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BASH Shell: take control of PS1, ps2, PS3, PS4 and prompt_command

custom prompt for the select loop inside a shell script, using the PS3 environment variable, as explained below. Shell script and output without PS3: Ramesh @ Dev-DB ~> Cat ps3.shselect I in Mon Tue wed exitdo case $ I in Mon

Use case statements in Shell programming, and use case statements in shell programming

Use case statements in Shell programming, and use case statements in shell programming Hello everyone, today we bring you the use of Shell programming case statements! In fact, the case

Linux shell Process Control Statement instance explanation (if, for, while, Case statement instance) _linux Shell

: ======================== Copy Code code as follows: SH 10 9 8 7 6 Instance 2: (Looping through the contents of the file:) Copy Code code as follows: #!/bin/sh While Read Line;doEcho $line;Done Run Result: =================== Copy Code code as follows: SH # do don't remove the following line, or various programs# that require network functionality would fail. centos5 localhost.l

A bug analysis of case condition control statement in shell script _linux shell

In the shell script, you find a problem with the case statement.This method of specifying lowercase letters [A-z] and uppercase letters [A-z] is no use. The following conditions occur: Copy Code code as follows: [Root@station1 ~]# Cat #!/bin/bash While: Todo Echo-n "Input a Letter:" Read Var Case "$var" in [A-z] echo "lower

"Shell" Linux Shell Case detailed

Tags: Shell linux ops script caseIn general, case is a judgment statement that is easier to understand than if.Case Statement Formatcase in 变量 值1) 内容 ;;值2) 内容 ;;esacNote: Each content needs to be added after;; , can be written across rows or peers. Instance: Executes the statement based on the selection entered by the user. #!/bin/bash -# 打印选择菜单cat [Email protected] scripts]# bash case.s

Shell Script Programming Case Statement learn notes _linux Shell

Case statements are used to implement multiple if. else, but the usage is somewhat different, people who have learned other languages know that the case to match the variables, if there is a matching successful words to execute the corresponding statement. The case statement in Shell programming is also this meaning, c

A concise tutorial on Shell script case statements _linux Shell

The Shell Case statement is a multiple-selection statement. You can use a case statement to match a value with a pattern, and if the match succeeds, execute the matching command. The case statement is formatted as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Case val

Example of a case statement in a Linux bash Shell _linux Shell

Example of a bash case statement. Sharing a bash shell code is helpful in understanding the use of case statements by students who learn about bash. Example: Copy Code code as follows: #!/bin/bash ## # program: # File operation # 1.) Open file 2.) Display file 3.) Edit file 4.) Delete file # Site:WWW.JB51.NET Path=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bi

The setting method of ignoring case in Bash shell _linux Shell

Most people will change it when they use Bash, because the default settings are really hard to use. Refer to the following ~/.INPUTRC settings: Copy Code code as follows: # don't show hidden files in the list Set Match-hidden-files off # Auto Complete Ignoring case Set show-all-if-ambiguous on Set Completion-ignore-case on "\ep": History-search-backward "\e[a": History-search-backward "

Logical judgments in Linux shell scripts, file directory attribute judgments, if special usages, case judgments

Tags: tmp One mode add error file Erro script case. ShLogical judgments in shell scripts Format 1:if condition; Then statement; Fi (Common) #以命令的方式表达[[emailprotected] ~]# for i in `seq 1 5`; do echo $i; done12345[[emailprotected] ~]# for i in `seq 1 5`> do> echo $i> done12345[[emailprotected] ~]# a=5[[emailprotected] ~]# if [ $a -gt 3 ]> then> echo ok> fiok[[emailprotected] ~]# if [ $a -gt 3 ]

(ix) Shell case statements, program parameters, while, Case statements(1) The case statement in the shell acts in the same way as the switch case statement in the C language, with a different format(2) The case statement in the shell is inherently free of break and does not r

Shell scripts, if judgments, case judgments

'] means that the value of variable A is not empty [[emailprotected] shell]# if [ -n ]; then echo ok;fiok#可以判断一个文件是否为空[[emailprotected] shell]# if [ -n "$b" ]; then echo $b;else echo "b is null";fib is null If Grep-q ' 123 ' 1.txt;then indicates what happens if the 1.txt contains ' 123 ' Rows [[emailprotected] shell]# if grep -w ‘user‘ /

If, case, for, while, until in shell scripts

negation ** move left >> move right bit Boolean and | bit Boolean or Logic and || Logical OR The role of various parentheses in the shell (), (()), [], [[]], {}: The difference between $ (()) and $ (), ${} in the

Shell knowledge point supplement (5)-case. In. esac/function/while done/until done

the corresponding response. The above method is directly issued. If interactive mode is used, remove the "#" of the 10th and 11 rows above and add the 12 rows with comments (#) Practice: 1 #! /Bin/bash234 echo "practice to use" one "" two "" three ""5 read-P "input your choise (from the up suggest):" answer67 case "$ answer" in8 "one ")9 echo "your input is 'one', that is $ answer"10 ;;11 "two ")12 echo "your input is 'two', that is $ answer"13 ;;14

Unix shell_oracle ERP and other systems interface data transfer via Shell control (case) (schema)

. implementation of the case Case: Throwing interface dat files from another system and storing them in/home/applvis/bts/interface, controlling file reads via UNIX shellStep1. Establish control table to test the Unix shell to store the unread file name in the table1 Create TableBXJ_INTERFACE_CONTROL_TB (2batch_id Number,3File_seq Number,4 file_name varchar2

Shell Programming--case judgment

Tags: case shell ifCase Base Syntax:Format case?? Variable name invalue1)Command;;value2)Command;;*)Commond;;EsacIn a case program, you can use the |, meaning, or means of a condition, such as???2|3)Command;;Script[[emailprotected] shell]# vim #!/bin/bashread -p "Ple

Logical judgments in shell scripts, file directory attribute judgments, if special usages, case judgments

directories exist[-R File] to determine if the document is readable[-W file] Determines whether the file is writable[-X file] Determines whether the file is executableDetermine if the Lx.txt file exists in the/tmp directory, if any, the output is not created#!/bin/bashf="/tmp/lx.txt"if [ -f $f ]then echo $f existelse touch $ffi If special usageIf [-Z ' $a '] This indicates what happens when the value of variable A is empty#!/bin/bashn=‘wc -l /tmp/test.txt‘if [ -z "$n" ]then echo

Case commands in shell in Linux (regular break, unconditional continuation, and conditional continuation)

Case commands in shell in Linux (regular break, unconditional continuation, and conditional continuation) In linux, the case name in shell is similar to the switch in C/C ++, but the case in shell is more powerful and complex. 1.

Shell Case ESAC Statement

script prompts you to enter 1 to 4 to match each pattern:#!/bin/BashEcho 'Input A number between 1 to 4'Echo-E'Your number is:\c'Read Anum Case$aNuminch 1)Echo 'You select 1' ;; 2)Echo 'You select 2' ;; 3)Echo 'You select 3' ;; 4)Echo 'You Select 4' ;; *)Echo 'You does not select a number between 1 to 4' ;;Esac:EOF I just want to think about Java, if it's 1, do 1 2, but no. Case$aNuminch

Linux Shell Process Control (condition if, loop [For, while], select [case] statement instance

. Otherwise, execute action. Instance (testuntil. Sh ): #! /Bin/sh A = 10; Until [[$ A-lt 0]; do Echo $; (-)); Done; Result: Sh testuntil. Sh 109876543210 Iii. Shell selection statement (case and select usage) Use Case/esac) Syntax structure Case $ ARG inPattern | sample) # ARG in pattern or sample;;Pa

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