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PS for beauty plus attractive eye shadow effect

In the Photoshop tutorial, I'll learn how to mimic the makeup of a dinner girl's eye shadow in Photoshop cs3. This tutorial is very useful for dealing with magazine photos, I hope you enjoy ... First look at the final effect: 1, first of all, we want to download some girl's face close-up pictures from the Internet, then run your Photoshop to open these pictures, as shown in the picture. 2. Use the Lasso tool to create a selection in the position where you add eyeshadow, as shown

PS Text Plus stroke method

PS Text Plus stroke method 1, open Photoshop, click "File"-"new" 2, set a good background size and color 3, then click on the tool bar Text Tool 4, enter the text you want 5, then at the layer, right click on the type layer, select "Blending Options" 6, will pop-up window, in the window tick "stroke" 7, set the stroke

PS to the gray cauliflower beauty picture plus hazy sunshine color

Pictures for cloudy shooting, a bit of gray and dark, the overall sense of permeability is not very strong. The author uses a lot of pure color layer to improve the brightness of the picture and increase the complement, while also adding the homemade sunlight, the overall effect is very beautiful. Original 1, with a quick mask (not face close-up, select do not need to be too precise) extract the character skin color selection, with a curve to make skin slightly transparent point. 2, th

PS to the location photos Plus Dim lavender

Tutorial describes the dim tint of the color of the image palette method. General process: First render the background of the picture, quickly with the color palette tool plus the desired main color. Then slowly light up the picture and render the highlight part. Finally the picture is exposed and soft feeling rendered out. Original Final effect 1, open the original material, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + 2 up the

PS to the new in the shade of the tree plus the atmosphere rays

PS to the new in the shade of the tree plus the atmosphere rays Material pictures of the very atmosphere, the composition is also very in place, but the sky part of the white, the effect is not very ideal. When dealing with the first part of the sky into the light material, and then the main color and dark color of the dark, high light area rendering some of the sun, and finally enhance the character of th

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