school statistics, they counted the late-stage software that most readers used in the 2013, with the top two being LR and PS respectively. Both are commonly used in late-stage software, features on each feature, readers will

Reduce noise area Lightroom Total Mastery

use Ctrl+5 (mac:command+5) to open the detail panel. The detail panel is divided into three sections from top to bottom, with a square navigation pane at the top. Click inside the pane to toggle between the fit and 100% magnified views, or you can right-click (mac:control+ click) in the window to enlarge to 200%. As I told you, in the detail panel you usually need to use the 100% magnification view to carefully observe the details of the photos, so Lightroom

Lightroom Teaching: How the photo changes are recorded

We know that using Lightroom is recorded in real time without the need for special storage, but where does everyone's changes exist? Recently, a reader sent me a query, I found that my previous introduction did not speak very clearly, I put his question and my answer to the example, I hope members will understand the Lightroom structure more clearly.  The L

Lightroom Simple 6 Steps to complete the course of interior portrait post-revision

Overlay" at the bottom of the photo, and tick to show the selected area). When the selection is complete, the adjustment parameters are as follows: Color temperature-29, exposure-0.31, colour selection cyan blue. 4. Adjust the tonal curve In the tonal Curve panel, highlight the photo highlights (face) slightly, then pull the dark curve back into place. Enter the HSL panel, slightly increasing the brightness of the portrait skin red and orange. 5. Remove Stains Select

What software is Lightroom?

What software is Lightroom? Status: June 10, 2013, Adobe officially released the Photoshop Lightroom 5, the price is 149 U.S. dollars. The official version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, officially released in the second month after the beta release, is a strong competitor for Apple Aperture, a professional photo management and processing software developed

How do I use Lightroom view mode?

How do I use Lightroom view mode? 1, grasp the Lightroom view mode can greatly improve the efficiency of our photos post-processing, first open the Lightroom Gallery, the default for the grid view display photos, double-click the picture will be able to enter the enlarged view. Lightroom 2,

Lightroom How do I create Favorites and favorites?

Method 1. Lightroom to create collections and favorites is simple, we first create a collection and then create favorites inside it. First we open the Lightroom software, open the favorites in the gallery. Lightroom 2. Click the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the Lightroom Favorites folder, or ri

Lightroom Tutorial: Correcting distortion of correction lenses

Have you ever filmed some of the buildings in the city that look like they're leaning backwards? Or is it possible that the top of the building looks wider than the bottom? These types of lens distortions are actually quite common, but in previous versions of Lightroom, to fix these problems, you had to go to Photoshop to manually adjust the images. Fortunately, Lightroom3 not only fixes the lens distortion problem, but it can often automatically comp

Lightroom Tutorial: Tips for setting up a directory

Lightroom Tutorial: Tips for setting up a directory 1, Ightroom directory setup method is very simple, first we download the installation Lightroom software. Lightroom 2, after opening Lightroom Click on the menu bar edit-Directory settings. Lightroom 3,

Lightroom How to adjust the raw format photo histogram

Lightroom How to adjust the raw format photo histogram 1, first we open Lightroom software. Lightroom 2, select the photos to be modified into the modified photo interface. Lightroom 3, in the upper-right corner of the interface has a histogram, click the bottom pull triangle open.

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