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How do you put the PS4 disc in? How to solve the problem that the PS4 can't put into the disc?

Method 1, unplug the power, wait a moment after reboot PS4 sometimes because of the sudden loss of power, there will be some small problems, we just have to restart or power off once it can be used properly oh.Method 2, manually tighten the drive door screws Some players said that the problem is the real problem is that the CD-ROM drive due to the inability to properly huff and puff disc caused by the host to carry out the operation This is mainly

Linux under PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Prompt detailed

Many people in the use of Linux, the prompt is not too much attention, can use a good prompt can be more intuitive to see, for their own judgmentLinux has PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Four class prompt, these four variables are environment variables, as to what environment variables in the system, you can use the command "env" to viewPS1 Command PromptPS1 has those configuration, or PS1, that can be configured with a command prompt:\d: represents the date, formatt

BASH Shell: take control of PS1, ps2, PS3, PS4 and prompt_command

ArticleDirectory 1. PS1-default interaction prompt 2. PS2-continuation interactive prompt 3. PS3-Prompt used by "select" Inside shell script 4. PS4-used by "set-X" to prefix tracing output 5. prompt_command Http:// Http://

How to play PS4 game on Mac?

Sony announced that it will start to push firmware updates to the PS4 gaming console tomorrow, which supports remote play (streaming), allowing users to implement streaming on their computers. This version of the firmware has actually been tested for one months, but previously only the Windows system support, the Mac's streaming function has not appeared. Streaming can allow PS4 to send audio and v

PS4 razor GPU

This is useless from the beginning, and it does not help any kind of questions. Although I understand RT, Tex, and buffer, I feel that it is useless to catch bugs. Therefore, it has always been like a wizards that rely on intuition and use scientific methods to test. In fact, it is to let PS return some values for testing. One day, things changed, and one day I learned from a colleague that the replay button. In fact, it has always hindered me from reading the buffer. The shader should look

Hackers successfully loaded Linux on PS4: and then play hi.

According to foreign media reports, a master named Osirisx in the online release of video, and said he gave PS4 installed Linux system, successfully ran the Steam OS platform game "fortress."Hackers successfully loaded Linux on PS4Sony and Microsoft introduced the Ps4/xbox one with a PC-like hardware architecture, which makes it possible for the host to run a Linux system. Osirisx said in the video that he

December 23, 2014 00:42:54--PS4

Http:// 23, 2014 00:42:54--

E3:PS4/PC Shamu 3 Crowdfunding $2 million in 9 hours

The E3 Nintendo has no new handheld (the legendary XDs. hehe) and the pocket of the message, was sprayed very seriously, Sony's FF7 re-Seihan and Shamu 3 is the highlight.and Shamu 3 of the crowdfunding speed is said to record, the player's feelings of victory. The author saw that there were also dozens of players in the country who sponsored the knife. It is said that 2 million dollars is not enough for this development, and this time crowdfunding is to test the feelings of players to increase

Browser Compatibility FAQ Introduction (Ff,ie,chrome) Summary

position:absolute, and IE will treat it as poisttion:relative; So, as far as possible, this is a block-level element of float left! 1. Centering problemDiv in the content, ie defaults to center, and FF defaults to left-alignedYou can try adding code Margin:auto 2. Height problemTwo or nested div, above the div set height, if the actual content of the div is greater than the set height, there will be two div overlapping in

Reproduced IE6, IE7, FF compatibility-related features in DIV CSS design

In the site design, should pay attention to CSS style compatible with different browser issues, especially for the full use of the div CSS design of the net, you should pay more attention to the IE6 IE7 ff CSS style compatibility, otherwise, your network chaos may go out don't want to appear effect!All browsers commonheight:100px;IE6 Dedicated_height:100px;IE6 Dedicated*height:100px;IE7 Dedicated*+height:100px;IE7,

The solution to the problem of IE6.7.8.FF compatibility

As a Web architect, in the design of the site, should pay attention to the most common problem is the CSS style compatible with different browser problems, especially for the full use of Div CSS design site, you should pay more attention to the IE6 IE7 FF compatible CSS style, otherwise, your network chaos may go out do not want to appear the effect! All Browsers Universalheight:100px; IE6 Special_height:100px; IE6 Special*height:100px; IE7 Special

DIV+CSS IE6/IE7/IE8/FF Compatibility issues Summary

1.IE8 compatibility issues, this best deal, converted into IE7 compatible can be. Add the following piece of code to the head, and then as long as it is compatible under IE7, IE8 below is also compatible2.flaot floating caused IE6 double margin problem, this is the most common, but also best to deal with,!important solve, such asmargin-left:10px!important;margin-left:5px;+height:120px;5. Sometimes, in the layout of the time, found that there is a div floating, the next div is to be shown below,

Browser-compatible FF/IE6/IE7 background-specific CSS Hack_ experience exchange

Since the beginning of the Internet, the battle between browsers has not stopped. Of course, the most bitter is the Web page production staff, in order to achieve the user experience and usability standards, have to be in multiple browsers for the unified effect. I really hope that one day FF can eminence, although it is still the big world ie. In particular, Microsoft's latest release of the IE7 browser, its CSS compatibility does give some web maker

On the performance and solution of onchange event under IE and FF

This article is mainly about the onchange event in IE and FF performance and solutions are introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. In a recent project, there is a function point: there is a checkbox on the page that sends a JSONP request to the background when the user chooses or cancels the checkbox. The implementation was for this checkbox to add a onchange event, but the result is unexpected, for this reaso

On the performance and solution of onchange event under IE and FF _javascript skills

In a recent project, there is a function point: there is a checkbox on the page that sends a JSONP request to the background when the user chooses or cancels the checkbox. The implementation was for this checkbox to add a onchange event, but the result is unexpected, for this reason, I studied in depth, found that the onchange event in IE and FF under the performance of the following problems. problem ①: under FF

JS pop-up layer source compatible with IE, FF, chrome__ compatible

function Showwin (O1,O2) { var Mask=document.getelementbyid (O1); var Popwin=document.getelementbyid (O2); Document.documentElement.scrollHeight in IE, FF, Chrome is to get the full content of the Web page heightDocument.documentElement.offsetHeight in IE is to obtain the inner surface of the clientheight (that is, a page does not include the printed debug information), in FF, Chrome to get the full content

The difference between IE and ff CSS styles

The FF interpretation of the box model is also different, code description: #test {width:650px!important;width:648px;padding-left:2px;background: #fff;} Test shows the broadband is 650px The total width of IE box is: width+padding+border+margin width sum The total width of the FF box is width, and the width of the padding+border+margin is contained within the widths. If there are box{width: "300"; PADDING:

JavaScript pop-up layer height unlimited vertical center compatible IE FF Chrome

Today, adjust the pop-up layer, encountered a small problem: get scrolltop value? On the Internet to see some of the high way to get the page was rolled, document.body.scrollTop in IE FF is 0, the strange is in Chrome can. I guess FF to be closer to IE, I used the FF 13.0.1, can be used in the previous version, this skip ... The code is as follows

FF under the col to hide the table column method of detailed! _ Experience Exchange

Today, when I was in a 52-field report, I was forced to do a thorough research, I found: The default value for display at Col under FF is: Table-column The default value for visibility is: visible I checked the CSS manual, found that visibility has a collapse optional value, it is said that in IE is not implemented, IE did not achieve Chou FF did not implement, like FF

IE6, IE7, and FF compatibility during Div CSS design

Div + CSS web page layout is a trend, and I began to adapt to this trend. However, when using Div + CSS website design, we should note that CSS styles are compatible with different browsers, especially for webpages fully designed using Div + CSS, you should pay more attention to the CSS style compatibility of IE6 IE7 ff. Otherwise, Your webpage may be messy! I often get overwhelmed by these things, so I found some information on the Internet, added my

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