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18 PS text special effects tutorials and ps text special effects that help you improve typographical skills

18 PS text special effects tutorials and ps text special effects that help you improve typographical skills The Photoshop text special effects tutorial is of great help for basic learning and advanced typographical thinking. In this article, you

How do PS text tools work?

How do PS text tools work? The Type tool is one of the most commonly used tools in the process of using Photoshop (hereafter: PS) as an image-editing software. So, how to use PS text tools? What is the function of the PS Text tool? In today's

PS Text Plus stroke method

PS Text Plus stroke method 1, open Photoshop, click "File"-"new" 2, set a good background size and color 3, then click on the tool bar Text Tool 4, enter the text you want 5, then at the layer,

Beautiful 3D Stickers PS Text Production tutorial

Good design is inseparable from the exquisite text design, today this beautiful 3D stickers PS Text Production tutorial text effect is very good, the production method is not difficult. The tutorial teaches you how to use the Smart object layer

PS Text Effects Tutorial

The first step: Create a new canvas, use the Text tool in the middle of the canvas to enter "Spring and Autumn" four characters Step two: Use the rectangular marquee tool to pull the selection fill color, use the horizontal center

PS Text projection effect how to get?

PS Text projection effect how to get? One, get your photoshop ready. Step 1th creates a new 750 X 750 pixel document and fills the background color #cf3f30. Step 2nd sets the foreground color to #e74c3c, picks the rounded Rectangle

Several tips for using the PS text feature

anti-aliasing Anti-aliasing seems to be the best topic to start this article. In the previous PS version of CS6, the choice of anti-aliasing text was really the only alternative to many of the most inappropriate options. However, a few months ago

Ten obscure PS text typesetting tools

As we all know, text typesetting is very important for both artistic creation and web design. Photoshop, as a very powerful image processing software, also has many tools to help us to better complete the text editing and typesetting work. Here, we

PS Text Special effects to create a smoke word tutorial

First look at the tutorial effect chart. New document 600X250 Pixel, background black, enter white bold text, copy one layer. Select the replica layer right-click > grid text, Filter > Blur > Motion blur, Layer opacity 60%.

A few tips for analyzing the function of PS text in detail

This article will bring you to pay attention to our work in peacetime is how to use the text in the PS function, involving a few great tips, can help you improve efficiency, children's shoes can try. Anti-aliasing Anti-aliasing seems to be the

PS Text Special effect technique: Create lifelike fragment lava word

Final effect 1, before making the text effect, you need to make some textures first. Create a new 1024 * 768 pixel file, create a new layer, press the letter key "D" to reset the front background color to the default black and white,

PS Text tips: Create simple black and white word effects

Let's take a look at the effect chart: First, open the Photoshop application, and then create a new RGB white background, the size of a random set of my 800*600 file. Sets the foreground color to black and the background color to white. As

PS text HOW to change lines

PS text How to change lines Method One: 1, open Photoshop Software (each version can), I am here to demonstrate the Photoshop CS6. Open the interface as shown in the picture 2, click on the upper left corner of the "File" button, and

PS Text Tutorial: Do look at the candy bubble font

Final Effect Diagram:    1th Step: We first create a document with a size of 800x1280. White Bottom.    2nd Step: Suitable for the gradient tool, choose the radial gradient, color for #000000 and #e8e8e8, here I suggest that you use this

PS Text line spacing How to adjust?

1, for example, the text in the following figure, now want to reduce the line spacing; 2, the text layer is in the selected state; 3, the following figure arrow refers to the icon point, the set up the character panel; 4, if there is no

PS Text effects: three-dimensional artistic 2010 text effects

The focus of this tutorial is to make the three-dimensional surface of the text artistic, with a very beautiful stereo curve instead. The production method is relatively complex, and the general process: we first draw the three-dimensional sketch,

The application technique of PS text

1, to add control over the small text rendered, this will be a very useful tips. Double-click into input/edit mode on one of the current text layers, and hold down the CTRL key while moving the text in the image window to render it anti-aliasing. If

PS Text Tutorial: Making beautiful colorful crystal words

Effect    Original    Detailed tutorials New page, size free (not too small), black background fill Step two: Hit the word, if use the material of the choice font ctrl+j Step three: Double-click the font layer, forward to the Layer

PS Text Special effects tutorial: Make spacing arrangement of sewing line text

The needlework part of the text in this tutorial is very classic. In order to get the sewing line spaced, the author used two new channels. One channel strokes the set path with a dot brush, gets some dots, and another channel strokes the selection.

C # Implementation of the blank form on the Chinese input, you can implement the type of PS Text tool

Open the Input method on the blank form, the blank window in C # is not open the input method anyway. This is set. Imemode= Imemode.nocontrol is also unable to open the input method of the Recording Word window. I asked some questions at the

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