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UITabBarController, navigation controller, and controller relationship,

UITabBarController, navigation controller, and controller relationship, Similar to UINavigationController, UITabBarController can also be used to control multiple page navigation. You can move between multiple view controllers and customize the tab bar at the bottom of the s

Swift-UINavigationController: use of the code-only custom navigation controller and the toolbar at the bottom, ledcontroller Controller

Swift-UINavigationController: use of the code-only custom navigation controller and the toolbar at the bottom, ledcontroller Controller Step 1: Customize a class NTViewController, which inherits UITabBarController: /// NTViewController. swift // Housekeeper /// Created by Lu Yang on 15/10/20. // Copyright©November 2015. all rights reserved. // import Foundationim

iOS development from beginner to proficient--Navigation controller Basics

Navigation Controller BasicsImplement the navigation bar above, the left button, the middle title, the test button on the right, and a play buttonRe-create a vcroot root view controller#import "AppDelegate.h"#import "VCRoot.h"@interfaceAppdelegate ()@end@implementationappdelegate-(BOOL)Application:(uiapplication *) app

The custom _swift of Swift's Uitabbarcontroller navigation controller

Swift navigation controller, navigation controller class inherits Uitabbarcontroller, as shown in the following code: Appdelegate.swift//housekeeper////Created by Lu Yang on//. Copyright© years Niven Moore. All rights reserved. Import Foundation Import Uikit @UIApplicationMain class Appdelegate:uiresponder, ui

Swift Uinavigationcontroller Navigation Controller

I. Create a project//slightly Two. Create a View controller (shortcut: Do not go to create a swift file, just do the following ) On the code (with comments) Appdelegate.swift // Appdelegate.swift Swift Uinavigationcontroller Navigation Controller // Created by Zhangbiao on 14-6-16. Copyright (c) 2014 ideals. All rights reserved. // Import UIKit @UIApplication

IOS7 navigation controller switching affects Uiscrollview layout issues

In IOS 7, if the Self.view first child view of a uiviewcontroller is Uiscollview, and when this uiviewcontroller is push or initwithrootcontroller becomes When Uinavigationcontroller controls a controller, all child views of this Uiviewcontroller view Uiscollview are moved down by 64PX. The premise of this move down 64px is that Navigationbar and StatusBar are not hidden. Because the default height for St

Tmall learn iOS Weibo Project Practice (6) Implementation of the navigation controller NavigationController's slide rollback function, ios Sina Weibo project source code

]; // remember the gesture proxy to restore _ popDelegate = self. interactivepopgsturerecognizer. delegate; self. delegate = self ;} // Navigation controller-(void) navigationController :( UINavigationController *) navigationController didShowViewController :( UIViewController *) viewController animated :( BOOL) animated {if (viewController = self. viewControllers [0]) {// root

Swift-uinavigationcontroller Pure Code Custom navigation Controller and the use of the bottom toolbar

.//copyright©2015 year Niven Moore. All rights reserved.//Import Foundationimport Uikit@uiapplicationmainclassAppdelegate:uiresponder, uiapplicationdelegate {var window:uiwindow?func Application (application:uiapplication, didfinishlaunchingwithoptions launchoptions: [nsobject:anyobject]?) -Bool {//after the application starts//1. Declaring an empty viewSelf.window =UIWindow (Frame:UIScreen.mainScreen (). bounds); Self.window!. Backgroundcolor=Uicolor.whitecolor (); //2.1 Navigating the backgrou

Ios7 navigation controller switching affects UIScrollView Layout

Ios7 navigation controller switching affects UIScrollView Layout In iOS 7, if a UIViewController's self. the first sub-view of the view is UIScollView. When the UIViewController is pushed or initWithRootController becomes the Controller Controlled by UINavigationController, all sub-views of the UIScollView of the view of the UIViewController will be moved down to

Set the navigation bar controller background color

Set the navigation bar controller background colorEffectDescription1. Remove the black line from the original navigation bar controller2. Can customize the background transparencySource////APPDELEGATE.M//Uinavigationcontrollerset////Created by youxianming on 15/9/1.//Copyright (c) 2015 youxianming. All rights reserved.//#import "AppDelegate.h"#import "ViewControl

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