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Use PS to make decadent non-mainstream effect picture

Although the production process is slightly more complex, but the effect is better to look at more personality. The processing method is similar to the imitation hand-painted, and it starts with the face, and then depicts the facial features and hair

PS Mouse Painted lifelike pork

This tutorial teaches PS Mouse painting learners to use PS mouse to paint lifelike appetizer of braised pork, the course draws out the braised pork is very beautiful. It is not very difficult to draw.

Using PS to create sci-fi art fonts

I heard that the north is very cold oh, fortunately I in Shenzhen ( ̄▽ ̄ ") ╭ This tutorial, I did it myself, so you will find all layer style panels are Chinese, simply industry Conscience O ( ̄ヘ ̄o*)

PS Late Beginners must see the 18 problems

The development of digital photography has been going on for several years now, and the course of post-processing for digital portrait photography has mushroomed. The current market on the sale of boo

PS to create a broken character effect dynamic diagram

Effect chart The material of this tutorial: The first step: Create a suitable canvas first, and fill in the background color you like. I filled it with blue:

Using PS to synthesize an abstract floating planet illustration

Final effect 1, press CTRL + N shortcut keys to create a new document, 1312*984 pixels. 2. Use the gradient tool to pull the light blue gradient from inside out on

PS Beginners MUST See! PS Action detailed use of graphics and text tutorial

In doing image processing, we pay attention to quality, but also need to pay attention to time, you can't spend a lot of time dealing with an image, of course, you can't spend a lot of time doing repe

How PS uses the eyedropper tool

The Eyedropper tool is an information tool, and the information tool includes color sampler tools and measurement tools. The three tools display information about the point at which the cursor is loca

Using PS to synthesize a witch course that is summoning storms.

Final effect < small map view big picture > 1, first in Photoshop new canvas, canvas size set 1000 pixel x600 pixels, background color is black. Import the "Ocean" footage into Photoshop, then select the rec

PS Dream Star Poster production

First, let's look at the original manuscript of this poster: Think about what part of the poster? 1, "The" 2, the text of the Neon effect, 3, star background 4, Meteor, 5, other words; We

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