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PS Note 2--questions about the constituency

Select reverse, which means selecting a location that is not selected, shift CTRL I650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" width : 500px;height:281px; "title=" Qq20150906170426.png

PS Note Point

2. Colordesigners should have aesthetic ability. 3. Experimentconstant Practice will let you learn more things, please do not give yourself too much pressure, your pay will not just let you step in place, to insist. Fill

PS (Note)

Window Workspace default window (recovery)CTRL + NDot Matrix (pixel chart) Small squares are composed ofAlt key Fit Zoom outPpiDPI print output.Canvas NEWZ-Key Local amplification right-click actual pixel operationF key FullscreenSpace bar Canvas's

PS Note 1

1. In the PS editing picture, the Enter key is the confirmation operation2. the same sign as a noose is the lasso tool650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Picture 11.png "alt="

How to open streaming media in FFmpeg class library (pass parameters)

When developing with the FFmpeg class library, the function that opens the streaming media (or local file) is Avformat_open_input ().If you open the network stream, you should precede the function avformat_network_init ().In general, you can just

[Android Development] RXJAVA2 Road seven-error handling operator Example Demo__java

a list of error-handling operators Used to respond to observable launch onError notifications or to recover from errors, for example, youCan: Swallow this error, switch to a standby observable continue to launch data swallow this error and then

Oracle Database Dataguard 11GR2 RAC to RAC configuration

Data Schema Primary: The code is as follows Copy Code hostname    databasename    unique_dbname   INSTANCE_NAME RAC1                  orclpd                            orclpd                              ORCLPD1 rac2  

nginx1.8.0 configuration (with centos6.5+nginx+php5.6 renewal).

Because in the "collocation centos6.5+nginx+php5.6" article did not mention some of Nginx's common configuration, write a continuation of Nginx support PHP configuration from the Iteye article, 1896542 thanks in this 1.

Python3 basics 3 -- Data Type -- data operation -- Expression if, python33 --

Python3 basics 3 -- Data Type -- data operation -- Expression if, python33 --1. For python3 data type, 1.1 numbers, such as 1.2, and int (integer) are on 32-bit machines. The value range is-2 ** 31 ~ 2 ** 31-1, I .e.-2147483648 ~ 2147483647In a

Jdk1.7 configuration and Testing

Configure JDK 1.7 environment variables in Windows 7 (found online, clearly written, and saved)Environment: win7 (32-bit)Jdk1.71.Right-click "computer"> "properties"> "Advanced System settings"> "advanced"> "environment variables". The "environment

Getting started with reprint Programming

How can I select and add to the programming field correctly (Windows programming only )? Delphidelphidelphiwindowswindowswindows game programming language [Author]Site: Email: QQ: 643439947 Programming

Python3 Basic 3--data Type--data operation--expression if-else-while-for

Python3 data Type 1.1 numbers for example: 1,2,3,4, such as 1.2 int (integer) on 32-bit machines, the number of integers is 32 bits, the value range is -2**31~2**31-1, that is -2147483648~2147483647On a 64-bit system, the number of integers is 64

Win7 or Win8 installation of Visual Studio Tools for Unity encounters a workaround for 2502 or 2503 issues

Download Unityvs (Visual Studio Tools for Unity) address on Microsoft Official website is: 20b80b8c-659b-45ef-96c1-437828fe7cf2The file name after download is: "Visual Studio Tools for Unity.msi" (with

Ubuntu 10.04-install VmwareServer2.0

1: Install the compiling environment sudoapt-getinstallbuild-essential tiallinux-headers-'uname-R' sudoapt-getinstallmakesudoapt-getinstallgcc2: Download Vmware-server and installation script click here to download Vmware-server: click here to

ElasticSearch NEST notes, elasticsearchnest

ElasticSearch NEST notes, elasticsearchnest ElasticSearch NEST notes 1. What is ElasticSearch? ElasticSearch is a powerful open source search and analytics engine that makes data easy to learn E.   It can be simply understood as a indexing and

IOS controls-reuse mechanism for UITableView

Reprinted from:, the reuse mechanism of UITableView:The iphone reuse mechanism is a memory-saving mechanism used by Apple to achieve a large amount of data display, such as in UITableView

Small issues that js regular expressions are easy to ignore

1. special characters in brackets [] do not need to be escaped, such as [/], [.], [*], and [?]. And [+] can directly match the corresponding characters .*? +. The test result is as follows:   Therefore, the/[d.]/regular expression matches a number

Very powerful PCB wiring technology

First:Preparations. This includes preparing the component library and schematic. "To do a good job, you must first sharpen the tool." To make a good board, you must draw a good picture in addition to designing the principles. Before designing a PCB,

The JSP page IE cannot open the Internet site ...... Solution for terminated operations

The coincidence means that a variety of factors contribute to this event and are indispensable. There are several factors: ie in the system is ie6 (I am not sure or clear about the difference between Small versions) compile the jsp page and use the

Spring security implements login and permission role control, springsecurity

Spring security implements login and permission role control, springsecurity Casual Introduction 1. spring version: 4.3.2.RELEASE + spring security version: 4.1.2.RELEASE (others are not described here)2. All displayed content is configured with

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